Penis torture stories

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For me the sex was incredible.

Penis torture stories

My name is Roger. My girlfriend Jennie lay next to me. I was very surprised when She asked if I had ever looked into the possibility of penis enlargement. I had heard this beforeā€¦. Chat with the UK Mistress on the below.

Dr Dick was not a medical doctor. She did have a PhD. I later learned it was from a University in Granada. Jennie is very important to me. I agreed to go to this place for Her. She took me at my word and made the appointment for me. for live kinky cams. Behind a window was a very pretty blonde nurse. I was glad I was the only one in the waiting room. She was clad in a shiny red rubber miniskirt that clung to Her extraordinary body like skin. The top, white shiny rubber that formed a blouse fit perfectly around her ample and very well-shaped breasts.

This was terrific. When She returned to the window She smiled and told me it would only be a few minutes. for Ball Busting cams. I waited. I wish I could say patiently. My thoughts were not of Jennie at the moment but thinking how good Penis torture stories would be if the nurse at the window was involved with what I thought was to be an examination and consultation.

I was as hard as a rock and getting harder. My pants were spotted as my member continued to spurt precum with no place to go but my undershorts then on to my pants. It was a bit embarrassing but after all, with a dish like that nurse up front, what could Dr Dick expect. Check out cock and ball torture Penis torture stories sex. A door opened. I was beckoned to follow a petite brunette who was similarly attired to the nurse behind the window.

She was certainly as good looking as Her associate. In the room stood two other Women dressed identically to the others I had the pleasure of gaping at. By now I was so hot I wanted any and all of them to my consultation. A tall blonde ordered me to strip naked with Her we, pouty red lips. As I disrobed She took my clothes and put them in a box. I was stripped naked and directed onto what appeared to me to be an operating table with Penis torture stories protruding from its end.

It is amazing how much confidence one has when one is deeply in love with a Superior Woman. Jennie had sent me here. It was clear my penis was not as large as She would have liked it. I took her words to mean that it was definitely not adequate to satisfy Her.

To me, it meant that if I did not do something about my small inadequate cock, I should move on. That being the case I had every incentive to do what was necessary to deal with my genital problem. As soon as I was on the table, three women, all dressed in very sleek rubber nurse outfits converged on me, had my arms pinned then strapped to the table followed by tightly strapping my legs into the stirrups. Two hefty straps, one over my chest, the other my abdomen bound me to the table so I could not Penis torture stories.

My cock stood straight up between my spread eagle legs. I was totally distracted by Women. When I was firmly fastened to the table I heard the whir of a machine. It was a hair clipper that began removing all of my pubic hair. After all the hair was removed the same area was lathered with wet foamy shaving cream. Check out our femdom humiliation story. Then a nurses hand grabbed the head of my cock to stretch out my ball sack and a cold steel blade swiped against the sensitive skin of my scrotum to shave the remaining pubic hair from my genitals.

I thought for a moment that my genital problem was going to be solved with castration because I was too pathetic to fix. The same cold blade shaved my inner upper thighs, though I had no idea why. Once I was cleanly shaven and securely fastened down all three began discussing my inadequately tiny penis.

Their talk turned to ridicule, then to the encouragement that Dr Dick was just what I needed. I lay there vulnerable to any whim these Women had, wondering what was going to happen. It seemed forever before I heard the click of heels on the hard ceramic tile floor resonate off the tiled walls. My cock was now throbbing, I began dreaming of the meat this Woman would add to my throbbing cock. The anticipation was taking my breath away.

I still did not know why I was totally immobilized but there must be a reason. Was Dr Dick anything like Her gorgeous assistants? As the clicking got louder, my erection got stiffer and I began sweating with anticipation. The door to the operating room blew opened and in walked a Goddess.

Dr Dick, a leggy amazon princess posing as a sex therapist and surgeon specializing in tiny cock enlargement. The three Nurses were knockouts but they were nothing compared to Dr Dick. She stared down at me and smiled, then began petting my cock. It responded of course. She directed one of the nurses to measure me. No wonder you are here, commented Dr Dick.

Penis torture stories

She grabbed my ballssqueezed until I grimaced, then called out another measurement which I do not recall. She had a device in Her hand. It was a wheel like a pizza cutter only it had pins jutting out from it. She smiled at me. Then the pinwheel was run up and down my stiffened shaft. She explained it was a sensitivity test. Each run up and down my hard cock became more intense. It began to hurt. I saw Her tongue swipe back and forth between her lips. She was hurting me on purpose and enjoying it. Then each of the nurses took their turn. Occasionally wiping the blood that seeped from the numerous pinholes the medical instrument had made on my sex tool.

Next, they placed a condom on my cock.

Penis torture stories

Leaving several inches of thin latex hanging beyond the head of my cock. I was surprised when a naked male was brought into the room. Those words startled me. There was a nurse on each side of me. Their breasts hovered over my face. Then I felt the soothing massaging of my prick by a pair of well-schooled lips. It did not take long before I exploded, filling the condom. By now I was feeling quite good. Dr Dick went through the measurement procedure again. I lay there demoralized.

Penis torture stories

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