Uber driver sex stories

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At 55 and still fit and active it was a blow to lose my job owing to downsizing in the company where I had worked. I did get a reasonable severance pay but had used a lot of that chasing women to replace the sex I was missing when my wife left to live with one of my so-called friends. At least she was happy and getting enough from her new man to leave me alone. So now I found myself driving for Uber. Success in the first week earned me good money and good ratings from clients.

Uber driver sex stories

I must admit that a few of the clients were very sexy and I found myself with a 7-inch stiff cock cramped in my pants on many occasions. It was in my second week that I encountered Jill. As I pulled up to the kerb to collect Jill it was obvious she had two broken wrists and very restricted arm movement.

Uber driver sex stories

She kissed a guy, who was standing with her on the sidewalk waiting for my arrival, and awkwardly sat in front seat, but was having difficulty getting her seatbelt on. So off we went towards the destination mapped out on the Uber app for me. It was about 15 minutes away so as usual I opened up a conversation hoping to get to know my rider better. She stretched her arms out in front to demonstrate how she had fallen.

I am sure she also saw me staring. Her nipples were a lovely deep pink and erect showing beautifully under her dress. I drove around the next corner onto the highway and accelerated gently thinking it would be more comfortable for my passenger. I glanced across to see if she was okay. She smiled back, flicking her hair away from her face.

Its so hard with these casts on. That tattoo fascinated me it was sexy but subtle and further excited my cock. Approximately 15 minutes later, after more small talk and sexy chat we pulled up outside the house. With a little difficulty I managed to lean in and across her chest to undo her seat belt. Good plan if I do say so, I got a good eye-full of her lovely boobs and brushed up gently against them for what seemed ages, but must only have been seconds.

I was sure she felt the contact as she sighed a sensual breath in my ear. Seat belt undone and with a further struggle, I managed to ease Jill up from the seat and get her standing to walk to the front door. At the door I fumbled with the keys trying hard not to show how excited I felt with Jill so close and her boobs almost in my face. Jill brushed passed me ever so slowly as I held the door open for her. Before we go to the kitchen can you just help me in here please. I walked into the bedroom stunned by what I saw there. Huge pencil sketches of a naked Jill adorned every wall, a king-size oval bed sat in the centre of the room, and professional video cameras were mounted on tripods at strategic points around the bed.

I was a model in an art class he was teaching Uber driver sex stories Sydney. Could you do me two big favours please.? She slipped easily out of the dress and indicated the bra and panties were next. I obliged and stood back to admire the perfect body in front of me. Identical in every respect to the sketches on the walls. My cock was in overdrive now rock hard and begging to be released from the trousers strangling it. Many people post videos and even have live cam shows on the site. She turned and rubbed my cock through my pants, with the part of her hand not in the cast.

Then she motioned for me to undress. Standing naked looking at each other, I just knew we were about to have a fantastic time. Her boobs were heaving with every breath and her pink young puffy nipples were erect with excitement. I could see that her shaved pussy was moist and her pussy lips puffed out and glistened at me. My cock was enjoying its freedom it felt so good to be so close to a hot woman.

More with language than words, Jill got me to turn on the cams, log into the website on a linked in laptop and set up a microphone and speakers. No mean feat with a hard-on bumping on everything in its way. All my inhibitions blown away, I settled on the bed next to Jill and fondled her wonderful breasts.

She was restricted by her casts from wanking my cock but managed to rub it and squeeze some pre-cum out. Chewing ever so gently on each to get them harder still. Jill moaned with pleasure and arched her back thrusting her boobs upwards towards me. I spend minutes on each nipple sucking it into my mouth, swiping my tongue around it and softly munching it to a harder state.

Jill moaned and writhed as I paid attention to each nipple. I took a quick glance across at the video screen showing our broadcast and the feedback from others logged into the website. There were a lot of comments scrolling on the screen, most from guys with dirty suggestions for what we should do and inviting us to view them broadcasting wanking their cocks.

I blurted out in response, not caring who was watching. I was in heaven the sweet smell of her pussy juices was sending me wild. Slowly I worked my way up and then back down her slit. I could feel it opening to my tongue and drawing it into its secret depths. Jill was dripping more Uber driver sex stories juices from her pussy. I loved its taste and licked it up as it flowed. Gradually I worked upward to her clit. As I hit it Jill moaned so loudly the internet comments went into over drive. I turned away momentarily to see what our viewers were saying.

Jill also stopped and looked over my shoulder at the screen. She exclaimed. Look at that BBC big black cock he is huge, I would love to have that bumping my cervix. Ping again the couple said we should be together on screen more often they are having a hotter time tonight than anytime before on the website. Ping, ping, ping went the internet. So lucky me has Jeff and his lovely cock to satisfy me and Rob will get to watch the fun later. Jill urged.

Back on the bed we settled into a 69 position with me again at her pussy Uber driver sex stories and licking her protruding cunt lips and erect clitoris. She took my cock in her mouth and licked its bugle head. Running her tongue up and down my shaft and slurping up my pre-cum. My cock was in heaven, then she took it further in and down her throat.

Oh I must be in heaven, I have never had a woman before who could take the full length of my cock in her mouth. I just wanted to stay in that position forever. Jill sucked and gently munched on my cock with her teeth. I could feel every move Jill made on my cock, she would swallow it deep into her throat then almost let it fall from her mouth before catching it with her front teeth and teasing the base of my knob.

Uber driver sex stories

My sexual stamina has always been strong and I can last a long time before ejaculating. Jill seemed to match my stamina as she seemed close to climax often during our foreplay but just kept building and building. When we both felt the need to come up for air Jill again checked the huge list of comments online and responded by getting a close up shot of her pussy and awkwardly opening its lips to expose her inner cunt, she panted out that she was now going to fuck my brains out and give viewers the show of the year.

She moved away from the camera and took my cock in her hands and pointed it coated in pre-cum at the camera and invited viewers to rate its appeal. Ping, ping, ping went the comments all urging us to get into each other and give Rob his punishment. I got some praise as well for my stamina in staying hard so long and the size and attractiveness of my cock.

Not wanting to dwell too long with the online comments Jill pulled me back to the bed and the winking lights of the cameras surrounding it.

Uber driver sex stories

She fell backwards onto the bed and spread her legs ready for action. I climbed quickly on top of her and presented my cock to her pussy. Jill began to breath more heavily and quickly as I rubbed my cock lightly up and down her pussy lips and pushed it slightly into her vagina. Again we looked back at the screen to see what others were saying and doing, we had s of followers and comments urging us on and wanting to in. Couples from many parts of our country offered to us in further cam episodes and some even forgave Rob offering gangbangs and couple swaps. Seeing am opportunity here I slipped my hyper hard cock into her pussy and commenced a doggy session like no other before.

My cock bottomed out in her pussy and I felt the opening to her womb beyond. Jill was so close to climaxing I felt every ripple of her vagina walls as they milked my cock for its love juices. We both flopped on the bed and wrapped our arms around each other, Jill of course was not able to hold me just clamp her casts around my back.

As we returned to a calmer state Jill pointed to the sheets on the bed and the huge cum pool we had just made. Ping, ping, ping comments bounced in from all over, we were already being rated by many as top show of the month on AFF. Jill scrolled through the comments on screen reading some out with glee. Erotic Stories.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. May 11 It was with great expectations that I commenced ride-share driving for Uber in Australia. As I had just been laid off from my management position I needed the income from Uber to pay bills until I could find other fulltime work.

I had also been fantasising that the job would lead to some sexual encounters I badly needed. Are you comfortable and ready to go? Related Posts Erotic Stories Drunk sex story time. Erotic Stories Drunk sex story Uber driver sex stories. Erotic Stories I spent my last day in the office on my knees.

Uber driver sex stories

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