Sister fuck storys

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My story starts many years ago. My name is Bobby and I was getting ready to turn sixteen that summer. My parents had just purchased a small motor home for our vacation that year. It was nice, but very confining.

Sister fuck storys

It was supposed to sleep six, but four people in it at one time, seemed very crowded to me. It had a bunk above the passenger compartment Sister fuck storys would sleep two people. They would be a little cramped, but two people could fit there. In the back of the motor home was a small room with a full size bed. That was where my parents would sleep. I will tell you a little about my family before I move on to the events of our first vacation in the motor home.

My father Jim worked the third shift in a local factory. He had worked there for as long as I could remember. He went to work at p. My mother Melanie was a homemaker, and sold Avon on the side. My younger sister Melissa was fourteen years old that summer. One night while my father was working.

Two black men broke into our house, and then took turns raping my mother all night long. My sister was a result of that night. My mother and father had been trying to have another child, so my mother was not using any type of contraception at the time.

They hoped that the child my mother was carrying had been conceived before that night. However, that would not end up being the case.

Sister fuck storys

And when Missy was born, although she was a black baby, my parents were not willing to put her up for adoption. I fought my way through most of my school life. Kids always made fun of her for having a white family. My sister felt very close to me, and looked up to me as her protector.

Missy was a very pretty little girl. Although she was born black, and very dark skinned, she had the facial features more like a white. The rest of her physical attributes were more characteristic of a black woman.

Sister fuck storys

She had long slender legs; flat little stomach and a nice round bubble butt like most black women seem to have. Read Story. Hi, my name is Andi! I have green eyes and freckles. And oh, yeah, I have red hair on my privates too! And a little around my butt hole. My butt hole is my favorite part of my body, and I spend a lot of time playing with it!

But anyway, I wanna tell you about the first time I fucked my brother. It was so hot. Mom and dad were fighting and it always made me scared. So I got in bed with my big brother Ryan. He was used to me climbing into bed with him, because mom and dad were always fighting. This was not too long before they got a divorce. When I get scared or sad, I usually like to play with my butt. I start rubbing my fingers Sister fuck storys the crack, and after a while I put my hand inside my panties and feel my bunghole with my fingertips.

This usually makes me fall asleep after a while. He was snoring softly, and his chest was moving up and down, and I could feel his breath on my neck. It was so nice. I figured it would be okay just to put his hand on my butt crack. Read the story. So she was forced to move back into our home where we had both grown up. She was a little too mature to move back into her old room, after all she was twenty-two now. So she moved into the vacant basement apartment that my grandmother had occupied for the last few years of her life.

Jenny is five years older than I am. That makes it very hard to have things in common. When she went to college four years earlier I was only thirteen, and concerned myself with normal thirteen-year-old things. Read story. I stuck my head over the edge of my bed to see my twin brother Ritchie lying on the floor of my bedroom. With the doors closed my room got incredibly cold in the winter, especially on the floor.

Mom said since we were both thirteen we couldn't sleep in the same bed, but I knew Ritchie would get sick sleeping down there. I didn't mind sharing my bed with him. We got along better than most brothers and sisters we knew, maybe it was because we were twins and growing up we'd always developed the same interests.

I snuggled up against him to help him warm up. Neither one of us was really sleepy so we decided to talk for a while. My room was in the basement and all the other rooms were on the upper story, so we didn't need to worry about anyone hearing us. As we talked, I realized how weird it was to be lying here like this chatting about school. I laughed at the thought. Man did I ever love jerking off.

It's something I did really well. I first started doing it in my room when I was alone in the house. A magazine, a bottle of baby oil, and my own imagination is all I needed, and my hand of course. Eventually, I realized it was more exciting to masturbate when my sister's friends were over. I would listen to them talking, hearing every word easily through the thin Sister fuck storys that seperated our two rooms. It is here that I first found out that my sister, Mary, was still a virgin.

When my dad survived Vietnam, the first thing he did when he returned was to propose to his girlfriend and begin a family in rural Mid-America. Being true catholics, our parents' only way to prevent pregnancies was the rhythm method, and they had no rhythm! By then, and I'm sure the law of averages can't suddenly be suspended, the parents either acquired rhythm really well or they just defaulted to contraception.

They HAD to - unless mom suddenly turned off the Sister fuck storys from dad? My name is Reese. Read the rest of this story. Keenstories Incest Sex Stories. Read Story Posted on: Posted In: Incest Tagged with: family taboo incest storybrother fucks his sister and mother in bedbrother fucks sistermother fucks son sex storymother fucked by son sex storysubmissive sisterfamily fuck story. Now at seventeen, I could only think of one thing: Sex! My Brother's Present by Bliss I stuck my head over the edge of my bed to see my twin brother Ritchie lying on the floor of my bedroom.

Just get down in the morning before Mom comes in. Read Story Posted on: Posted In: Incest Tagged with: brother fucks sisterBrother loses virginity to sister sex storysister sucks her brother's cocksister turns to brother for sex. Homework by Anonymous When my dad survived Vietnam, the first thing he did when he returned was to propose to his girlfriend and begin a family in rural Mid-America.

Consequently, in five consecutive years, they had a girl, a girl, a boy, a girl, and a girl.

Sister fuck storys

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My sister knows that