Spanking and anal punishment stories

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They had arranged to meet at the apartment…. When they last spoke, he instructed her not to stimulate herself in any way during the day prior to their meeting…No nipple play, no pussy play, and certainly no clitoral play. He wanted her to be very horny when he arrived. She reluctantly agreed but he could hear in her voice that she wouldnt obey. He knew that she would shower for him right before his scheduled arrival. She knew how much he loved the scent of her freshly showered body, unspoiled by lotion, perfume or cologne…It added to his pleasure to take her from that fresh bathed scent to the intoxicating aura of sweat and passion that invariably develops as their time together progressed.

Often, he was able to smell her arousal before he saw the physical manifestations of it. He arrived early and waited outside until he saw the bathroom light come on. He could see her movement behind the frosted glass of the window and he finally saw her walk toward the shower.

Spanking and anal punishment stories

Quickly, he walked to the front door of the apartment and let himself in. He quietly walked through the apartment and into the bedroom. She had already lit the candles scattered about the room and other than candlelight and the light from the bathroom, the apartment was dark. The bathroom door was open and he stood just outside the door, watching her as she showered. She moved deliberately as she always didWetting her body all except her hair. Lathering from shoulders downHe noticed that her fingers linger on her nipples, but she, being the obedient one she is, shakes her head as if to rid her mind of the thought, and continues bathing.

Knowing how much he enjoys smooth legs, she lathers her legs with shaving cream, and proceeds to shave each one smoothShe shaves to the point where her thighs meet her belly and spends a great deal of time making sure there is no stubble left. And that is her downfall. As she rubs the inside of her left thigh, he notices that her hand pauses and lingers over her pubis.

He sees her lean against the wall and recognizes the groan he has heard so many times beforeThe groan that can only mean she has stretched the hood back over her clit with two fingers of one hand, while the middle finger of the other lightly grazes the nub peeking out from that tightly stretched flesh. With that he walks quietly to the shower and opens the door. Her eyes, closed in arousal, open at the noise of the door clicking openShe gasps at the recognition that he has caught her in direct disobedience of his wishes. Without saying a word, he holds his hand out for her to take.

She reaches her hand out to his and steps out of the shower. Silently, he takes the large bath towel off the towel bar and proceeds to dry her offHe is not rough, but he is thoroughShe gasps as the roughness of the towel rasps across the erect nubs of her nipples. She is reduced to as he insist that she bend over and use her hands to spread the cheeks of her ass so that he can dry between them and again when he makes her squat slightly so that he can thoroughly dry her pussy.

She gasps as the terrycloth in rubbed briskly across her already stimulated pussy. His cold stare freezes the protest on her lips and she knows Spanking and anal punishment stories is nothing to be gained by protesting. As they walk back into the bedroom he pulls the heavy straight backed oak chair from its place at the desk. She wonders at the possibilities. An over-the-knee spanking? Surely he isnt that upset with me. He opens the drawer where they keep the toys and she stands and watches as he takes out a of instruments.

Spanking and anal punishment stories

He holds each one up and looks at it closely. Some he puts back, others he lays on the dresser. Finally, he picks up the blindfold. She looks at him with fear in her eyes. The blindfold. It always adds a level of intensity. She fears it, yet she desires it. He has her stand behind the chair holding onto the chairback and then he slips the blindfold into place.

He stands quietly, watching her reaction. She gasps as the darkness descends. Her pulse, visible at the base of her neck, increases markedly. Her nipples erect themselves, seeking stimulation. She stands holding onto the chair and listens intently as he moves back to the dresser. He returns and takes her hands in his. Spanking and anal punishment stories feels the top of the chairback press into her belly as she bends.

Her nipples erect themselves more as the weight of her breasts are pulled down as she bends. She grips the edges of the seat. He moves away again and she listens intently. There is the clink of metal on wood and she senses his presence behind her. His hand grasps her bare ankle. Spread em He growls, pinching the inside of her thigh until her legs are spread apart. Again she whimpers as the ropes from the spreader bar are tied to her ankles. Holding her legs apart. Exposing her completely.

He smells the arousal. The musk of her pussy, the sweet sourness of the sweat forming under her arms. Yes, he can smell her. He knows she wants this. He steps back and lets her gather her senses. She is his.

Spanking and anal punishment stories

She has no control. To demonstrate this he runs his hands over her body. He takes the time to pinch each nipple until she bucks her hips in need. He runs his hands between her legs and slips his finger into the hot slickness of her pussy.

She is already dripping. Then, to show her that she is truly his, he takes his left thumb and forefinger and spread the cheeks of her ass. He pulls his finger from her pussy and slowly rubs the juices over her anus. It usually comes later. When she needs it. Not now. Shes not ready. G-g-g-od, Ah! O-oh-waoh, p-please!

I wont d-do Y-a-a-a-h! She gasps as he pulls the finger out and slides it back in again. She groans in a combination of relief and disappointment as his finger slides out of her ass. She protested when it was inside her, but in truth, she needed it. She feels him step in front of her and his hand lifts her chin.

Spanking and anal punishment stories

She feels the warmth of his breath as his lips cover hers. His lips linger on hers and she opens hers slightly to let his tongue slid into her mouth. His hands move from cradling her face to brushing the tips of her nipples as they hang at the ends of her breasts. She forced herself to breathe deeply through her nose, letting the air fill her lungs as she waited for the initial pain to subside and be replaced by the constant ache she so desperately needed. Gradually the pain settled in and she groaned in gratification as the sensation moved from her nipples down her spine, to her pussy.

Settling there and causing her to waggle her hips in need. She thought she noticed something different about the feel of the clips. There seemed to be a slight pull on them. In fact each clip had attached to it a small chain capable of holding tiny, but quite heavy weights.

He carefully attached a weight to the end of each chain. O-o-o-h-h-h, g-g-godOh p-please! Again the wait. Again the settling in of the pain. Her Spanking and anal punishment stories is now throbbing in need and begins to seep lubrication. She feels it running down the inside of her wide-stretched thighs and is embarrassed at the thought that he can see her arousal.

She shifts her body slightly and is immediately awarded with a jolt of pain as the weights swing on the ends of her nipple. He stands aside, silently watching her as she revels in her anguish. He smiles as he sees her thighs slick with her juices. She is already leaking and she has such a long way to go he thinks as he moves back to the drawer. He reaches in and pulls out a small bottle of lubricant and then picks up a medium sized butt plug.

She is very anal, but she is small and he is always careful to avoid use of the largest plug. There is a difference between pain and injury and he want to avoid the latter at all costs. Saying nothing further, he moves behind her. She shifts nervously and then gasps when he slowly drips the lubricant into the crack of her ass letting it run down and over the crinkled rose of her anus.

A-h-h-h, she gasps as he uses his middle finger to spread the lubricant over her anus, the E-e-e-c-h!

Spanking and anal punishment stories Spanking and anal punishment stories

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