Tie and tease stories

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I seriously get off on the idea of being tied up. I'm not into master and slave role-play and I don't get off on pain or degradation. Being physically restrained by someone I trust and am attracted to though, having to surrender complete control while I am tormented and teased, does it for me.

Tie and tease stories

Secure restraints I can struggle against, knowing I can't escap Thank You to those who have ed. Your support and interest keeps Me writing.

Tie and tease stories

If you wish to chat, please leave youras a lot of people who leave feedback sound really interesting Roger and Karen Part I It was a Saturday night like most other's, which we reserve for intimate love making, however this Tie and tease stories it was a bit different.

A few weeks ago my husband Roger and I enjoyed some mild bondage and teasing one Friday morning. The way I teased him was exquisite, first I slowly stroked Roger as he begun to awake knowing full well that he In the weeks since Chloe and Phoebe had humiliated me at the mall, they'd taken full advantage of the fact that they held incriminating evidence against me - the pictures they'd snapped of me tied up, naked and helpless.

They'd called me multiple times to meet them shopping, making me pay for stacks of new clothes for them, and once making me come and pay fo This story is the property of the author. It is not to be changed in any way, nor published or shown at other web sites without the permission of the author. Caroline had just returned from a trip to see her Mother. She had only been away for three days and was waiting anxiously for her husband, David, to come home from work.

On the drive back she began to When I got the call at work that you had something special planned, I was thrilled. I could certainly use a little pampering after the day I'd had. I left work a few minutes early and rushed home to find a note on the front door that read, "Come into the center of entrance-way, put on the blindfold from the small table and wait.

Nina couldn't believe this was happening. Okay, okay After all, it had all started so innocently Born of Italian and Japanese parents, Nina had been blessed with deep brown eyes, a sensuous mouth that often broke into an enchanting smile, silken olive skin and long, shiny r Teasing Her Patti stood at the kitchen sink doing the dinner dishes, she had to admit dinner had turned out pretty good tonight.

It must have been good he had two helpings, she had an Air Supply CD on the stereo.

Tie and tease stories

As, my story makes use of conditional statements and conditional chapters in its tracking of variables. For example, if your character arrives late to a particular event, specific characters may res Over the table Beth coyly leaned over the edge of the table and lifted her skirt as Jane watched.

Jane's eyes widened and mouth opened in both shock and amazement at Beth's boldness. Beth looked over her shoulder and smiled as her friend stared at her nearly bare ass, clad only in dark purple tanga panties. SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Tied And Tease Stories.

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Tie and tease stories

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‘tie and tease’ stories