Nipple tease stories

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So, in during summer vacations in college we planned to go to Kodaikanal. For that I took the train that went to Chennai via Nagpur. I was so excited to meet her. Train reached Nagpur at hours. I was standing at the gate of train, waiting for her. She was standing on the platform with a beautiful sleeveless pink top with a trolley bag in one hand and a bottle of water in other. She was looking stunning. Sorry, I forgot to tell you about her. She is 5 feet 3 inches, I guess, boobs 32 she only told mewaist 28, and very fair complexion. She has awesome figure with cutest kid looking face and with naughty intentions, but not with everybody, I mean, Nipple tease stories is not a slut, she loves me.

I helped her in getting up on the train. We went inside. I booked side upper and side lower seats in 3rd ac because 3rd ac coaches have curtains. I was full planned and she knew my intentions. We were sitting, talking, resting and eating till hours when everybody went to sleep. All lights were off, only the night lamps were on.

I was lying on the upper berth waiting for this moment. I crawled down to the lower berth where she was playing a game on her phone and adjusted the curtain. She continued to play on the phone while I started moving my hand inside her pink top from her waist. I reached up to her bra and held one of her boobs like I was holding a ball. Her face expression got intense but she was still trying to focus on the game. While groping her breast I moved my fingers over her bra to find her nipple, which I found very soon.

I started making circles around her nipple. I could feel her nipples getting erect inside her bra. Saying this she Nipple tease stories sideways facing her back towards my face. I knew what she wanted. I then pulled up her top up to her shoulders and untied her bra. I then kissed her there, on her back. She was giggling. I moved my hand across her to again play with her boobs which were not covered by bra anymore.

Her nipples were still erect. Her giggling was now converting into sweet little moans. I was not at all touching her boobs; I was just playing with her nipples, pulling them, pressing them and my favorite, twisting them. My penis was hard as hell and it was getting uncomfortable for my penis to stay inside the underwear. I unzipped my jean and pulled out my penis.

Nipple tease stories

I took her left hand and guided it towards my dick which was waiting for her soft touch. I put her little palm on my dick. It was an amazing feeling. She was giving me little strokes while I was exploring her nipples. She was still giving me strokes and I removed my hand from her breast and started exploring her ass crack.

Her breathing got intense and she was trying hard to control her moans. She was wearing a legging and so, I could easily feel her ass crack over that thin piece of cloth. My forefinger was going up and down across full length of her ass line and suddenly I pushed my finger more inside. She stopped stroking me and quickly lowered her legging and panty together and pushed her ass towards my cock.

My cock went little inside her ass crack. It was very warm and soft. I have played with them before and have seen them. They are very fair in complexion and very soft, even a little pinch makes it red. So my dick was resting between her both butt cheeks. I was still, feeling the warmth and softness of her ass. As she noticed this, she pushed her ass backwards with force and so the tip of my penis which was oozing with pre-cum touched her ass hole which she contracted as my pre-cum touched it.

I got crazy and started pumping harder to get inside, but I think she was not ready for anal or I think she was afraid because I was not using a condom, so she Nipple tease stories forward, away from my penis and wore her panty. I was very disappointed and I pinched her arm several times in anger. She turned towards me, looked at me, gave me a cunning smile and then closed her eyes, inviting me to play with her naked breast.

I again got happy, like a baby got a toy. With both of my hands I cupped her breast and squeezed them hard. She took a Nipple tease stories breath. I was rubbing both breasts together and meanwhile twisting her nipples too. I held her right nipple with my thumb and forefinger and pulled it hard. She remained quiet and was bearing the pain. I pulled it further, increasing the pain and then twisted it. She almost shouted. I quickly released her nipple and waited for some time to let her relax.

Nipple tease stories

I then lowered the blanket to get a glimpse of her breast. I pulled down the blanket slowly and adjusted it in such a way that only her right breast was visible. I covered her face too. Her nipple was pinkish-red with some wrinkles on it. Her nipple was still paining I guess because as I touched it she moved a little. Without wasting my time I put her nipple inside my mouth and started sucking it like a baby does.

She was enjoying it a lot because her breathing was in rhythm of my sucking. I kept Nipple tease stories sucking her nipple and inside my mouth I licked it with my tongue. Her words were enough to activate me and I jumped for the second breast.

I held that nipple between my teeth and pinched it softly. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head towards her boobs and did this several times. I think she wanted me to suck her hard.

Nipple tease stories

Then I tickled that nipple with my tongue and sucked it. I was sucking, biting, tickling, pinching and doing whatever I could do with her breast. I left her breast and my hands reached her waist. She turned to her side facing upwards and lowered her panty. I put my left leg on her thigh and my hand on her waist and I slowly started lowering my hand towards her pussy.

Nipple tease stories

My fingers got entangled with her bush. I grabbed them and pulled them. Then again I started going down. I wanted to tease her a lot, so I was doing everything very slowly. Suddenly I put my hand over her vagina and pressed it. She moaned in pleasure.

She held my hand and tried to move it up and down. Actually she wanted me to rub her pussy but I knew that she is very orgasmic and she will get tired soon so I kept my hand there still. I then tickled her pussy lips with my fingers. She was literally dripping. My fingers were soaked in her juices.

Then I moved my hand up to find her clit. As I touched it she jerked.

Nipple tease stories

I knew that she will cum soon. Nipple tease stories all how long could my sweet little girl hold it? I held her clit and started pressing it. She once told me that she likes to be touched at the tip of the clit. I did the same. I put my forefinger at the tip of her clit and started making circles there. She raised her hip a little and her body started jerking. She was having an intense orgasm. She held my hand and pushed hard against her pussy.

I could feel her pussy throbbing. I also wanted to cum very hard but I knew that she is already tired so she could not help me much, moreover I wanted to save my cum for the hotel room and also it was getting congested in that small area. So I kissed her on her forehead, said good night and went to my seat for a sleep. So friends, did you like my story? This is the first episode of A Trip to Heaven. In the next episode I will tell you about how I teased her throughout the journey.

And again, if anybody in interested in chatting or personal meeting they can mail me at the same. Thank you. We are in relationship since 5 years. She is also doing engineering, but from Nagpur.

Nipple tease stories

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