Sisters dirty panties stories

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Telefon Numaram: 92 To conserve space on my posts all confessions will be in this one Confessions post with the latest confession posted here at the beginning. She caught me using one of her teddy bears — I was just about to cum rubbing that thing up and down my cock when she came into the room and grabbed it from me. Told me I was going to make her bear have a baby. I would go to my friends house who had an older sister and she had the most amazing ass! I would steal her panties and smell themlick them and cum like crazy.

From then on, and still to this day, I take panties whenever I can.

Sisters dirty panties stories

I love jerking off into my friends wives panties and putting them back knowing that my cum will be on her pussy and asshole. At one point I had over 30 pairs of stolen panties that I would regularly wear and jerk off with. I got into Chaturbate a few years ago and would jerk off for people wearing them, it is such a turn on. Hi, I did I sniffed anything I could get away with. A lot of the ladies would wear panties under their night dresses, I would set them up for a shower and take their dirty clothing for them, and of course have a sniff of their panties on the way back.

If I found a good smelling pair I would take them to the toilets for a proper sniff and lick and have a wank. The best thing of working in the hospital system was I got to stay in the nurses accommodation the room I had was nearby the only washing machine in the building. The girls, most of whom were in their late teens to early twenties, would leave their basket of dirty clothes in a queue for the machine and go to the common room to wait to put the load of washing on. I would check that the coast was clear and rummage through the baskets and find the best smelling panties take them back to my room and jerk off to the smell of the girls dirty cunts.

Often I would have skin off my cock due to the amount I wanked as every day I could get a of stinky cunt to smell. They were good Sisters dirty panties stories. We were at a bar and we got sooo drunk, she invited me to her room, I could not refuse, she was not the prettiest flower on the field but sex is sex. I am a crossdresser and since my early 20s I have worn panties almost daily.

That night I was not planning to score, there yet I did. Once in the room she had to go to the bath room and I went directly to the closet to find out what type of panties she used. All cotton thongs. I believe she had been in the hotel for a week already, there were 6 white thongs with the biggest stains and crust.

Sisters dirty panties stories

And one with some menstrual spots, that got me even hornier. Sure enough she came out of the bathroom just in her white thong already with a pee stain we were hammered. I went to her and got in my knee and started to lick her, she got my head and push it harder to her already socked thong. She then pulled me in the bed, took my pants off and … saw my hard dick in a string bikini… I F…ing forgot. She stopped for a second, took them off and licked my pre come from there… Then she took hers and gave them to me. I licked them even harder, I will never forget that night, even as hammered as I was.

She put my bikini on, I put hers on me and the we fucked all night… I got to keep hers. I still have them. I never saw, nor talked to her again.

Sisters dirty panties stories

Confession two: Couple of weeks ago, I house sit a good friend, she is her mid 40sslim, good curves, but almost not tits, and the best part, she is Australian. I spent a good week taking care of her cats and of course the house. I always had wondered what kind of undies she used under what a bad and stupid joke I was very surprised to findshe only wears French Lingerie. I was not expecting to find any dirty laundry at all, and I was wrong. The scence on them were like a great pussy perfume.

I kept that one. Yesterday I wore it to meet my friend for drinks, of course I got couple of bonners just thinking what if she knew….??? It was the same age for me I think 10 or This was back in the 70s when there was no internet and boys like me had to grab what little Sisters dirty panties stories there was available to us.

They always had semi naked ladies on them and looking at them made me really hard. Sometimes I would lie in bed at night thinking about them and I would get such a hard on that I would need to wank myself off to get to sleep. My fascination with hairy pussies started around that time as well.

Loved how it hid everything and although there are other things about a woman that I love her hairy pussy has always been my favourite. When I got my first proper girlfriend I was desperate to slide my hands down her jeans and see what it felt like and I managed it on our first date.

Can still remember felling her knickers, slipping my fingers inside and catching a feel of her pubes and I just fell in love with hairy pussies there and then. I love hairy women and how natural they are and I love it now if I find myself a woman and her pussy is hairy.

Sisters dirty panties stories

I have been single about 3 years after my marriage ended and I love being out there again getting with as many women as I can and part of starting up again was getting on here and I decided I wanted to show my love for hairy women because I thought most guys loved their ladies shaved but I was a bit wrong about that one. Loved reading about your fascination with panties and underwear and please if we are both on here sometime maybe we could chat some more. Totally with you on reading dirty books.

I had a girlfriend and we loved doing the same thing. We always had great sex after doing that. They had her take a bath before bed so I knew that she would have changed panties. A short while before my wife and I left for the night, I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

Sisters dirty panties stories

They had left her bedroom door open so I glanced inside the room. I could tell that she was sound asleep and I could see her dirty clothes hamper in the corner of her room. I quietly snuck in and raised the lid to the hamper. I dug through the top layer of the clothes that she had worn earlier and I found her little print panties. They were so small and made of cotton with a pretty floral print pattern. I dug through lower and found another pair that were cotton as well, but were solid red in color except for the inner gusset liner.

I love the way they smell when they first come off and are Sisters dirty panties stories in the hamper. It is very intoxicating and certainly intensifies my cum session. I quickly looked in her dresser and found the drawer with her clean underwear. I grabbed a pair of her clean little panties. They were cotton and had a cute floral print pattern on them. I get a real thrill knowing that her young pussy will have my sperm rubbing up against her cunt lips all day long, mixing my cum with her pussy juice. I put them right on top, hoping that she would wear them the next morning.

Earlier I had put one big ass load of jizz right in the little panty gusset. I let them dry out for the day so I could put them back later. I was over at their house this morning and I was able to get into her dirty clothes hamper and have a look.

To my delight, the panty that I had brought over with my dried cum in the gusset was almost right on the top of the dirty clothes. I finished up my visit and came back home with my treasure. I went to the back bedroom where we have the computer set up and pulled the panty out of my pocket.

I changed out of my street clothes and put on some black cotton high-cut panties with a hole in the gusset that allows my cock to stick through and a purple bra that had the nipples cut out of the cups. When the bra came in, I removed the lining from the bra cups and just left the lace outer covering. I then cut a circle in each bra cups to let my nipples show through. After I had dressed in my lingerie, I sat down in front of the computer and logged onto XHamster. I grabbed my clothes hanger with the cloth pins attached the one from my profile photo and clamped onto my nipples through the cut out holes in the bra.

I picked up the little girl dirty panty and checked out the gusset. It was perfect! I could see where her pussy had rubbed the crotch of her panty all day long. There was some yellow color stains and some whitish colored pussy discharge on the top of the cotton gusset along with my dried cum. There was a very slight brown mark on the bottom of the gusset where it had rubbed against her little puckered rosebud. I put the little dirty panty over my head and aligned the gusset with my nose. They smelled delightful. This all made my cock hard as hell and I started jacking it.

The precum was dripping out of my piss slit and I rubbed it all over the head of my cock. Between smelling that panty gusset, pulling on the clothes hanger attached to my nipples, and watching the video, I was hammering my staff like a man possessed. It just felt so wonderful. I started moaning out loud and I could feel my balls getting ready to explode. The first blast of cum shot up to almost my shoulders and all over my chest and bra. The next couple of shots almost went Sisters dirty panties stories high.

As I continued to jack my cock, the cum shots started to die down until it was just a froth covering the head of my cock. My head was spinning as I sat back to catch my breath. I pulled the panty off of my head and released the cloth pins from my nipples. Cum was all over my chest, bra and stomach. It had actually pooled up right below my bra, just above my stomach. I scooped up as much as I could and sucked it off of my fingers.

I love the taste of my cum. It seemed like my cum could have filled a couple of shot glasses. I used the dirty, little girl panty to wipe up the remaining cum.

Sisters dirty panties stories

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