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The crisp evening air gave way to a thick smokey haze as Hal entered the 'Pigs. It was the tavern he frequented most often throughout his short career as an adventurer, and he always coming back following a hard day of questing. There were always people around, he recalled, adventurers, magicians and thieves and the like, but around now was when it was busiest. The air was filled with loud drunken chatter and the dull thunks of a tankard hitting wood. When he saw through the crowded room that there was a stool still empty stool right up at the bar he thanked the gods.

As she filled a mug with thick yeasty ale, his attention shifted to the man beside him. Built like a plowhorse, he wore a boiled leather vest a sweat-stained tunic, emphasizing tightly, emphasizing the hefty muscle and sizeable gut that bulged out from his arms and torso. Two wide shoulders framed him, with wide and strong arms that connected to rough hands, calloused and brown from years of hard work.

True gay stories tumblr

He smelt of leather and sweat, and when he looked over and caught Hal staring, a cheeky smile came across his bearded face. I don't even remember how I was knocked out, but I do remember waking up in the middle of the road with the mother of all headaches and a chest full of treasure, with and this on top. Do you know any places here that have anything to do with orcs? You know, it's kind of dangerous if you would go out searching here… you know. Might be that I can't go back home now, since the Magician's colleagues would hang me for a thief if they knew I took the gold.

A short few hours of talking made Has feel as if he had known Pate for years, and before they knew it the 'pigs were closing for the night. They found a soft bed of moss out in the woods that surrounded the tavern to set up camp. A cool night breeze blew pleasantly on the pair as they lay down from their first night as partners. Pate wrapped his bulky arms around Hals's reclining body, moving in for a spooning. He felt his own member begin to twitch as rough hands rubbed across his body, absently stroking and folding the mounds and crevices of his lithe body. They plunged their lips together, the taste sweet on each other's mouths.

His nipples were two dark diamonds in the starlight, his body smelling of sweat and leather and dirt. Suddenly, A voice came into Hal's head. Deep and rumbling it told him, commanded him. His hand reached into the satchel that lay beside them, fingers securing around the thick green pipe that Pate had shown him earlier that night, only now it was softer and slightly moist.

Before he could say anything, Pate was overwhelmed by a sense of otherworldly pleasure as his cock pushed into the soft green material, pulsing madly in the warm cocoon. They embraced again for another long kiss. Where the skin of the two men met, It seemed stuck together, seeming as though Hal was sinking into Pate's embrace. From these points, a dark green shade overtook True gay stories tumblr skin tones. Where their two cocks had once come together, a fat green monster, long and thick as a beer bottle now stood, leaking warm wetness across its engorged mushroom head.

Their arms and legs merged, becoming engorged with muscle and fat with the same evergreen hue as their member. Their faces merged together, individuality melting away like butter in a pan, features rearranged to create something new and exciting.

His nose became bulbous, pushing out from a wild tangle of long red hairs that grew across the new creature's face, forming a wild untamed beard. His eyes darkened to black, lower canine teeth pushing out to form two intimidating tusks. The hair remaining from the he of Pate and Hal fell away, leaving a shiny scalp dripped with rivulets of perspiration.

Memories appeared to the creature that had been Hal and Pate, slow simple messages that even an orc-like him could understand. He climaxed, a torrent of potent hot green cum blasting in a torrent across his mountainous torso, leaking down across his back. Deep down, Ugrull knew that all a man had to do was smell his seed to become overcome with lust, to submit to him. They would want nothing else but to take his hot thick Warhammer of a cock down their puny human throats, for their king to make them his orc slaves.

He would be the greatest incarnation of the orc king this world had ever seen before. Just the very touch caused True gay stories tumblr body to react with an eruption of pleasurable waves. He collapsed onto the locker room floor, slowly humping the floor to get any sort of friction on his hardening dick. This isn't… right. Instead, he welcomed it. Thoughts of championships and the thrill of victory soon vanished beneath a blanket of ecstasy. H-Holy fuck, I'm—! Keep reading. You were heading towards your room when the doorbell suddenly rang. You walked towards the door and open it up.

Nobody was to be seen, you took a step outside and looked around after someone… still nobody around. Suddenly something on the ground caught your eyes, a little brown package is standing on he ground right in front of you. You sit down in front of your desk and started to open the package. You saw a little strange looking wooden box inside.

True gay stories tumblr

You picked up the wooden box and notice some carved words on the top. You read the words to yourself: Costume set. Under the word it seemed to be some kind of initials but they are too unclear to read. You opened up the box and inside you could see an odd-looking black pen with some strange inscriptions on it and a little note on the side. You held the first device in your hand, thinking about the whole thing for a minute before you decided to test it out right away.

You pushed a bit your door and took a peek down the hall, you could hear your parents True gay stories tumblr with your little sister, and loud music still coming from your older sister at the end of the hall. Figuring out you dont want any witnesses if this thing would actually work you decided to go to your brothers room next to yours, since everybody is downstairs and your oldest sibling was occupied.

Your brother was sitting on a cough and his eyes focused on a computer. You quietly moved trough his door opening with the device pointing at your oldr brother, Nick. You heard a small buzzing sound and you saw that Nick instantly froze for about 2 seconds before he kind of crumpled against the chair. Turning around again, you saw your brother sitting lifeless in the chair. You could see his head dangling over the back of the couch, looking like an empty skin or a disguise just like in the Cocoon movie.

You slowly moved towards Nick while loudly whispering his name, making sure he was not conscious. Moving all the way up to True gay stories tumblr you saw his empty skin and at his emotionless face with empty eye sockets and with the mouth wide open. As you took a closer look to the open mouth, you could see everything was empty inside, nothing, just air.

Your head exploded with different thoughts about this, how crazy it is, how unbelievable. There was the guilt over doing this to your brother, but also the spice of immorality. Then again, he used to bully you, so you could not help but being amazed and curious about it though.

You simply must explore this further. You bent over the skin and dragged off the t-shirt he was wearing. As you did this, you noticed a large opening on his back. You turned the skin around and saw a big zipper starting at the back of his head and all the way down to right above the bum. With no more hesitation your stripped him of all his clothes before you striped out of yours aswell. Holding the skin in front of you with the back facing, you took a deep breath before you started putting your right foot inside the skin.

You touched the leg with your hands and you could feel them sliding up and down the leg, just as it did when touching your own. Getting more excited you quickly put your other foot into the skin and felt the exact same feeling. You continued working the rest of your body into the skin. You started to maneuver both of your arms into the skin.

Soon, you were almost done, the only thing missing was the head now dangling on your chest. You placed your hands on each side of the head and slowly moved it over yours. As you felt the head fit, you moved your right hand down to the nub and zipped up the skin.

True gay stories tumblr True gay stories tumblr

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