Wife watcher stories

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Total 0 votes. I just sat there watching in amazement at my wife. I just kept wondering how in the hell did we get here? It was if all of it was happening in slow motion. My mind and my body were numb but my cock was harder than I can ever remember. I am Randy. I am a successful attorney who has been married to my beautiful wife for thirteen years. We were married young and she worked as I went to law school. Both of us are now thirty-five years old. My wife's name is Cassie and she is a knockout still at thirty-five. Category: Group Sex. The scheme. The sudden gust of frigid wind practically tore the storm door out of Ed's hand as he went out into the wicked early March evening.

An unexpected storm was moving in and a couple of inches of snow had already fallen as Ed helped his wife into their car which had been idling in the driveway. Ed ran around and slid behind the wheel, blowing on his hands and rubbing them together in an effort to restore some circulation. Ann and I were on the last night of our summer holiday. We decided to go to a classy club offering an adult orientated show for our last night away. Normally Ann would baulk at going to this sort of place, but she seemed to be very relaxed from the holiday and possibly all the good sex had left her a little more receptive and more adventurous.

It was quite a sophisticated club so we dressed smartly. Category: Fetish. I would like to tell you about how I recently celebrated my husband Alan's fiftieth birthday, as it was a life changing occasion for the both of us. My name is Brigitte and I am forty eight years old. I have been married to Alan for well over 20 years now. We get on well and as the time has passed I have got to know the deep secret places where Wife watcher stories keeps his dreams and fantasies.

I have been married to Sally for just over 20 years, and we are both in our mid-forties. As with any married couple we have had Wife watcher stories ups and downs, but generally the good times have been far better than the bad ones.

We have a twenty year old daughter that still lives at home with us until she has saved up enough money to put down a deposit on a house and move out with her boyfriend.

Wife watcher stories

My Birthday treat It was my 35th birthday, and my wife Mary had promised me a night out on the town. While I was on the golf course with her blessing, she spent the day at work. I came home looking forward to a hot shower and a glass of wine with Mary before we went out. Chapter 1 I'm a pretty relaxed guy, I don't get upset about most things, I can usually go with the Wife watcher stories but I did realize that I did have an obsession that started about five years after we were married. It started when I was looking through some boxes in the attic, trying to find my high school yearbook.

I had a reunion coming up in a few months and wanted to refresh myself on the names and faces from my youth. Abbie scratched her ass and then settled deeper into the worn couch. Crumbs from her pretzels irritated her thighs, but she made no move to brush them off. She nursed the dregs of her diet coke and waited for Phyllis to tell Sierra that Phillip was really her half-brother's cousin, not her twin brother.

She snapped up another pretzel and grinned evilly.

Wife watcher stories

Phyllis's revenge would be short-lived. Sierra would have the last laugh because Sierra carried Phillip's baby. I thrust into my wife and with a deep low moan shot several long spurts of my sticky come deep inside her pussy. I felt her vaginal muscles spasm around my hard cock almost pulling the sperm out from me, depositing it deep inside her juicy wet hairy pussy.

Wife watcher stories Wife watcher stories

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