Nude neighbor story

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You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. A few weeks ago it was unusually warm for the springtime in Southern California. I'd had enough of the yard work over the cooler weekends and since the weather was downright hot this weekend, I decided to enjoy the sun and just relax. I've been an avid nudist for odd years and have spent a lot of that time making the backyard into a private sanctuary where I can enjoy being nude. I have a new neighbor who moved in across the street from me a few months ago.

She's a very nice looking, petite lady in her early 50's. I didn't know much about her, except that her husband had past away a Nude neighbor story years earlier and she had a hard time staying in the house they owned, so she moved to a new neighborhood.

Nude neighbor story

Except for an introduction when she first moved in and an occasional wave from across the street, I rarely had Nude neighbor story contact with her. I had been sunning in the backyard, and like I said it was hot. I had come in to get something cold to drink and cool down for a bit. Now, the sliding glass door in the family room le to the front porch. As I was leaving the kitchen and entering the family room, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Well, as you can guess, there she was on the porch about to knock on the door.

Oh, to have a camera and catch the look on her face. Her hand was just ready to knock on the door when she saw me, it stopped in mid air when I looked at her and she just went into this little wave of the hand. All I could do was to wave back and answer the door.

Nude neighbor story

As I slid open the door, she apologized for having disturbed me. I invited her in and excused myself to get something to cover myself up with. When I returned, she was sitting on the couch, red-faced and embarrassed about having come over unannouced and surprising me that way. What do you say except the usual, 'Don't worry about it, I'm not embarrassed and you shouldn't be either'.

I offered her a cold drink, hoping it would calm her down. Eventually, she began to Nude neighbor story and we were having a nice talk and getting to know each other. After a bit, she asked if I wanted to go back outside and enjoy the sun some more. I told that I did and if she wanted, she could me and we'll carry on the conversation outside. She was a little hesitant, but Nude neighbor story told her that I would get her a wrap to cover up with and I would go outside and set up a lounge chair for her. A few minutes later she came out in the cover-up. I couldn't help notice her perky little nipples through the thin material.

She was an absolute turn-on. She sat down in the lounger opposite me, as she looked around she told me that she had no idea it was that private back here. Well, I didn't want to offend my neighbors. As we sat there and talked she asked me why if I was such a nudist, I hadn't taken off my wrap. It's sort of a hawaiian wrap-around, very confortable and easy to get on and off.

I told her that I didn't want her to be uncomfortable with me being naked. She said she had already seen me once and that it wouldn't offend her if I wanted to be naked. I told her how much I hated tan lines as I removed the wrap.

Nude neighbor story

As we sat there talking, I noticed she was constantly looking at my crotch. She finally asked me about me shaving my balls. I am not completely shaved, but I do shave my balls and trim the hair above my cock. I told her that I like the feeling I get. I asked her if she trims her pubic area and she told me she did. I asked her to show me. To my surprise, she opened the wrap and spread her legs wide open, showing me her neatly trimmed pussy.

Was that a surprise. I felt my cock start to rise as she held her legs open for me to look at her. She too, was watching my cock stiffen. Within moments I was sitting there with a full erection. I opened my legs a bit and reached down to stroke myself, her eyes never left my cock. I slowly pulled the foreskin over Nude neighbor story head of my cock, enjoying the sensation as my hand moved back and forth in slow, steady strokes. She had put her fingers to her pussy and was rubbing her clit. She had spread open her pussy lips to reveal a beautiful swollen nub that she flicked back and forth.

As we watched each other, our movements became faster and faster. I watched her thighs begin to shake and quiver, she closed her eyes and let herself cum. Moments later as she started to come down from her high, she opened her eyes and looked right into Nude neighbor story eyes. It was then that I took my other hand, placed it under the head of my cock, she watched as I came into the palm of my hand. We both laid back fully satisfied. After a few minutes, I got up to get a couple of cold drinks. When I came back, she told me how exciting that had been for her, she had never had any kind of sex outdoors and hoped we could we could do it again.

I told her that we would have to wait for a bit because I'm not as young as I used to be. We laughed about it and decided there would be other chances to watch each other. With that, we showered up, she went home to change and we went out for a very nice dinner together. Copyright SMI-Help.

Nude neighbor story

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