True adult diaper stories

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Newest Posts. First Paci by LilDiaperBoi. In: General Discussion Main. In: Diaper Discussion. Any real stories of getting caught in diapers? Diaper lovers discuss disposable adult diapers, cloth diapering, padded wearing tips, crinkle concerns, and best brands for your big little booty. Forum rules: This section of True adult diaper stories site is for open, group conversation and public discussion topics about adult diapers within the community whole.

Please ask specific questions or for specific input. We suggest only asking one question per post for the best answer opportunities. Go to DateCGL to find a special someone, partner, True adult diaper stories date, or any other type of special connection. By rleqh99 - 4 years ago. We've all been nervous at some point about our little lifestyle being found out about and I know that some still are reguardless of how long you've had the secret.

While some have been lucky at keeping this wonderful lifestyle to themselves, others have ended up having their secret become This is where the question comes in! How many of you have had your "little" secret exposed unintentionally? If you have then those who are brace enough to share, tell us how you ended up exposed, who found out, where it happened, how they reacted, and how you delt with the situation.

Did you try to lie your way out like claiming to have a medical condition, claiming your little items didn't belong to you, or maybe you said it was a dare or bet? Did you know you were caught and confessed? Did you cry begging for forgiveness? Or maybe you went slightly insane and had a moment of hysteria and you laughed like you were insane? Give us lovely readers your true story! I will start it off: I believe it had happened when I was 15 or 16 so years ago.

The urge to wear a diaper was clawing me from the inside of my head. Every day getting worse and worse. Constant dreams of me being in diapers only to wake up and realize the harsh reality. For months this was my life, day in day out almost like hearing the same news stuck on permanent repeat. I had honestly started going mad. I became angry and irritated easily and finally I snapped. I searched through my whole house when nobody was around and I found what I was looking for.

There it was a baby doll that had belonged to my sister along with the diaper that the dolls usually come with. It was completely plastic but it was a real diaper all the same. I had taken it and tried to put it on and surprisingly it worked! I had to shimmy it up my legs carefully but I got it to fit comfortably!

The next thing I know I have to go to the bathroom to pee. I sat on the toilet just in case but it worked for its intended purpose! Being adrenaline high I wasn't thinking clearly and I took it off and hid it in the very bottom of the garbage can. My mom then came to me and asked about it and I lied and asked if it belonged to my little cousin who was a girl because the diaper had a flower print on it don't judge I was desperate at the time and she was still in diapers. My mom said she didn't remember them visiting but I played it off as if I were completely oblivious and was as surprised as she was.

It worked and I ended up getting away with it! This is where my story ends besides the long talk about the ABDL lifestyle which would be going off topic. Now it's your turn and since I shared mine then it's only fair if you share yours. Sorry for the incredibly long post, if you read the whole thing then I thank and salute you! PPS: if you want to do a long post also then go for it so long as you can do it without your brain frying. User mini profile. Re: Any real stories of getting caught in diapers? By Daxter - 4 years ago.

Until this day I am still waiting for an opportunity to me, without buying and desperately trying to get rid of it if I don't like it, or, something goes wrong it, True adult diaper stories I am waiting to get the right opportunity outside of my house I believe there are more people like me, who just never got the experience except for their imagination, you were super lucky to have a baby around and grabbing the diaper, even tho it's wasn't the best one, to enjoy the experience.

And talking about best one, there is always somethings in my mind about diapers and pacifiers Diapers for example, how about the size, if you are super fat or super tall, won't it be super uncomfortable since the diapers were made for children? How about pacifiers? I mean, what happens during the time you don't use a pacifier when do you need to buy a new one I just can't True adult diaper stories it being perfect, butt still I can't.

I won't be able to explain to anyone how I feel without them making another random perspective from me mostly referring me as homosexualwhich sucks a lot I have a lot of adult interests where I am a submissive person, and having me like to be a little and feel protected by a mommy it's not different in anyone's perspective If I, in my 16 years old mostly, got found out by someone, it would be my end By the way, the diaper actually was for a life size baby doll that was a girl, but still real.

I have to admit that I agree if one of my friends found out or it become known through social media openly it would probobly be my end as well. I also have to agree that I wouldn't mind a mommy or True adult diaper stories daddy so long as they were loving but stern when needed, however I don't like to do "naughty things". Getting back on topic if you want to get diapers and want to decrease the risk of getting caught then follow this advice: if you want diapers then buy a prepaid credit card with cash so when you buy the diapers they can't be traced to you.

I hope this info helped and I hope you can share a story of some kind with us soon! By dlnerd - 4 years ago. When i was like 17 I think, I had a pack of huggies diapers! I hid them kinda poorly but one night I wore a huggies diaper and in the morning I didn't want to put the diaper back in the regular hiding spot. I just the lone diaper under some blankets in my closet. I got home from school and saw that my mom cleaned out my closet a bit and those blanket were on my bed and the diaper on top.

I got so nervous and red and just grabbed the diaper and hid it. My mom didn't really say anything but now she knows I have some sort of secret. Good thing is that it wasn't used. Thank goddd. Thanks so much for the reply! I can definitely understand how this could have embarrassed you and this was wonderful to read for a few reasons!

This was straight to the point, not long and boring like mine so kudos to you! Second would be that this would be a terrifying incident because while your mom didn't say anything about it, which was kind of her to do, it also can be extremely maddening to you because all these thoughts and possibilities start to go through your head. While I'm sure that she didn't understand at the time, I believe that as a caring mother, she would love you no matter what and completely understand if you were willing to tell her. Obviously this story happened awhile ago so it's possible she might not remember but I can assure you that getting something like this off your chest really helps and it's better to know what she truly thinks rather then feel guilty or afraid of her finding out.

I also believe that this could be a sort of bond that you and your mother could have, if you think about it. Telling your mom that you trust her with your deepest darkest secret would make her happy knowing that you aren't afraid to talk to her.

That is just what I think, and while I say you should come clean, I completely understand if you wanted to keep this to yourself. Please remember that there are others out there if you need a shoulder to cry on and keep in mind that those closest to you such as family if they are good people will probably be willing to be there for you if you asked! I hope my little "pep talk" helped you even if you didn't need it!

By BabyLilac - 4 years ago. About 2 months ago, I got sick with a severe UTI. I could feel it coming, so I ended up buying some Little Pawz for that I wanted to act cute in them, but something "didnt seem right" with my health, and I knew it would be my best interest. Eventually, this led to 3 hospital visits, 2 doctors, and things got nasty FAST. We were under a flood warning, and through rising waters, and sure enough, here comes my UPS truck with a pack of 80 Little Pawz, the most diapers I ever had at once, and the largest set of Adult Baby Diapers I ever had.

I managed to stack them up, and later on, was questioned about the "clothes" that I received in the mail when my family came home. I was reluctant and refused, but eventually I had to show them, so nervous, I brought out a pair of littlepawz and handed it to them.

I am pretty sure I was never so embarrassed in my life. My grandmother talked about how thick they were, and I mentioned "I like being cute" which is well known, and eventually, they left me alone. I used to wear them for being cute, and a pack of 10 could last me through a whole 2 weeks, but with my recent situation, I had to go ahead and actually use them as intended. It used to be fun wearing diapers, and now for the last 2 months, It has been almost a nervous fear. I will eventually get better. Free Hugs! By LittleRabbitHyde - 4 years ago. I saw them and I was overcome by a desperate want, so I took a few of them.

Even though she was like 3 at the time, she was chubby and I was supper skinny so her diapers actually fit me. I hid them in my closet and after a while I had forgotten about them.

I while later, my neighborhood friend comes to play and we play in my room. I don't remember what we were playing that led to her going in my closet, but she did and she found them. I was overcome by fear and embarrassment of having been discovered. I froze for a moment, not able to answer her, but then she did the unexpected. She asked if I wanted to play with them. Although I was completely embarrassed, I really did want to play with them so I nodded my head. She seemed totally cool with it and even a bit excited.

She even went back home to bring some of her little sisters' things to make the game more realistic. She was the only one who found out about it but I lost contact with her a few years ago. I do miss her though, and I would like to see her again.

By Qasqg3 - 4 years ago. But i have been caught with my paci dumbfoundedly right in the middle of my mouth by a friend of mine in my dorm. U see we hab suitmates and the two set bedrooms are separated by a bathroom and my bathroom door was halfway open when one of my friends not my suitemate but anada girl walked in to goto the bathroom at the time i hab my paci in an was jus woamin awoun i tink cleanin up or somethin anyways i luked at her an se luked at me an se close the door to goto bathroom quickly cuz she had already started unzippin an pulling her pans down.

I didnt realize that i still hab my paci n an not took it out until afta se close the door. Yea i was supa embarrassed an kept muttering to myself how stupid for the rest of the day an a few days later. I jus couldnt keep out my mind that she saw me with my paci and pqolly thought i was cwazy. Everyting turned out ok. Of course eventually got to tawk True adult diaper stories her about it wen she was doing my hair one day. She became my closes fwien and the first person in that college to ever tell about my little side.

True adult diaper stories

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