Stories of sexual fantasy

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Expand your imagination with the list of 12 sexual fantasies stories split into three levels: romantic, naughty and kinky. The lights are low, candles are lit and scented oils are ready.

Stories of sexual fantasy

I could really use a relaxing massage… You ask me to undress and lie down. I consent. Then you start massaging my back with the oils. As the aroma fills my nostrils, my body melts into your hands. You accompany the massage with kisses on the nape of my neck. You then tell me to turn around and massage my collarbone, before sliding your hands down to my breasts.

My nipples harden at your touch and you twist them ever so gently. You kiss me softly as your fingers travel towards my clit. To make a sensual massage even more romantic we have made kissable massage candles :. I arch my back into the pillows, letting you do as you please. I start massaging my nipples, which have become hard with arousal. I see you walk out of our room, wearing these sleek stiletto boots and that very skimpy, tight dress.

Stories of sexual fantasy

It enhances your curves in all the right places. You start dancing for me.

Stories of sexual fantasy

Your movements are sensual and provocative. You raise your dress just a tiny bit so that I can see the thong underneath. Soon all of your clothing comes off. It smells like you… As the song is ending, you walk towards me, wearing nothing but stilettos and the thong.

You lean on me and your hands dig into my thighs. You squeeze gently and my cock gets hard. As I walk into the kitchen, I stop abruptly. I see your body. An apron covers your naked frame.

Stories of sexual fantasy

You wash your hands and walk into the pantry to get some honey. I kiss you, pull you in and undo your apron. Then I take the honey from the counter and open it. I spill it all over your body and lick you clean. You turn me around and bend me over, but I stop you. I have something else in mind. I push you onto the bed and straddle you. Slowly, I start moving up your body. I sit on your chest and look at you expectantly.

You take a deep breath and welcome me as I sit on your face. Your nose and mouth brush against my intimate parts. It feels funny at the beginning, but then I get used to the sensation and start to feel delicious pleasure.

Let me quench that thirst. This is one of the intimate activity which we have included in our Sex Memory Game with erotic photos and also in Sex Memory Game with sensual photos. Face-sitting in Love Battleship game. It feels a bit uncomfortable, being so exposed. I gasp — the doctor is incredibly handsome. He asks me to undress in front Stories of sexual fantasy him. My nipples get hard immediately. I put my feet into the stirrups and he begins to examine me. But then I notice his fingers go to my clitoris.

He rubs it gently. Just then, he says he needs to explore me deeper — with his cock. I think I like this new doctor.

Stories of sexual fantasy

This fantasy scenario — role-play is also part of our Box of Burning Desires gameone of 36 littles scenarios put into the game. I ask you to lie on your side and say I have a surprise. I even ask you to close your eyes. You do that hesitantly, not knowing what to expect.

You open them in surprise when my erect cock presses against your mouth. Then my legs wrap themselves around your neck, so my cock goes even further into your mouth. Sideways 69 is also part of the Love Battleship game physical link to the game and printable game link to the printable game. My students are doing their exams. She raises her skirt and I wonder if she wrote the answers on her leg. I pretend to drop my pen on the floor and bend down to check. I swallow and try not to look at her shaved pussy.

Stories of sexual fantasy

We stay behind in the classroom after everyone has finished. I go up to her. His eyes widen in disbelief. I show him how to place a vibrator against the clit for maximum pleasure. He almost drools. Then, I show him how a dildo works like a penis, and how you can combine it with Stories of sexual fantasy vibrator for extra pleasure. I ask him to hold the vibrator while I penetrate myself with the dildo, showing him how it can go in the ass as well.

The student watches in amazement and I can see him getting hard. I hope you have learned a valuable lesson today. Now… could I use a toy on you? The ropes that are holding me tense when I gently pull at them. My blindfold keeps me in the dark, but I can sense you approaching. Suddenly, I feel you push my legs apart, exposing me. I moan and bite my lip in anticipation. I then feel your head between my legs as your tongue fluently moves up my thigh. My body arches and the ropes tighten around my wrists. I let out whimpers of pleasure as you begin to tease my clit with your tongue.

With every lick, my moans get louder. Suddenly, I feel something slide between my butt cheeks. With your hand, you push something inside my ass. With every thrust you make it go a little bit deeper inside. It feels so good I can barely contain myself. As I push deeper inside of you, your hand pushes the plug a bit more.

I thrust as deeply as I can into you and the butt plug goes all the way in. I see your perfect lips come near my cock. You start giving me a blowjob — slowly and sensually. Your tongue teases my head and circles the tip, making me shake with pleasure.

You take a deep breath and take a bit more of my dick inside your mouth. When you move your head back again, I ask you to take a deeper breath. You hesitate but then agree. I grab the back of your head and start pushing my dick deeper and deeper inside your mouth. I watch as you close your eyes and your hands grab into my thighs. The tip of my head finally touches the back of your throat. As I orgasm, I pull out and cover your face and breasts with my semen. You look up at me, covered entirely in my cum, and smile. Link to sexual fantasies game. Sex board games, in my opinion, are a great way to open up your fantasies to your partner in a fun and playful way.

Statistics show that what men and women fantasize about have more in common than you think, as Business Insider covered in their article. Remember that life is too short not to do it dirty, enjoy your time together and make a sexy surprise for each other.

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Stories of sexual fantasy

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Stories of sexual fantasy

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