Touching myself stories

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now to listen to this story. Now. I love sex. I suppose that doesn't make me unusual. Most women do. My urge to share my desires online isn't so common. Maybe I love the attention, and maybe by sharing, part of me hopes others will share their own desires with me. Such things are never easy to speak of. Maybe it's easier for guys, but I don't know if that's true. I do know some girls find it very difficult to talk about their intimate secrets.

I think that's a shame. How can we hope to achieve a satisfying sex life if we are too embarrassed to share our needs and passions with others?

Touching myself stories

I never hesitate to tell my lover how I feel, or what I want. Here, on this site, what I sometimes want is to masturbate with someone else.

Touching myself stories

Boys are always fun for me. I am drawn to their strength and their confidence. I've had regular sex with men since I was in high school, so I'm very aware of how my body reacts to their touch. Sharing a sexual fantasy with the right man can be intensely satisfying for me, but I'm not exclusively straight. I occasionally enjoy the company of other women as well. As I've had sex with girls less often, and only sparingly shared my sexual fantasies with them, those moments feel special, and very powerful to me.

Regardless Touching myself stories gender though, a passionate mate, whom I can connect with, turns my simple moments of self-pleasure into something far more satisfying. Writing stories like this isn't much different than those online liaisons. Oh, yes. It's only a one way dialog, but I assure you, I become just as aroused and wet when I'm writing a good story as I do during a hot round of online sex.

As you are reading this, I assume you feel the same, so, I'm just going to come out and ask, would you like to play with me? I want to play with you, and just so you know, tonight, I'm a sure thing. Mmm, Touching myself stories that to you makes me blush, and I'm kind of biting my bottom lip as I think about it. I'm going to be such a slut for you though.

I'm going to be nasty and explicit, and tell you every little detail of what I'm doing to my tight, little body. I like to play with myself while lying in my chair. It's a big, overstuffed leather recliner that just swallows me up when I curl up in it.

I find it puts my body at the perfect angle, allowing me to tap on my tablet while still being able to touch my cute little kitty. I'm holding the tablet under my breasts right now.

Touching myself stories

I love how the lighted screen silhouettes my nipples in front of it. Mmm, I can easily flick my thumbs over them, getting them all hard and pert for you. Fuck, I'm already getting wet. Telling you that makes me blush more deeply, but being able to be a wanton slut is part of my fun. If you could just see me laying here, with one leg over the arm, spreading my thighs open and letting my pussy lips part slightly.

I bet you'd love to run your tongue right between my lips. That's what I imagine as I finger myself. My wet fingertip isn't quite so soft or warm as your tongue, but if I tickle my labia just so Oh, fuck yeah, just like that. Mmm, I love it when you tongue me like that.

Touching myself stories

It sends shivers racing through my body. I want to cup my breast and pinch my nipples while you lick me. The sensation of having my boobs fondled while your lips caress my pussy seeps Touching myself stories into my core. I drag my nails roughly over my mounds, timing my touch to yours God, I'm soaking wet. My fingers are slipping deep into my pussy now, making those sexy, squishy sounds that guys like so much.

It used to embarrass me when my pussy got this wet. Now, it just makes me want to feel a nice, hard cock slamming up inside me. I'm beginning to wish I'd brought my toys with me for this. Oh, fuck! I just rubbed my wet fingers over my clit. Just barely touching it sends this warm pulse into my belly. I'm holding my breast with my left hand, tweaking my thick nipple as my right draws quick circles around my clit.

Oh, my gosh, I can feel the warmth spreading into my thighs now I wonder, are you touching yourself?

Touching myself stories

I hope so, baby. It turns me on to know you are playing with me. I'd love it if you were stroking your cock for me. Maybe you'll read this and then rub one out later tonight I do that a lot after reading a story. Sometimes, I'll be wet for hours before I can make myself come. When I'm that hot, I imagine sucking off every cute guy I see, or just sinking my nails into a pretty girl's ass. I could come really quickly now, if I wanted to. Thinking about all of this has me in fucking heat.

My whole body is flush, and I feel a buzzing in my cunt that's just screaming for me to come all over my fingers. My shaved pussy is inflamed and my lips are full and puffy as I rub my fingers over them. Ah, ouch! I'm pinching my nipple hard as I frig my clit. The sudden sting makes me ache, and I bear down on my fingers. I'm dying to arch now. My skin is covered in a fine gloss of sweat. I so wish I could hear you, baby. I want to know you are getting close. Whether you are stroking your big, fat cock, or rubbing your fingers over your Touching myself stories, I'd just love to watch you right now.

I want to edge myself. It's hard to pull my fingers away from my slit, but the sensation of my nails dragging lightly over my inner thighs makes me quiver in my chair. My legs are wide open for you. Would you let me play, or just flip me over and fuck me hard?

God, I need that so badly now. My toes are curling as I think about being bent over this chair and drilled hard by you. I'd beg you to pull my hair and slap my ass until I scream. That thought of it is making my pussy drool. I feel Touching myself stories empty now. I need your stiff fingers plunging into me, or your warm mouth sucking my juices out. A hard cock would feel so good inside me now. Come on baby, stroke that fat cock for me. Imagine yourself fucking my tight little pussy. My fingers are covered with my juice. I'd offer them to you if you were here.

Touching myself stories

Having you lick them clean would be so fucking hot. Licking them myself is almost as good though. I love the tangy taste of my pussy. At first, it has a very slight musky taste, but the more I play, and the wetter I get, the fresher it becomes.

I lick them clean several times as I masturbate for you, covering my fingers with saliva, before bringing them back to my sensitive little button. Oh shit, baby!

Touching myself stories

My touch feels electric now.

Touching myself stories

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