Watching wife get fucked stories

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Several times I have asked my wife to invite other men into our marital bed. Several times she has said no. For me it would be a tremendous turn on to watch her reach orgasm with someone else. Her throes of passion are a delight to watch as she climaxes. When she was in college she told me that she had a boyfriend with a large cock. Again it was an emphatic no.

This was always the case until one night we were out of town at a nice hotel. As it was such a nice place we decided to book dinner at the hotel restaurant and made plans to eat there later that evening. For our meal my wife decided to wear a short black skirt but not too short. This was complimented by a white silk blouse that was quite see-through.

Under this she wore a very low cut bra that just barely restrained her nipples. Being red, it was very noticeable through her white blouse. Going into the bar, I noticed that there were only two others. Both of them men and both sitting at the bar itself. I would judge them to be around mid-forties. Both were well dressed and wearing sport coats. One of the men was black and we discovered that his name was Matt.

He was about six feet tall and very muscular. The other guy was called Rob and he also came in around six feet tall. He too looked to be in great shape. We sat next to Matt and Rob, and my wife, Kris started chatting. After a short time it became obvious that Kris was not just chatting, but seriously flirting. At this point I should probably tell you more about Kris. My wife is about five-feet-seven-inches with double D boobs that are the handy work of a very talented surgeon.

They are just magnificent and she loves to show them off. With her blond hair and great shapely body, men are constantly stopping and staring at her, much to my delight. Rob and Matt were no exception. I loved seeing her exhibit those gorgeous breasts and I noticed another button on her blouse had become undone.

She was willingly giving them what they wanted to see and I found myself getting very aroused watching her showing herself off like this. Was all my talk and requests about having other men us for sex about to be realised? All the times Kris had said no, was she really thinking yes? I looked at her face as she flirted with and flaunted herself to these men.

She was obviously enjoying herself. Kris continued flirting heavily with Matt and Rob while I got increasingly turned on watching her behave in such a brazen manner. Kris was now a little tipsy and she excused herself to go to the bathroom. As she walked off, I realised probably a bit more than just tipsy. Whilst she was gone Matt and Rob kept commenting about how lucky I am to have such a gorgeous, sexy wife.

They asked if I really did not mind her showing off to them and what an amazing pair of boobs she has. I assured them both that everything was fine and that I was enjoying her little exhibition as much as they were. When Kris returned from the bathroom she swung up on the bar stool in front of me. She had removed her panties and flashed me her freshly waxed pussy.

That was when I fully realised that my fantasy just might become a reality. Was she going Watching wife get fucked stories do more than just flirt and show off? She slowly parted her legs enough for them both to see up her short black skirt. Kris just sat there smiling with her legs open and laughed at the expression on their faces. I felt a twitch in my pants as I watched my wife's unashamed behaviour. I loved this change in her and wondered what brought on this turn of thought in her.

After a few more minutes I excused myself for a bathroom break. I wanted to Watching wife get fucked stories what would happen with me out of the way for a while. When I returned I hid behind an entryway divider to watch what was happening. From the motion of his hand it was fairly obvious that he was finger fucking her.

Watching wife get fucked stories

I stepped forward from my hiding place and both guys jumped back when they saw me. I made a suggestion that we move to our hotel suite for a nightcap and everyone agreed. As we entered the room and I offered the guys a drink and watched as they settled onto the sofa with Kris in the middle.

She started chatting away and placed a hand on each of their legs.

Watching wife get fucked stories

I was sure that as soon as I turned away she would be rubbing their already hard cocks. Pouring the drinks, I watched as Kris got up and turned towards Rob on the sofa. Standing in front of him, she opened her blouse all the way right in front of his face. She then let her blouse slip off her shoulders, down her arms and then let it fall to the floor.

As we all continued to watch her she reached around her back and unsnapped her bra. That ed her blouse on the floor. Matt could not get his lips around her nipples fast enough. Rob got the same idea and moved to her other nipple. Kris placed her hands behind their he, moaning as she held them close and they sucked on her nipples.

Matt started rubbing her clit while he and Rob continued to suck on her nipples. I love to watch Kris come.

Watching wife get fucked stories

She gets very vocal, screaming and tossing her body, then getting all tense when she reaches orgasm. After her first orgasm with Matt and Rob sucking on her tits, Kris moved to the bed and lay on her side. How are you going to fuck me with your clothes on? Now I could see why she liked Matt. He had a huge cock that had to be about ten inches and was very thick. Rob was not that bad either. I would judge him to be about eight inches. Rob was the first to reach the bed as Kris rolled over onto her back, spreading her legs wide. Kris loved sucking cock and I must admit she is very good at it.

She also takes pride in how good she is at it. Both Matt and I watched as Rob shoved all eight inches of his cock deep into her hot, wet pussy. I was ecstatic as I watched my fantasy become reality. My wife was not only being fucked by another man but she also had a second cock in her mouth.

Watching wife get fucked stories

I looked on at my wife being filled at both ends as I removed my pants to stroke my raging hard cock. Rob fucked my wife for a good ten to fifteen minutes before filling her pussy with a big load of his cum. You are very big and hard. Fuck me. She got him very wet, and using both hands she continued to stroke him using a circular motion with just the head of his dick in her mouth. Kris can normally take a big load and swallow it all. It ran out of the corners of her mouth and dripped onto her tits. Kris rolled off Matt onto her stomach.

She had cum running out of her pussy which was probably mostly hers. After watching all this, I needed to fuck her. I got up behind her as she lay flat on the bed. Slipping my cock easily into her well lubricated pussy I started to fuck her. Her pussy was very stretched but also very wet and soft. I grabbed her butt checks and spread them apart as I fucked her hard.

Watching wife get fucked stories

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Watching My Wife Get Fucked