Please fuck my wife stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I don't think I ever would have imagined this happening to me. I mean, I may have fantasized in some ways about it, but never did I think it would really truly happen. I definitely wasn't thinking of it as the four of us walked home casually from the bar after watching the game. It was the four of us — my friend Becca and her husband James, my wife Elizabeth, and I.

We'd all been friends for years, but Becca and Elizabeth and I had been friends for the longest. We were walking back to their house when it came up. We were talking about how we'd come across this website where you have to guess whether a name is a porn star name or a My Little Pony name. It sounds weird, I know, but it's actually pretty hilarious. Anyway, we had just finished laughing about some of the names we remembered when James brought it up.

Please fuck my wife stories

His comment just sort of sat there in the air for a moment. None of us really knew what to say except to shrug it off and point out how weird some peoples' fetishes could be. But I guess even then I wondered why he'd brought it up. I got a text on my phone from Becca. She was off work for a few days because most of the office staff were away on a conference, so she asked me to call her to chat.

Having the day off myself, I did. It's very high, very girlish. She's one of those girls who always had that high squeaky voice as a kid and it stayed that way. For some people that can be annoying, but for Becca it always seemed to convey a cuteness and innocence that fit her character. You know. Just boring stuff, really. Shopping, getting laundry done, things like that.

Please fuck my wife stories

Actually, though, I wanted to talk to you about something. Well, what he didn't say is that we've been watching it. We watched it that night, and since then we've been watching it online. He keeps talking about it, and he's been I guess I can tell you this, right? Becca was nervous, I could tell.

She and I had been friends for years and talked about a lot of things, but sex was one of those things that never really happened in polite conversation, even amongst friends. Plus, like I said, Becca is the epitome of the innocent girly girl. So, I was flabberghasted when she finally stammered out what came next. I think my jaw literally dropped at hearing that.

How did this come up? Whenever we watch it, James gets so excited We have sex on the couch or on the bed while the show is on. And we've been recording it, so we can replay it at other times of the day and do it again. James wants someone to fuck me. He wants to watch as another guy comes over and has sex with me in the bed.

He won't stop talking about it. I told him that I'm not sure, but he said that I could pick who the guy was and he wouldn't care. He wants me to feel comfortable if we do this. I picked you. We've been friends for years, and I can't think of anyone else that I'd trust to do this with. Was this something that she really wanted, or just some sicko fantasy that James had and was trying to push off on her? Then louder, "Yeah. I want this. I've been thinking about it, and I do.

As much as it seems weird, I get excited by it too. I mean, James and I haven't been this active in months. And, this really turns him on, and I mean, I don't know if I feel comfortable cheating on my wife. Even if it is with a friend. And, what am I Please fuck my wife stories

Please fuck my wife stories

It's with a friend! How am I ever going to look at you and James the same? This could change everything. I know. As shocking and earth shaking as this conversation was, it wasn't an unwelcome one. I'd fantasized about being with Becca before. Even imagined making love to her or fucking her when she was around or when I was with Elizabeth.

Please fuck my wife stories

It's almost impossible not to fantasize about her. The cute chubby girl in high school, Becca had turned into the drop dead gorgeous redhead after graduation. She was short. Her size was only emphasized by the massive breasts she sported on her frame. A lot of times I know men exaggerate and fantasize about enormous boobs. But, whenever I fantasize or close my eyes, I imagine Becca's breasts. Perfectly round, big enough to stick out in all of her shirts, and out past the sides of her silhouette when you look at her straight on. I found one of her bras on the floor once, and quickly checked.

Huge breasts run in the family. Becca's younger sister Samantha had a breast reduction at That was a sad day indeed. In addition to her shapely frame, petite size, and girlishly cute voice, Becca was also the reddest redhead I'd ever known. Natural, orange locks contrasting against perfectly smooth, pale white skin. She was striking. And all the fantasies I'd entertained myself with in the past now came rushing back, and I found my hand slowly massaging my cock as I thought about what this would mean.

Please fuck my wife stories

If you can make it, we want to do it tomorrow night. At our place. I agreed, and things were set in motion. Tomorrow night at p. I rang the doorbell at I was early, and my hands and arms were shaking as I waited at the door. I heard some heavy footsteps come quickly, and then felt my eyes widen and my dick harden as Becca slowly opened the door. She hadn't put on anything special per se. She was just in some jean shorts, white socks, and a grey t-shirt that was probably too tight to wear in public.

I was drawn instantly to the bulges of her massive breasts, and felt myself groan inside as her rigid, erect nipples poked through the fabric.

Please fuck my wife stories

She looked me directly in the eye. James was already there. Sitting in a chair at the far corner of the room, I could see that he was already in position for the show, and he had a video camera in hand. It's just for us. Just for Jim and I. No one else will Please fuck my wife stories it. I promise. Then, without hesitation, she slowly stood on her tiptoes, wrapping her arms around my neck as she pulled me down to kiss her gently on the lips.

It's been a long time for me to feel so excited and tremble so much at just a kiss. It's been years since my last "first kiss" with someone. Those awkward moments when you move in, your body coiled with the anticipation and pent up sexual energy that's been building for hours, days, or months. Well, this had been building for years, and as soon as I felt Becca part my lips with her tongue and slip her small, gentle tongue inside my mouth, I felt myself grow hard and a wet spot of precum form in my pants.

Becca must have known, or I must have moaned, because she pressed into me without hesitation. Her small little body pressed against me, and I felt the bold, rigid rod of my cock press into her stomach. We made out for what seemed like forever. I was slightly aware of the rest of the world outside of us, enough to know that James had turned on the camera and was fiddling with the buttons, filming us as we kissed.

Finally, after long moments of tongue against tongue and soft shuddered moans, Becca lowered herself from my mouth and pulled me towards the bed.

Please fuck my wife stories

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