Playboy forum stories

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The magazine has published some fantastic interviews, essays, and—most importantly for our purposes here—fiction over the years, the latter thanks in part to expert fiction editor Alice K. Turner, who died in to rather less fanfare than Hefner is getting this week. Robie Macauley gets credit too.

Wodehouse, Arthur C. Dick, Ray Bradbury, Annie Proulx, and many other greats. Much of their work is available on the Playboy website now for online subscribers—but here are ten stories that originally appeared in the magazine that you can read for free right now, at your desk, with no fear of anyone accusing you of looking at the centerfold.

Playboy forum stories

The first news of its arrival was brought by a nearby farmer and subsequently confirmed by the local newspaper reporters and the police. Despite this the majority of people, myself among them, remained skeptical, but the return of more and more eyewitnesses attesting to the vast size of the giant was finally too much for our curiosity. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. A nothinghead was a person who refused to take his ethical birth-control pills three times a day.

Ursula K. She was bald and blind.

Playboy forum stories

Underneath, in the black corridors, the halls beneath the skin, there were crepitations in darkness, ferments, chemical nightmares that went on Playboy forum stories centuries. The sun had been setting for the last two days. Gregory Rabassa November But then they saw that it carried neither flags nor spars, and they thought it was a whale.

But when it ran aground on the beach they peeled off the thickets of seaweed, the jellyfish tentacles and the rest of the tattered cloth and driftwood it carried, and only then did they discover that it was a drowned man. It could have been a smart villa originally, or it may have looked no better than a ghostly hovel: insurance company reports have nothing to say on the matter; and now it has burnt down, from eaves to cellar, and the incinerated corpses of its four inhabitants have left no clue that might serve to reconstruct the events that led up to this secluded slaughter.

Rather than the bodies, what does offer a clue is a copybook found in the ruins, entirely burnt except for its cover which was protected by a plastic folder. Norman Thomas di Giovanni May Now, init strikes methat if I do write about what happened, people will read it as a story and in time I, too, may be able to see it as one.

I know that it was almost horrific while it lasted —and it grew worse yet through the sleepless nights that followed. That does not mean that anyone else will be stirred by my telling of it. Aztecs, Toltecs, mestizos, even some bashful whites with German accents.

All that and a lot of Texans.

Playboy forum stories

In the words of my husband, Rudy, I am a woman whose Playboy forum stories and attitudes are known to something over half of the measurable population of the United States, whose name is on lips and covers and screens. Playboy forum stories is what Rudy thought could save me from all this appearance implied.

Julie silently revises: not exactly in the middle, not knee-deep in rotting leaves and dubious brown water. More or less on the edge; sort of within striking distance. Well, in an inn, to be precise. Or not even an inn. A room in a pub. What was available. And not in a swamp anyway. In a bog. Swamp is when the water goes in one end and out the other, bog is when it goes in and stays in. How many times did Connor have to explain the difference? Quite a few. But Julie prefers the sound of swamp. It is mistier, more haunted. Bog is a slang word for toilet, and when you hear bog you know the toilet will be a battered and smelly one, and that there will be no toilet paper.

So Julie always says: I broke up with Connor in the middle of a swamp. Jay Rubin January But then, it might not have been a question of right and wrong. Which is to say that wrong choices can produce rightand vice versa. I myself have adopted the position that, in fact, we never choose anything at all. Things happen. Or not. It was more fun and people paid more attention to him. He emptied tills, altered votes, made off with purses and address books, leaked secrets, started up fights in subway cars and boardrooms, took any empty seat he wanted on planes and trains, blew on the necks of naked women, moved pieces on gameboards and gambling tables, made strange noises in dark bedrooms, tripped up politicians and pop stars on stage and whispered perverse temptations in the ears of the pious.

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Playboy forum stories

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