Vagina torture stories

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Rich people from the US, among them you, are invited to watch the interrogations performed by the military police. The guide le you on a tour through the torture center.

Vagina torture stories

Well, why should you? As I told you, we can serve you in every way.

Vagina torture stories

Follow me down to the basement…. So, here we are. Do you see the metallic chair? Almost like a throne, bolted to the concrete floor.

Vagina torture stories

And the table? The straps? The girl whom is to be placed in the chair in just a minute will be tightly secured to it. And all straps are metallic, as you can see. Good for heat — and current as well…. Look, here she is. She is brought into the room by two male, uniformed guards. A young one, a teenager… well trained but still with rather big breasts that point a bit upwards… and those childish pigtails….

Vagina torture stories

Look how easily they put her into the chair and how swiftly they secure her to it: her ankles, her knees and her thighs… This girl has rather strong thighs, I must say. They are secured to the seat by bracelets tightened just where the thighs end and the very hairy crotch begins… Mmm, blonde hair… and fluffy… This will really be a delightful session, I can promise you that….

Aha, and now for the hips. There we Vagina torture stories a metallic band right over the hipbone… click… she cannot even undulate now. Look, the fear in her eyes when she sees them coming closer to her. They smile, evilly, as they easily press her to the back of the chair… her naked back leaning against the cold metal chair… You see how her nipples react…? She panics, screams to the guards, ple with them… but nobody cares… nobody stops doing their tasks… Of course not!

Why should they? The arms, the hands… there we go, tightly secured to the armrests by metal bracelets. Her hands so close to being able to stop it all — yet so far away…. And her head… one metallic band around her neck, as tight as possible — and one around her forehead, so that she cannot pass out by banging her head to the back of chair when the fun begins… that would be to easy for her….

There you are, neatly packed! The guards now put the equipment in place. A box, filled with long needles — some 12 to 15 inches long. A generator. On the generator there is of course a knob, if they want to use the ordinary electrical system. But there is also a crank, for manual creating of current.

Some of the torturers find this way of mastering the level of pain more exciting; it gives them a feeling of presence and power that they say is far more exciting than doing it the modern way, with the knob. I must say though, that if you get to see a really skilled sadist using the old fashioned generator, you are really lucky. With a gorgeous body, raven hair and an evil smile on her lips she walks towards her victim.

The woman seems to be about Vagina torture stories years old. She pets and caresses the bound girls face, she even kisses her, French. She finally stops and, with a short laughter, slaps the girls face hard, just once. She just stares. In her year old life she never had thought anything like this could happen to her. She, a rich white girl… no, never.

Of course, she had heard the stories about other girls in the school that had been arrested by the military, in order to supply them with information about subversive elements. Torture by heat and electricity seemed to be the instruments of the interrogators. But that she… No, no, NO!!!

Vagina torture stories

Samantha puts fire to a gas flame and holds it behind the steel chair, letting it flick back and forth. The effect comes immediately. The girl panics and screams when she fully understands the purpose of the flame; it heats the chair, very fast… The metal now burns her back, and her tender skin on her cute behind…. So, just imagine… the heat continues for ten more minutes, together with the shrieks, the guttural shrieks that the young Vagina torture stories girl produces…. And she can hardly move a muscle… her futile attempts to get free are completely ignored by her implacable bonds….

This is only the beginning, she thinks…. Samantha smiles. Then she fastens the other end to a small hook on the band that runs over the hips of the poor thing. The poor blonde girl is now constantly crying out wild, her limbs stiff and her eyes desperate. Not to good if she passes out, Samantha thinks and puts a stethoscope to the girls chest. As Samantha is an experienced military nurse, she can tell from the heart rhythm of the victim exactly where the limit is.

I can go on. The cunt lips are severely burned by the metallic band. They are a bit swollen and therefore well parted and completely red. Samantha licks her lips when she sees the result of her Vagina torture stories. This is good for the continued treatment that she has in mind for the girl, as the cunt now is even more sensitive than before….

Samantha calls for the guards to rearrange the victim. They easily drag the semiconscious girl from the chair and put her on her back on top of the metal table. They quickly fasten her to the table with the metal straps. The same procedure; her head kept immobile, her arms fastened along her sides, and her legs tightly secured to the table by straps at her crotch and at her bent knees, and at her calves and ankles. She is secured in a way that makes her thighs part wildly, but as her knees are bent her calves are still pointing parallel downwards to the end of the table. Her lovely sex is utterly exposed in this position….

Samantha watches the scene as she finishes a cigarette — she enjoys smoking during a torture session. Samantha now steps up and reaches for a small box, from which she takes out two wires. Each wire has a split strand in one end, and an electric contact in the other. She is going to do her task as she has planned to. Why should some silly tears stop her? Samantha therefore takes one of the short needles and holds it in her right hand, between the thumb and the index finger. With her left hand she easily parts the already so swollen labia of the girls slit and makes the small, now hypersensitive clit stand out of the clitoral hood and the hairy blonde, smelling bush.

Steadily she so lets the needle start to prod into the clit. The girl is cramping and crying out immediately… she screams like … but Samantha just smiles and lets the needle continue to penetrate the poor little girls most sensitive spot with a steady but slow motion. Yes, she is in a state of total mental collapse; and that is even before the current has been shot through her… Samantha stands back for a second and enjoys what she sees. The best of it all, she thinks, is this: to see the helpless female victims when they realize what is to be done to them.

This moment could last forever if Samantha was to decide… However, for maximum effect, the action has to go on — but slowly, ever so slowly…. The first reaction from the girl is once again strange. She stops her hollering and turns stiff when the powerful current jolts her clit.

Slowly she begins to gasp, then pant when Samantha lets her strong arm speed up the generator — just a little…When Samantha slowly, ever so slowly, but nevertheless steadily increases the current, the blonde girl moans, then squeals, then screams — constantly… can You imagine? So, imagine the scene: a screaming, beautiful blonde little girl, totally naked, bound on a metallic table, perspiring heavily and constantly screaming… and beside her, a well dressed dark-haired and very beautiful woman, madly and evilly staring at the girl with eyes wet from arousal, her arm constantly turning the crank, activating the generator in a monotone but steady rhythm….

Samantha finally stops. The tortured girl collapses and is totally limp. Her gorgeous athletic Vagina torture stories is all covered with sweat, and her muscles in her thighs are cramping, just a little. She seems to be unconscious as her eyes are shut and her mouth is open, saliva drooling down her cheek.

Samantha busies her fingers once more by removing the needle from the clit. So easily done, but all to late for the pained girl.

Vagina torture stories

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