Spanking game stories

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Spanking game stories

Torture does not have to be physically painful. Emotional and psychological torture are just as bad, and according to current interrogation theory, more often much more effective at eliciting the desired response. Spanking game stories, the four naked ladies in my kitchen were torturing me, or as close to such as I had ever experienced.

The game of kinky Sorry had continued after Kelly was knocked out without to much hoopla. Clothing came and went, but no one else got eliminated for a good fifteen rounds. Alcohol inverts those ratios. Justine must want to use me some how to gain an advantage in the game, or over me. Either way she was going to get her way, I might as well try to enjoy the ride. Hopefully it would not end with me sleeping on the couch. I could be cool and let my swagger show. Well there goes cool. Was this a trick? I already knew I was going through with it, but I wanted to check my bases first.

Spanking game stories

Her crossed arms acting as a makeshift bra, it was clear she strategically choose her position to minimize exposure. Get over his lap Kelly! Kelly growled at her friend before obediently slipping behind Naomi then turning her back to me and sliding in front of me and into position over my knee.

The whole process looked a little odd though she never exposed herself to me for much more than a few moments. The comical part was her embarrassment, since I had seen her full front earlier when she delivered the beer. Maybe the alcohol was wearing off allowing her modesty to poke through. The globes staring up at me were everything I had imagined and more.

Spanking game stories

Smooth skin overflowing the well toned thighs leading to long legs. Most of the red bars from before had faded into a nice, gentle blush. I lightly brushed my finger tips over the crowns as I took it in. I was amazed by the attitude from someone in such compromising position.

I bet I eliminate the attitude, I thought as a raised the ruler high above my shoulder. She deserves it, she was a bitch. Kelly must actually deserve this spanking I told myself as I brought the ruler down with slow, firm strokes. She reaction to the spanks shifted from yelps to more active s of distress, including kicking her legs in the air, causing her torso to bounce on my lap. This did nothing but make the erection in my pants harder. So hard it began to hurt. I could really use a bathroom break to release some pressure.

She hopped about, rubbing the the sting of the ruler out of her bottom. She, like the other two active players had nothing on above the table, Spanking game stories she was clearly embarrassed by her state of undress. The slouched statue and arm firmly positioned across her chest prevented any kind of show. Justine performed her turn, getting her only piece just outside of her safe area. Next turn she probably could win back piece of clothing. Go Honey! Naomi, lets have Mike give them instead of us.

I wanted to rip off my pants have her right then. That sexy shake of her hips and the pouty face did it for me every time. That was her plan, to tease me all evening. Not so hard! If she was going. The sting really started to get to Justine as I neared a dozen. And then I was done. Twenty seven spanks. Angry red stripes marking every impact, contrasting with her natural khaki complexion. She was right though. Justine danced about with more style and flair than Kelly. The spanking dance was not a normal part of her repertoire. She had been keenly watching me spank Kelly and now Justine.

She was now just staring at me, eating me up with her hungry eyes. Hungry eyes that turned mischievous once Justine stopped dancing about. A little stripping and spanking were ok, but not actual acts, even if it would be with my wife. Serve the winner? This was way too much though. I wish I could have protested more, but there was Spanking game stories lack of blood flowing to my brain. Justine gave an agonizingly slow lick from my balls to tip. She looked up into my eyes as she swirled her tongue around my tip then engulfed the entire head.

Spanking game stories

A gently sucking before she bobbed down. Her throat teased my tip then she relented. Deep throat him, I bet he loves it! The damn was breaking and I could feel the waves starting to build. So they would reach a crescendo and come flooding forth. A few deep pulses worked my head before she pulled off, keeping just the tip imprisoned.

Her tongue glided over the bottom overloaded my senses. Justine started sucking and swallowed wave after wave. Swirling her tongue around my ultra-sensitive member was pure torture. My heart raced. Then my eyes rolled back in my head and the room went dark. Yuck, I had drooled on myself. How long had I been out?

That was the best blowjob Justine had ever given me. I wonder how they got me all the way over here though. I eased myself off the couch to see the girls huddled around the table, all fully dressed. I guess the game must be over. I walked over to the Spanking game stories table to see Sorry! We could hear your snoring all the way over here. How could that be? She had lost. Justine got up and met me at the doorway to the front hallway. On our first anniversary, my wife and I realized that our lives were getting boring.

We were sitting home at home, eating the top of our wedding cake while watching Jeopardy and contemplating if we should go to bed afterwards. We still did that, but we were also just as happy laying down next to each other and falling asleep. We were acting like an old boring couple, were their entire non-work life rotates around their mate. It is comforting individually, but also lonely as a couple. So on that day we decided to do something new and get more involved with our friends. Not our friends as a couple, but our individual friends. We would each spend one night a week out with our friends.

Hopefully this would bring in more social activities for us to go as a couple also. One of my groomsmen was in a weekly poker game while Justine decided she would start a games night with some of her old girlfriends. I hit up my groomsmen and got an invitation for the next week. Everything went well for the first couple of months. We started getting invited to go out with other couples for dinner and parties, exactly like we wanted.

I thought should have been concerned. Things were going a little too good. Spanking game stories mid may Deli had to be out of town on a business trip, so Justine hosted. I was supposed to work late, but the dinner meeting got canceled so I ended arriving home before any of girls got there.

Her lips tasted like strawberries. I snatched a freshly cleaned on out of the sink while she was still looking at me. You may want to grab something to eat if you want to avoid them. Pizza, score! Leftover pizza, a couple bottles of beer and a Blackhawks win would make a great evening for myself. It did turn out to be a great evening, even if the Blackhawks lost. I slide the pizza into the microwave and headed upstairs to change when I noticed the stack of boxes on the little desk next to the dinning table.

Candyland, Monopoly, Sorry!

Spanking game stories

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