Xena conqueror stories

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All stories listed here are copyrighted to the original authors. Before reading any of the stories, be sure to read the posted disclaimers. The Conqueror's Library takes no responsibility for their content. Alternate Armageddon by Beckers. Armageddon Revisited by Beckers. Armageddon by J. And Baby Makes. Ashes of Hope by Morgan. Balance of Power by Morgan. In the alternate universe of Armageddon Now, some of the gods are not happy with Ares' domination of the world.

Birdie by onesockbard. Xena conqueror stories struggles with the Yin and Yang of having the talents and flaws of her unusual parents come together in her single complicated body and psyche, not to mention trying to cope with some typical adolescent angst.

She's either fighting or writing. It's never boring. And she has the best parents in the Xenaverse. Birdie's Song by onesockbard. A Day In the Life by onesockbard. Just a day in the life, but never dull. Birdie's Song - Rachelle by onesockbard. Birdie's Song - The Invasion by onesockbard. On this plate of adventure there is conflict with the Romans on the horizon, every day skirmishes with her parents, and a new love becoming more and more important to her.

Xena conqueror stories

Birdie's Song - Talus by onesockbard. Birdie's Song X - Gone by onesockbard. Academy of Bards Athenaeum. Completed - August 10, The Chosen by D. The Chosen 2 by D. Home by D. Discoveries 1 by D. Discoveries 2 by D. The Siren's Call by D. The Kronos Stone by D. Deceptions by D. Perspectives by D. Second Chance Blessing by D. Second Chance Blessings 2 by D. Desperations by D. The Conqueror by Mavis Applewater. Fan Fiction Review. Serving the Conqueror by Mavis Applewater.

Gabrielle, a bard-slave; Cyrene a mother trying to hate her daughter; Toris the brother raising a fair-haired son; and indignant Amazons ruled by Queen Melosa combine to make life very challenging for the Conqueror. Conqueror and Amazon: Echoes of Darkness by romansilence. Athenaeum Top 25 1. The story picks up one moon after 'Towards Xena conqueror stories New Life' ended. Add a village full of Centaurs, another bunch of prickly Amazons, Cagnine, Ares, and Cyrene - and you have the ingredients of a very Xena-like story.

At least I hope so. Xena finds herself captivated by this rather bold and idealistic young woman and offers her a job as her personal assistant. Xena soon realises that Gabrielle possesses an unconventional wisdom and comes to rely upon Gabrielle for advice and friendship as she le her army in a campaign of conquest. After conquering Athens, Xena becomes Empress of Greece and all of the Greek territories, ly controlled by ruthless warlords and petty kings, are united under her rule.

Her ambitions do not stop there.

Xena conqueror stories

It is Xena's self-proclaimed destiny to rule over a vast empire, and so she looks toward Rome as her next conquest. Through Gabrielle's friendship Xena realises that her quest for personal glory does not have to come at the expense of her personal happiness.

Along the way, they realise they were fated to be together. Xena is Empress of Greece with ambitions to rule an empire that eclipses even Alexander the Great. Together their mutual attraction has grown into love, but they soon find that being in love is easy compared to building a relationship — especially when Xena insists it must be kept secret.

Xena conqueror stories

Having secured the empire of Greece and de facto control of Rome, Xena now set her sights on the Persian Empire to the east with a bold plan to conquer the Anatolia Peninsula in Asia Minor. However, Xena's senior military advisor, General Darnell sees Gabrielle's advice as meddling and the Empress' willingness to go along with her unorthodox idea of a treaty with the Amazons as a of weakness.

When the Amazons come to Corinth, Gabrielle has to work hard to keep all parties focussed on the goal: to a treaty of cooperation and avoid needless bloodshed. The Amazon Queen, Terreis, seems to be everything Gabrielle admires, and her friendship with Terreis le Gabrielle to question whether Fate had meant her to be with Xena or follow another warrior.

Intrigue, Xena conqueror stories, and conspiracy imperil alliances, friendships, and lives, and no one is above suspicion as Xena uncovers a plot that threatens the stability of her empire. Will Xena rescue Gabrielle or will Xena be too late to save her? Will the treaty with the Amazons be ratified or will the Amazon Queen be collateral damage in the growing conspiracy?

Xena conqueror stories

Will Xena's plans for conquest be thwarted? Will Xena and Gabrielle be united in love or will unseen forces jeopardise their happiness and risk the fate of all they hold dear? A different timeline, a different Xena and Gabrielle--or are they? Chattel by Dark Angel. A woman reflects on how she came to meet and become the property of Xena; the Conqueror. Thrall by Dark Angel. This time through the eyes of the Conqueror herself. How much does time really change anything. Calli's Creations. Journey's End by L. Cover by D.

It is more the story of that same dark Warrior after she has ruled for twenty years or so. She has come to the point in her life where she is trying to change, for many reasons Cee's FanFic Review. Lunacy Review. Petal of the Rose by L. Logo by Lucia.

Time's Fell Hand by Xena conqueror stories. She has come a long way since meeting Gabrielle, but Xena will never be considered tame, by any means. She has her ferocious moments just as she has the domesticated ones. Lying just beneath the surface of this complicated woman lies the Beast, Ares' curse upon the one-time Warrior Princess. Emergence by Dark Angel. Deliverance by Dark Angel. The events of Emergence told from Xena's point of view.

Conquest Hindered by thewrook. When she is released and placed as a servant in the Keep, she finds herself with an opportunity to gain Xena's ear. She will soon discover that people are painted with minute detail, not broad strokes, and that even the unpredictable Conqueror has reasons behind her actions. As her beliefs butt he with her emotions, she will face a difficult decision that could change more than one life, for better or for worse.

Forward, March by thewrook. Gabrielle and Kyros are on the run, and the Conqueror is launching a campaign against Sparta. Their relationship remains unresolved, but how long will it be until they meet again, and what will happen when they do? The Storm by Atiaran. Set before Death of the Conqueror. Describes Caesar's view of what happens the Xena conqueror stories the news of Cyrene's death reaches the Dark Conqueror's camp. The Beginning: Death of the Conquero by Atiaran. Not romance. Destiny I by Atiaran. Destiny II by Atiaran.

Xena conqueror stories

All I Have by Atiaran. Caesar Xena conqueror stories the Dark Conqueror in the aftermath of her having killed one of her girls. Forever by Atiaran. One Night by Atiaran. Originally they were never intended to see the light of day, but when going back through some older files recently I came across them and decided they were worth posting in their own right.

This fic is sort of a "one-shot" that describes a single sexual encounter between Gabrielle and Caesar. As my "Destiny" universe finally evolved, I don't consider this fic to be canon; however if it were canon, this fic would have taken place between "Choices" and "Heroes. It's been almost three years, Xena is now the ruler of southern Greece, and she sets her sights on northern Greece. Gabrielle now discovers herself at a crossroad when the Conqueror, her lost friend, begins her march north and closer to her Nation. Just when Gabrielle decides to seek out Xena, a warlord surfaces near the Macedonia Amazon Nation and threatens to spoil the subtle peace between the Amazons and Centaurs.

Xena conqueror stories

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