Teenage diaper stories

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Re: Likes: Shelves: 2 Comments: 2. More Details. Add to Read List. Johnson to her 9-year old son. Last time, she put me in a diaper, and I had to pee and poop in it like a baby.

Teenage diaper stories

Why can't you get somebody else? Billy Johnson wasn't shy about expressing his displeasure with his mother's choice for his babysitter. The young boy knew all about Linda Turner. The year old high school junior had a reputation as a reliable but no-nonsense babysitter. Well-behaved children loved her. Unruly children quickly learned that she was bad news when they misbehaved. Linda rather liked her nickname—the bad news babysitter. It made her job a lot easier. It was true that she used diapers to discipline children, but it wasn't a frequent occurrence.

Simply pulling out a diaper from her backpack and showing it to the child was usually enough to tame the wildest boy or girl. Once I her contract, you'll have to behave yourself or she'll put you in a diaper. Remember how you felt the last time she put you in a diaper? Billy shuddered. He would never forget the embarrassment he felt when Linda pulled off his shorts and underpants.

Then she laid him down on the sofa, lifted up his legs and slid a diaper under his butt. She Teenage diaper stories by fastening the diaper tapes. The boy was forced to stay diapered all evening. Even worse, he wasn't allowed to use the toilet. When his parents returned home, Billy's full diaper was sagging shamefully between his legs. Billy vowed to behave himself tonight. He certainly didn't want to spend another long evening sloshing around in a wet messy diaper. Linda Turner was years old when she began her babysitting career.

Her parents still remembered the night when she came home after only her third babysitting job. She had just finished babysitting two children: a 7-year old boy and a 2-year old girl. He was being mean to his little sister. I told him that since he couldn't behave like a big boy, I was going to treat him like a baby. Then I put him into one of sister's pull-up diapers. He worked as a paralegal and was concerned about the legal ramifications of Linda's actions. I don't like hitting kids, so I thought a diaper was safer. He sure behaved a lot better once he was in a diaper. From now on, I'm going to bring diapers with me whenever I babysit.

I'll tell you what. I'll draw up a little contract that you can Teenage diaper stories each time you babysit. That evening, Mr. Turner drew up a simple one- contract for his daughter. The contract had seven clauses.

Teenage diaper stories

The most unusual clause was the fourth one. Clause 4: Diaper Punishment. If the child misbehaves during the contractual period, the babysitter may, at her discretion, remove the child's underwear and put the child into a disposable diaper as punishment. The child shall remain diapered until bedtime or the arrival of a parent, whichever comes first. Linda was instructed to fill in the name of the child at the top part of the contract. Then a parent or guardian would and date the bottom portion, indicating his or her acceptance of all seven Teenage diaper stories. It's for your own protection.

Your diaper discipline is rather strange and unconventional. The following afternoon after swimming, Linda rode her bicycle to a medical supply store in a nearby mall. She was amazed by the myriad variety of diapers on the shelves. Boy and girl diapers.

Fitted briefs. Youth diapers. Pull-on diapers. Under pajama diapers. One shelf was dedicated to plastic pants in assorted sizes and colors. The shelf also displayed rubber pants, something the girl had never seen before. She couldn't resist touching them. She was Teenage diaper stories how soft and smooth they felt. What size do you wear? I need diapers, but not for myself. I babysit kids and I need diapers to punish the naughty ones. Do you have any diapers that would fit both boys and girls?

He handed her a package of unisex youth diapers. They're regular diapers, not the pull-up kind. Do you need anything else? Linda went to the checkout line and put the package upside down on the conveyor belt. She didn't want anyone to see the diaper picture on the top. When the package rolled up to the clerk, he flipped it over and glanced at Linda. Her face turned red again. The clerk probably thought she was a bedwetter. After paying for the diapers with her own money, Linda quickly exited the store.

Once outside, she breathed a sigh of relief. Diaper shopping was red-faced embarrassing. Rubber pants. Can you believe it?

Teenage diaper stories

Now most people use disposable Teenage diaper stories. That's what you wore as a baby. Your father always hated changing your messy diaper. Turner read the product information on the diaper package. The diapers were deed to fit children with to inch 56 - 76cm waists. She opened the package, fished out a diaper, unfolded it, and held it up to her daughter's waist.

Do you want me to diaper you like a baby? If you're going to force naughty children to wear diapers, you should wear one yourself, just to find out what it feels like. Linda looked at her mother in open-mouthed surprise. Always an inquisitive girl, she had planned to secretly try on a diaper after her bedtime shower. Her curiosity got the better of her embarrassment. She accepted her mother's offer. I don't want dad to see me in a diaper. Let's go to your room!

It's time to put my naughty daughter into her punishment diaper. Turner put her hand on Linda's bottom and guided her down the hallway. As they walked, she patted her daughter's bottom a few times. Linda's face reddened. She was already feeling like a naughty girl and she wasn't even in a diaper yet.

Turner, after they entered the girl's bedroom. Linda hesitated.

Teenage diaper stories

Her mother hadn't seen her private parts in years. Turner swatted her daughter's behind, treating her just like a naughty little girl. Blushing furiously, Linda quickly kicked off her sandals. Then Teenage diaper stories pulled down her shorts and stepped out of them. She was naked except for her blue t-shirt. Mom, it's no big deal. Nobody could see anything under my shorts.

Besides, it's summer. Who needs panties on a hot day? My friend Carol hardly ever wear panties during the summer. She just wears shorts. Turner remained silent for several seconds. She couldn't believe that her year old daughter had ridden her bicycle to the mall wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. When she looked at the diaper in her other hand, an idea popped into her head. In this house, little girls who don't wear panties have to wear diapers instead. That's how long your diaper contract stipulates for naughty children. Well, that's exactly what you are—a naughty little girl who didn't wear her panties.

Go lie on the bed right now! Rubbing her bottom and blushing furiously, Linda went over to her bed and lay on her back. Just a few minutes ago, she had been eager to try on a diaper. Now she was being forced into a diaper. Linda lifted her legs up and slightly over her head, giving her mother a bird's-eye view of her private parts.

She felt ashamed surrendering her dignity like this. After all, she was years old, much too old to be diapered like a baby. Turner slid the diaper under Linda's bottom.

Teenage diaper stories

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