Teen girl masturbation stories

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In the summer that I was 16 I was invited to go and help on the farm of my mothers second cousin. I had broken up from school and harvest was not ready on our farm. My relative lived further west and south so enjoyed slightly earlier ripening of grain crops.

I hardly knew this family but my mother explained that the parents had a teenage daughter but did not know her age. I arrived at the farm and as I was able to do most tasks about the farm was ased to pick up and cart straw bales. Heavy work but I was a fit strong lad, so no problem. The daughter was apparently away staying with a friend. I worked hard all day and as it started to rain we stopped for the day and I went back to the farmhouse.

The parents were still about the farm doing jobs so I had a drink and decided to take a bath as I was hot and dusty. I ran the bathstripped off in my room and wearing just a towel went to the bathroom. There were no locks on the doors inside the house so I just closed the door and got in. As soon as I dropped my towel I Teen girl masturbation stories an erection - I always got one when naked in those days - and got in the bath. Of course I started to gently masturbate enjoying the feel of the slipperiness of the bath foam between my hand and my cock. I practised bringing myself to near orgasm and then backing off by pushing my balls downwards - something that one of my friends had discovered - when I heard people coming up the stairs.

I forgot that there were no door locks so just carried on wanking. Things went quiet until I was aware that the door was opening and a girls head appeared. I was so flustered and tried to hide my cock and hand under the bubbles but it did not really work. Instead of immediately withdrawing the girl came on into the room and said she was Ruth, the daughterand she had never seen a boys cock before.

Teen girl masturbation stories

What could I have done. I was flustered but not embarrassed so I just let her see my erection. Then another girl appeared, her friend Anne who had come to stay. She was just a keen as Ruth to see my cock. Both girls just gazed silently at my cock so I gently gave it a few gentle masturbation moves. Then we heard noises downstairs so both girls ran off. I was suddenly left with a problem. I did not mind them looking at my erection but started wondering what would happen if they told Ruths mother. I expected that I would be asked to go back home the next day.

My cock went slack and I got out of the bath and dried off, put my towel around me and walked back to my room. It was quiet downstairs so I guess that the mother had gone out again. As I opened my door the 2 girls were sitting on my bed with their dresses pulled up halfway up their thighs.

Teen girl masturbation stories

They said that they wanted to look at my cock again and that we were alone in the house. So, I just dropped my towel and immediately erected again. At this, both of them lifted their dresses and showed me that they had taken their knickers off. I could see fine pubic hair and the beginnings of their cunt lips. They asked if I had seen a girl nude so I said yes, I had and I had experienced touching a girl too.

They then told me that all the girls in their class at an all girls boarding school were boy and sex mad but only 2 of them of them had actually experienced anything and they talked about nothing else. By now Ruth was sitting with her legs pulled up and apart so that I could see her cunt. I asked them if they played with themselves. Ann said she touched herself here, putting her fingers against her cunt and that it gave her a lovely feeling.

Ruth asked me if I played with myself - knowing full well that I did as she had seen me Teen girl masturbation stories my cock in the bath, so I said that of course I didevery day, sometimes 2 or 3 times. My cock was really tight and throbbing so I got hold of Ruths hand and wrapped it around my cock and let her feel it.

Teen girl masturbation stories

I reached out and touched Anns button - I still did not know about the clitoris but I knew what gave my girl friend so much pleasure - and started to rub it slowly. At that moment we heard noises downstairs so immediately the girls pulled down their dresses and left. Itoo, dressed and we went downstairs for evening meal.

Teen girl masturbation stories

Ruths mother said that she saw that we had all met and hoped that we would enjoy each others company. We exchanged conspiratorial glances which I am sure the mother picked up but said nothing. After the meal I went back to finish a few more jobs and then it was time for bed. Later that nightin bed, I wanked twice, thinking all the time of the afternoons experiences and anticipating what might happen in coming days. I could hear the girls chattering excitedly away in the next room. None of us had the courage to go on walkabout and I slept soundly as a result of a days hard work and 2 wanks.

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Teen girl masturbation stories

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Teen girl masturbation stories Teen girl masturbation stories

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