Princess tg story

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Princess tg story

Prev Main Gallery Download Next. This is a story I had on DA for quite some time, I just decided to put it up now. Also yes the little box twlling you what is in this story is crappy I just suck at it okay. Come inside, you'll get cold! I want to find Aquarius! It was, to him, the best time of any day, so it was no surprise that when he discovered the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that Luna, Princess of the Night, became his favourite character, for Luna represented the night. Her dark blue fur, her cutie mark which is the moon and her blue mane and tail that has what looks like stars in it.

There were some days that Luke wished that he could meet her in real life. He found the consultation that he was looking for he made a circle around the consolation and put the map away. As he was walking back he heard a thud behind him, and looked back to see a scroll. He picked it up and went inside, when he got to his room; he opened it and read what was written Dear Luke, Please come to the forest on the outskirts of town tomorrow, I have something to ask you.

Sincerely, the Princess of the Night. Luke looked at the sender in confusion, Princess of the Night? Was this person a Princess tg story of Princess Luna? He put the letter away and went to bed, but still wondering who sent the letter. The next morning Luke got up and got ready to go to the forest. Since it was the weekend he had a ton of time to go meet the Princess of the Night. After Breakfast he went out of the house and ran to the forest. It was by the time he got there, the sun was at its peak, and it was hot out, thankfully the tree's sheltered him from the heat.

He walked deeper into the forest until he reached a boulder in the woods, and on top of the boulder was a black crown, and beside it another scroll. Luke picked up the scroll and read what was written. Dear Luke, I'm sorry that I Princess tg story not be here, but please accept my gift, but be warned, it will change our life forever. Luke put down the scroll and picked up the crown.

Princess tg story

It looked like the one Princess Luna wore, deciding to see what the scroll meant by changing his life, he put the crown on his head, and then the pain came. He held his head as knowledge filled his brain, knowledge of stars, planets, everything that represented the night. His entire body got covered in dark blue fur, and his clothe magically disappeared. He was forced on all fours has his hands and feet morphed into dark blue hooves, he felt a sucking sensation as his penis and testicles sucked into his body, turning into a vagina and ovaries.

His ass inflated and a cuite mark of a crescent moon appeared on his flank. Two large dark blue feathered wings erupted from his shoulder blades, he was now gasping from pleasure. His face pulled out into a pony muzzle, and a dark blue horn came out of his head. His eyes turned blue, and for the final change his hair turned into a mane that flowed with magic, with a Princess tg story of grey and the inside of what looked like the night.

A tail erupted from her plot and was the same as his mane.

Princess tg story

A black necklace went around his neck and blue gauntlets on his feet. Luke collapsed on the ground with please. Luke went wide eyed at the figure. And sure enough, Luke was also Princess Luna.

Princess tg story

Luke, now Luna, spread her wings and flew towards her house, using her new knowledge. The months went by as Luna's mom accepted the fact that her son was now an alicorn, and Luna told to whoever would listen to her about the wonders of the night.

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Princess tg story

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