Tumblr erotic short stories

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For three days his wife had been quiet, cold, and distant, the tension in the air so thick it could be cut with a knife. He blamed himself, and his fetishes that he was too embarrassed to admit, even to his wife.

Kinks that he had kept locked inside, a hidden secret from her, indulging them only virtually on the internet with porn, erotic stories and adult blogs. His heart nearly stopped. It was his nightmare scenario. But just after ending her call he saw her glance back at his phone, a curious look on her face. Suddenly he felt queasy. It had to be alerts of posts made on one of the many adult blogs he followed. Her eyes widened and were locked on to his phone.

Are these people you know?? She did not reappear for more than three hours. By then she had browsed all through his phone. His web history. The blogs that he followed. The images and videos he had saved to his device. Everything he had tried so hard to conceal from her was now suddenly revealed and out in the open. When she finally emerged the words that ensued were charged with emotion, confusion and anger. His wife had not only been shocked by what she saw but also devastated because of feeling she had been a failure as a wife.

No amount of talking or trying to explain was helping, and ultimately there was nothing he could do but give her the time and space she needed to sort things out in her mind. He felt crushed, devastated by what his secrets had done to her. And the worst part was that the reality was their sex life was fantastic. His wife was gorgeous and sensual, her sex drive was every bit as strong as his, and the pleasure she gave him was amazing.

Tastes that were not conventional for most men and because of Tumblr erotic short stories he never uttered a word of them to her. Now finally after the three most awkward, stressful days of their marriage he was shocked when out of the blue his wife approached him and settled on to his lap. Stunned and feeling on pins and needles at what she might say, he remained silent. I admit, at first I was shocked and a little freaked out about what I saw, but I think I over reacted.

Tumblr erotic short stories thought I was making you happy, I thought I was giving you what you wanted…. Finally he interrupted. And you do! Everything is amazing with you, I promise! I understand now honey, really I do. Right now I talk, and you listen. If you understand, nod your head. Time to learn all about them.

Tumblr erotic short stories

His heart was pounding and he felt like he could barely breathe. He had no idea what she was about to say but was preparing himself for the worst. To his surprise, she smiled and soothingly stroked his face. I promise. Starting now. There will be no more for you. All I want is to see you nod your head that you understand and accept all of this.

So sweetie, go on. I want you to nod your head that you understand and accept that beginning right now the only one who can decide when, how and if you are allowed to cum… is me. His mouth fell open in disbelief, but before he could utter a sound he felt his wife place her fingertip on his lips. Suddenly he felt so dizzy and lightheaded it seemed as if the room was spinning. Still, somehow he managed to nod. Her arms wound around him as she sat up a bit higher, her hands pulling his face down in to the softness of her warm, perfumed cleavage.

Tumblr erotic short stories

She tugged his head back slightly, just enough so that he could watch as she slowly lowered the straps of her top, freeing her breasts that he absolutely adored. No more touching, no more kissing, no more sucking. No matter how bad you want them.

Tumblr erotic short stories

Not unless I say. Now, nod your head again for me so I know you understand. Or can you figure it out all on your own this time. What about me? I just feel so bad that it took me this long. All this time, making you cum so many times, when all you really wanted was…. Rising off of his lap and standing up she extended her hand. Come with me. Let me show you. Let me help you understand what it really means to beg. As she led him in to her bedroom, four leather restraints now secured to each bedpost of the bed awaited him. When he arrived home, as stunned as John was to see how seductive his gorgeous brunette wife, Tara, looked in her emerald silk lingerie, he was utterly shocked to see his seductive blonde administrative assistant, Kristen, from the office appear from the shadows of his bedroom, wearing the exact same thing none the less.

He swallowed hard, barely able to breathe, feeling as if his feet had suddenly become embedded in concrete. To his surprise though, after pleasuring her for hours with his mouth, his tongue, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm…. Kristen simply stopped and Tumblr erotic short stories away. Amazingly enough even after that encounter, knowing how it would ultimately end for him, John was still unable to resist Kristen.

Tumblr erotic short stories

He was hers whenever she wanted…. And, he knew sooner or later it would catch up with him. But still, Kristen was too seductive… too irresistible… and though she could deny him everything, he could deny her nothing. Now, standing in his bedroom, gazing at both his wife and his paramour, John braced himself, steadying himself for the impending wrath that he most assuredly deserved.

And it was in those sensual moments after their trysts, when the two women lingered beneath silk sheets and shared naughty thoughts, that the notion of luring John in to their web was borne. Up until tonight their game had been simple, Kristen seducing him… teasing him… using him for her own pleasure in the office…. Tonight though, the two women were ready to go to the next level….

He felt as if he were floating as they led him to the bed… his head spinning from the scent of their perfume…. Once he Tumblr erotic short stories bound, the women kneeling on either side of him Tara smiled at her female lover, leaning over her bound husband as the women shared a soft, sensual kiss. Kristen smiled down at John, letting her hand drift across his chest, amused by the expression on his face. Though the two women loved the soft, sensual feminine adventures that they shared something was still missing for both of them - hard, quivering male flesh that they could share as they pleased.

And now, John was that missing piece to their erotic puzzle. For hours the two women lost themselves in one another…. Meanwhile, John was simply Tumblr erotic short stories in their crossfire… their soft bodies crawling, writhing, grinding atop him…. Now the soft, sultry voices began to alternate in his ears. Tara giggled and kissed his cheek. The women smiled softly at one another, their hands continuing. Reasoning and Decision making are severely and advantageously impaired; making his receptive psyche that much more vulnerable to your feminine Re-Programming….

She really did appreciate the way her husband always did his best to endure the pleasures she offered him. She found those quiet little sounds that escaped him and those anguished grimaces on his face when he tried so hard to hold back to maximize her pleasure to be adorable, cute and sexy.

Still, there were times when the devil whispering in her ear provoked her in to reminding him that his ability to withstand the pleasures of her sweet, soft pussy were solely dependent upon her desire for him to do so.

Tumblr erotic short stories

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