Pee challenge stories

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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. So, when i started out I barely needed to pee at all. I had just gotten up this morning and felt the need, but I was alone and had time, so I decided to try it. I drank orange juice instead, but same effect really. It caught up with me later though, but that's for then. I drank the juice and watched some hamster alliance, feeling good. Second Challenge : either wait 30 minutes or get a score ofpoints on robot unicorn attack. I played the game for 30 minutes, never getting the score I needed.

I averaged about 30k points, with a highscore of around 38k. It was my first time playing the game, so I didn't do too badly, I think. I usually don't get affected by these things, but it did make me need to pee a little more. I was fine after the video, and while i was watching it I replied to some roleplays and chatted about bedbugs Pee challenge stories the chatroom here.

Fourth Challenge: Relax my bladder muscles for 30 seconds and don'rt hold myself. It made me feel strange, but not too bad. I liked the feeling, but it felt like if I was desperate, I'd have peed on myself. No big deal yet though, still in the green. It was more relaxing than anything else, I liked it.

Pee challenge stories

It didn't really affect my need to pee at all though. Sixth Challenge: drink another 2 glasses of water in my case, guava nectar. Standing, twisting my body to throw the stick, and being out in the cold wasn't a very good combination, and I could feel the nectar in my stomach, working its way to my bladder. I only counted that as half a challenge, so I also did another 15 minutes Pee challenge stories robot unicorn attack. After this I really didn't want to leave my nice soft warm bed where i can sit still. Seventh Challenge : wait thirty minutes and every 5 minutes, press on your bladder for 10 seconds.

My ballder felt like a stone inside me, and every time I pushed on it i could feel the pee trickling down my urethra, but none leaked yet. To further challenge myself, I pressed for 30 seconds at a time and bounced my hands on my distended bladder, sending pulses of desperation down to my groin. I loved it! It was awesome! As I watched the tap go, I was dancing around, crossing my Pee challenge stories, and grimacing as I held it in, hen it happened; the first leak. It didn't show up on my jeans, but it was there and damn did it feel good.

I leaked again and it showed up as a quarter-sized wet patch on my jeans. It felt soooooo good, but was quickly replenished; I didn't have long at that point and those 5 minutes felt like an eon to me. I dashed back in my room as I was in the kitchen. I was bursting when I did them, and did them all at once. I leaked some near the end and the wet spot on my jeans grew to about a baseball sized patch.

I touched it a bit, it felt so nice and warm, and I rubbed my penis through my jeans for a few seconds before another pang of desperation made me stop; I didn't think I was going to make it. F inal Challenge!

Pee challenge stories

If you didn't, wait an hour listening to rain sounds. As the good sport I usually am, I did all the challenges and made it past the 5 minutes relatively dry. No more leaks, and I was done! I made it through the test! Pee challenge stories wait, there's more. I wasn't just going to pee in the toilet, that's boring! I stripped out of my jeans leaking as I did so, just a spurt.

It felt soooooooooo amazing, the relief coupled with the warm feeling of wetting yourself on a cold day, it was all too much, and afterwards I let loose another liquid wink wink, nudge nudge. I washed out my underwear, changed pants, and sat down to type this story up for you. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did making it. And if you haven't done this challenge; do it! It's so much fun! You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

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Pee challenge stories

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Pee challenge stories

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