Overstuffed belly story

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The Overstuffed Undergraduate original weight gain fiction by kyaada. Healthy appetites make for healthy boys. Does he have a girlfriend? Keep an eye on him for me, okay? That is like my favorite! Tony absentmindedly stroked his meaty midsection, smoothing down his taut yellow tank top; the endless supply of dorm food and nightly bottles of cold brew had paid off handsomely in the form of a visibly tight waistband on his old Dockers.

Tony begged the server for an extra helping of the sauce-and-cheese-smothered chicken right then and there, but was gently reminded he could come Overstuffed belly story as many times as he wished. By the time he finished loading up his tray with a heaped dinner plate, complementary salad plate, two dessert plates, and four of the little 8-oz glasses full of milk, the tray was so heavy that he struggled a bit with maneuvering it out to a close table. I had seen Tony eat several times before, and I had always been impressed; it was apparent that he relished a full stomach.

Tony was somehow different tonight. He was more quiet than usual, concentrating on emptying his dinner plate so that he could return to the line for a second ample helping. Leaning back slightly after his dinner and salad plates shown a clean shade of white, Tony worked up a deep belch.

Perhaps it was the simple attraction of being able to eat as much of it as he possibly could. That would be cool. I gathered up his milk glasses and went off to the milk machine. This time, the piece of chicken and pile of spaghetti seemed even larger. Tony had piled pieces of garlic bread on a fresh salad plate and nibbled on that while he plowed his way through the mountain of Italian delicacies on his dinner plate. As Tony stuffed himself, his breathing became more and more labored.

At a certain point, Tony put down his fork, reached up and clasped his hands behind his head, and luxuriated in a most erotic stretch. His belly was easily the size of a basketball, pooching out invitingly— eliminating any loose material in his tank top. Tony released his hands and immediately began to thump his belly.

It took another fifteen minutes, but Tony claimed victory over a completely decimated cafeteria tray with a decidedly pronounced belly bulge. When he got up, his heavy middle threw his balance off. I immediately checked his zipper, and sure enough, it had taken the liberty of backing itself down the track about another inch and a half. His nicely swollen belly jutted over his excruciatingly tight Dockers waistband, and he stood there for a minute getting his balance. Tony let an impressively macho belch rumble its way up and out and then put a hand on the rounded front of his full belly.

Bending over slightly, he picked up his dish-filled tray and rested the edge of it against his protruding stomach. His pants had tightened up enough during his dinner that it was even more interesting to watch him walk. Tony had a most pleasing swagger, and he seemed to get off on it as he proudly put his tray on the conveyor belt and turned to exit the cafeteria. Outside, on our way back to the dorm, Tony broke wind most obnoxiously.

He smiled at me and made sure I Overstuffed belly story watching, then began to rub his rotund belly in wide, slow circles. I could tell you were heavy into the chicken parm. He stood in front of it, gazing at his reflection, turning to the side, then turning back to the center, then turning to the other side. He curled his fingers under the hem of his tank top and tugged it up until he bared his entire bloated belly. I approached him from the side, reached over with my left hand, and smacked his dense round belly several times.

Tony was right. Tony had charmed one of the servers in the food line to the point of always getting what he wanted. Nonetheless, Tony would always make some rude comment about her as he stuffed his face with the generous portions she would have lovingly bestowed upon his plate. Evenings became a ritual. I had made it a point to have an abundance of irresistible junk food like Hostess Overstuffed belly story, Little Debbie snacks, or fresh donuts in our room, and Tony would always be in them— sometimes asking first, but most times just helping himself.

Overstuffed belly story

Tony would gorge himself with dinner, finishing every last bit on his last trayful as to never leave a crumb to al a potential of defeat. I would try to concentrate on getting my homework done, but he made it very difficult. Been a long time, Bri. Tell me more!

Overstuffed belly story

Before he gets on it, he says to make it sporting— so he says that Overstuffed belly story should bet a pizza on who can come closer in guessing his current weight. He was stunned for a minute, but came to his senses and proclaimed that I owed him a pizza. I patted his belly and told him that I would find one worthy of him. How much has he gained? About 36 since that picture of him he has on his desk. I had to laugh. I took him to California Pizza Kitchen. Tony just sat there with this glazed look on his handsome young face— his brown eyes twinkling in the dim glow of the overhead light.

He just sat there, leaned back against the booth, trying to belch. I poked in as much as I could, making an explosion sound with my mouth. He got this funny smile on his lips and thanked me for the pizza. It took some effort to get him out of that booth— it was pretty close quarters and he was all wedged in there. Once he was out of the booth, all he wanted to do was get back to the dorm room, roll onto his bed, let his belly relax, and drink beer. Not that he spent all that much time in pants— after all, they did come off immediately after he returned to the dorm room from another memorable meal in the dorm cafeteria.

Overstuffed belly story

I would be treated nightly to a bare-bellied boxer-clad fully swollen Tony meandering about the dorm room, beer in hand, belly in the other hand, randomly gazing in the full length mirror. Tony trudged beside me with his brand-new size 38s burst open one button, and he rubbing his extraordinarily full belly. Tony paused in the snow to break wind. He stood there with the snow collecting in his lush wavy hair, rubbing the stretched skin on his immensely swollen belly.

Eventually he pulled out a Overstuffed belly story of black jeans, black cowboy boots, a white button-up dress shirt, and even a black cowboy hat. The fun began as soon as Tony tried to pull on those black jeans. He barely got them up his meaty thighs, but no further. Be of sweat had formed on his forehead, and his audible frustration was becoming slightly painful.

Next, he Overstuffed belly story his white dress shirt on and smiled triumphantly as the button around the roundest part of his belly met with the hole on the other side. Tony sucked in his belly to button it; quickly the buttoned the rest and relaxed his belly.

Stress marks immediately appeared around all of the buttons on his belly. It fits. Tony pulled on his recently washed 38 x 32s, struggling with them a bit as he tucked his shirt in and fastened all of the buttons in the fly. Ready to go? Tony hovered around the food table and kept his large plastic cup brimming with keg-pumped beer. As Tony indulged himself in all of the treats he could get his hands on, his shirt began playing tricks on him; buttons that had been merely stressed took on the distinct appearance of being undeniably tortured.

A small group of guys from the dorm decided to have a keg-tap contest where each potential contestant would place the keg tap in their mouths and gulp while someone else kept up the pumping at the keg. Each keg tap would be timed, and the winner would be the one with the longest uninterrupted time.

Tony muscled his way in to the contest, and I just had to come with him and watch. Joey was the first to eagerly accept the keg tap into this mouth; the six-foot freshman was instantly recognizable to me as the guy in the dorm cafeteria that always belched as loud as he could. He knelt down on the floor close to the keg, pulling the keg hose over to him as one guy stood to his left to ensure a constant stream flowed, one guy stood to his right with a watch, and a third stood by the keg to pump.

The air cracked with an ear-splitting belch; Joey had appropriately punctuated his effort.

Overstuffed belly story

Better roll in the other keg now! A small crowd gathered after the one-minute mark passed; excited whispers spread attracting more onlookers to crane their necks. One interested onlooker in a princess costume pushed their way to the front of the crowd.

Overstuffed belly story

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