Tighty whities embarrassing stories

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Home Board index Search. Unanswered posts Active topics. A Trip to the Nurse's Office confess or share your fictions with others. I ended up checking into urgent care expecting a quick diagnosis but instead I ended up spending about an hour without my pants as two doctors, three nurses, and a physician's assitent all got an eyeful of my white Calvins as they tried to diagnose the lump on my knee. A lot of experiences I've had concerning briefs have been both embarrassing and exciting.

But that experience was so exciting that I wasn't embarrassed at all. I as actually sad when I had to put my pants back on Anyhow I thought the premise was a fun one for a fictional story. I think I'll do a second part eventually: Chapter 1 Tighty whities embarrassing stories Avery limped out of the boys locker room at James Blaine High School, passing along a corridor before cutting through the gymnasium.

He was leaving wrestling practice early to get a potential injury examined. Next he passed the cheer squad as the girls practiced front flips. When he entered, Ms. Folstrum, the attractive nurse greeted him. Colin completed the form and then sat on the exam table, which was next to a large office printer.

He wants me to get a bump on my knee checked. Let me take a look.

Tighty whities embarrassing stories

Still sitting he leaned forward and grabbed the bottom of his jeans on his right leg. He tried to pull the jeans up over his leg but immediately realized his jeans were too tight. It was pointless. Colin thought he heard her wrong with that noise. Then her eyes widened in sudden comprehension. The screen only blocked out half the room.

She mimed unzipping a zipper and then folded her arms. She was beginning to look seriously impatient. Colin swallowed. The gravity of the situation was sinking it. He had a long running phobia of being seen by girls in his underwear. And Ms. Like a cornered animal, Colin was determined to resist with all his might. He stood up trying to look tall and formidable as he protest. We should have decorum. Then, without further preamble she grabbed his jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them before grabbing his front pocket and yanking them halfway down his thighs before he knew what was happening.

Tighty whities embarrassing stories

Looking down in horror he his tighty whities sticking out from under his black t-shirt. He felt the skin on his thighs prickle in the chilly air. His head swirled with panic. Although he felt terrified at his exposure, he felt a strange rushing sensation in his groin. To his horror, he felt that he was beginning to get an erection. As Colin and Ms. In a last ditch effort to save his dignity he decided to turn the hunter into the hunted. He let go of his own jeans and grabbed Ms. She gave a yell of fury as her scrubs dropped to the ground, revealing her lime green thong.

She let go of his jeans. Folstrom grabbed a nearby yard stick. His tight white briefs offered scant protection against the blow. Furious at being debagged and humiliated Ms. After the third time Colin whimpered pitifully, grabbing his sore butt with both hands. He could already feel bruises Tighty whities embarrassing stories on the skin through his briefs. It was a fall from grace for the tough, buff wrestler. Colin kicked off his shoes and pulled off his jeans so quickly one of the legs got pulled inside out. He handed the pants over to Ms. Folstrom who carelessly threw them on the counter.

Then she went back to her original asment. She examined the red, angry bump on his knee. She looked at it through magnifying glass. She peered at it skeptically and swabbed it with a cotton ball. As she did all of this with her right hand she placed her left hand on the upper part of his right thigh. The feeling of Ms. Her face was so closed to his legs that his skin tingled at the sensation of her breath on his legs. See, although Colin was a handsome, athletic 18 year old, he was also very much a virgin.

Getting politely felt up by a comely school nurse was the extent of his romantic experience. His boner, which had retreated slightly at the blows from the yardstick, woke up again. Colin closed Tighty whities embarrassing stories eyes, trying to summon to mind any image that could qwell his raging erection before the nurse could see it. But try as he might, every unerotic image he tried to think of was swiftly trumped by the memory of Ms.

Folstrom and her green thong. Colin was distracted from his boner-angst by the sound of the door opening. He heard footsteps and the sound of a girl groaning in misery. Folstrom spun around in her seat and yanked back the screen, allowing Colin to see the other half of the room. He saw varsity volleyball players had just entered the room.

Tighty whities embarrassing stories

One of the girls had a nose that was bleeding badly. Her name was Leslie. Colin recognized her from physics class. Folstrom said as she went back to work. Colin was painfully aware of the fact that the two girls were painfully aware of his underwear.

As she continued to hold paper towels to her bloody nose Lauren kept glancing around the room. Everytime her eyes fell on Colin in his humiliating predicament she would break into a grin. By contrast, Moriah was obviously trying to stifle her own grin as she fastidiously looked everywhere in the room except at Colin and his tighty whities. Meanwhile, Leslie grinned non-stop. She could scarcely look away from Colin in his underwear. Folstrom said impatiently.

Colin could feel his heart pounding as his breathes came quicker and quicker. The world seemed to grow distant. Folstrom kneeling over him.

Tighty whities embarrassing stories

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