Slave hypnosis stories

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Marcia knew that she would serve the royal family somehow The bride wore white. Cloistered in a room where the covered windows were decked with creamy roses, Marcia could barely believe that she was finally here, in a church, about to be married to a real, honest-to-goodness prince. Her very own Prince Charming.

Slave hypnosis stories

But would she have all of these ladies in waiting if she weren't about to become a princess? Would she have this opulent dress, hand-stitched with pearls by palace seamstresses? Someone teased her hair as someone else put the finishing touches on her fingernails.

All around her, women cooed and glowed over her. She tried to enjoy the privacy. Outside, and for the rest of her life, a media circus waited.

Slave hypnosis stories

They crowded out of the dressing room, giggling like a flock of bluebirds, until Marcia was left alone. Alone, except for the woman in a sweeping black gown who marched toward her. The bright red hair coiffed high above her long neck was as stunning as the rest of her. She radiated power as she put her long-gloved hands on her slender hips. I'm here to teach you. Marcia felt her lips curve into a smile and struggled to keep her face impassive. She'd heard about this! Part of her was thrilled that it was Slave hypnosis stories. Marcia jumped despite herself.

If you cannot do this, then you will stand no chance in his bed, his court, or his country. Heart beating fast, Marcia stood to face Venus. A queen's voice. Venus laughed. She raised one gloved hand, and Marcia thought that she would slap her. She braced herself for the stinging blow, but instead, Venus held her hand, palm down, directly in front of Marcia's face.

She wore a ring on the outside of her black glove, a gold ring with an enormous sapphire set into it. Something about the blue jewel drew Marcia's gaze, and she found herself gazing into it, trying to plumb its depths. Venus's voice floated into her consciousness. Slave hypnosis stories deep, deep into the sapphire. The deeper you look, the deeper you'll fall, and the deeper you fall, the more you want to look. Just relax as the power of the sapphire takes you far, far away. Relax as my voice pushes all thoughts from your mind and leaves only obedience in its place. Something told Marcia that fighting would be a good idea, but she couldn't muster the will to resist.

The sapphire was so very, very pretty. And she felt so relaxed and safe. Nothing could harm her as long as she gazed deeper and deeper into the sapphire. That's right. Let your heavy eyelids blink. Every time they close, it'll be harder to reopen them and easier to obey. Good girl. Blink those heavy, heavy eyelids. Marcia's eyes closed. She fought to reopen them, to keep gazing deep into the jewel, but she was almost too drowsy. She managed to open them just a slit, not aware that her mouth was hanging open and her head was nodding. Marcia's eyes sank again as Venus's fingers snapped, and she fell, deep and fast, into a state of complete mindless obedience.

She floated on a dark sea, her body a limp doll. Lust bloomed deep below the many layers of white, deep in Marcia's pussy. You love to do as I say because it makes you feel horny, sexy, and so very good. Marcia sighed, her body responding to Venus as though on autopilot. She was a slave to the other woman's words. They carried her on a tide of obedience that she never, ever wanted to leave. You will do whatever you need to pleasure me, obey me, and show me that you are my slave.

It was almost too sexy. Her pussy quivered. Marcia felt a finger against her forehead, as light and fleeting as a butterfly. Her eyes flew open. Venus stood before her, a goddess in black. Marcia hungered for her, her lust becoming a roar over which she could barely hear the other woman's instructions.

She peeled off the black dress, kissing and nibbling at the long, luscious neck, moving down to Venus's plump, generous breasts. The other woman eschewed a bra, but needed no lift. Marcia took her nipple into her mouth and sucked it, then bit. Venus sighed, bringing Marcia ot new heights of arousal as she kneaded both of the woman's breasts in her hands, intent upon pleasuring her to the maximum. Nothing else would do. She had to please Venus.

She had to make her come! Marcia stripped the rest of the black dress away and dove for Venus's thighs, questing for the space between them. It smelled of desire and satisfaction both, so juicy and delicious that Marcia didn't wait to explore it with her mouth. She plunged her tongue deep into Venus's vagina, lapping at the swelling juices there. Her lip bumped a hard little knot and Venus moaned. Marcia licked the knot, feeling it grow and warm beneath her tongue as she rolled it, flicked it with her mouth, and sucked it gently.

With every motion, Venus's thighs clamped around her arranged hair, her made-up face, smearing foundation and sending bobby pins everywhere. Marcia was beyond awareness of anything but pleasing Venus, pleasing Venus, pleasing Venus!

The other woman writhed under Marcia's attentive care, her sharp cries of pleasure coming faster and faster. She buried her fingers in Marcia's hair, yanking hard to push her face further into her dripping cunt as Marcia licked ever more furiously. Venus's cries rose, rose, and finally Slave hypnosis stories en masse in a delighted scream that echoed Marcia's own ecstasy at Venus's pleasure.

Still she licked, not stopping or even slowing, licking, licking Marcia blinked. She was surrounded by handmaids, but she felt funny. Where was Venus? She glanced around herself incredulously, drawing mild reproaches from her ladies in waiting. If anyone heard her, they gave no indication.

They just kept adjusting her hair, painting her face, arranging her veil. Marcia was due to marry Prince Joseph in just ten minutes. The big moment was nigh. Marcia lifted Slave hypnosis stories hand to her lips, trying to reconcile the taste of hot cunt in her mouth with this gaggle of chirping maids.

Slave hypnosis stories

Her hand seemed heavier than usual, an odd feel on the middle finger. She lifted it to look It glinted in its setting, almost winking. Marcia felt understanding sweep over her.

Slave hypnosis stories

A smile bent her lips. The ring was hers now. She truly knew how to dominate a prince among men. Still smiling, she rose to go to her future husband. Outside, the band began to play and reporters snapped pictures. Marcia let it all sweep over her. Where it mattered, she would be in control. Rhea is a submissive and writer of hypnosis erotica. If you like her free erotic hypnosis stories, be sure to tip her! The ding of an incoming text message from my iphone took my attention off my communications textbook.

I picked up my phone and swiped the screen to read the new message. He smiled back to me. I hate school and I hate math more than anything. One thing I don't hate is Mr. Biersack, he is the hottest teacher in the school or world.

Slave hypnosis stories

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