Naked birthday story

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Great forced exhibitionism story sent by Lisa P. OK so this is the first time I have ever written something for public consumption beyond Facebook updates. I stumbled Naked birthday story this site when I was looking for some kind of stimulation and it struck a cord with me.

I am so glad there are others out there that have experienced what I have experienced or are at least interested in reading about it. My name is Lisa and I live in England. I am now in my early 20s but the incident that changed me so much occurred when I was nineteen — to be precise it was my nineteenth birthday. I was working in the office of a local engineering company. It was quite a large company with maybe one hundred staff working in the factory and fifteen of us in the office. I was an s clerk and had been there since I left school a year before. I worked with another clerk called David who was a good laugh.

He had been there for three years and never stopped moaning about how boring it was and how he had to leave soon. Our boss was a fussy woman called Alison.

Naked birthday story

She had been there about ten years and was never going to leave. She was seeing the very handsome foreman who ran the factory floor though he seemed to be less into her than she was into him. Alison enjoyed exercising her power over David and me, but especially over me. If I made a tiny mistake or even tried to re-format an s sheet in a different way she would loudly make a big deal about correcting me.

Loud enough for the rest of the office to hear — it was embarrassing and that probably added to her pleasure. The rest of the office staff were OK. There were a couple of sales guys who were fun although they were often out of the office seeing clients. Karen who worked on reception was nice as was the graphic deer Jack.

Naked birthday story

But my best friend there was Becky who was PA for Mr Ashcombe, the 60 year old who owned the company. Oh and there was George Tucker the office pervert. OK maybe a bit harsh but he was a 40 year old who still lived with his mother and was renowned for letting his eyes wander downwards from the face when talking to his female colleagues.

He was weird but harmless. However, it was usual to head down to the local pub after work with everyone from the office and occasionally some of the guys from the factory. Pretty much everyone from the office said they were coming that night which was a relief as it would be an embarrassing commentary on Naked birthday story popularity if it had been a low turnout.

In fact there was a big buzz around the place which was great as, although I am uncomfortable with being the centre of attention, it made me feel more secure. My friend Becky was a bit quiet and unenthusiastic but she was having boyfriend troubles again and I vowed to look after her that night. I had made a bit of an effort for my birthday. I normally wore a trouser suit with heels at work but had worn a skirt for a change.

Naked birthday story

I am fairly shy and not particularly comfortable with men. I have only had one boyfriend — just after I left school — and we only went out together for a few weeks. I am fairly plain looking but I do have a great body — I have looked at porn on the Web so I Naked birthday story what men liked and what body types they thought were hot. I knew that I ticked all the boxes: long legs, firm and toned body despite never exercising and full but very firm breasts. Judging by the women I saw on porn sites men seem to prefer women shaved between the legs — so I shaved the night before my Birthday.

Just before lunch my friend Alison came over and said that the boss, Mr Ashcombe, needed to see someone from s immediately to explain some figures. Alison and David were going over unpaid invoices with the head of sales in a meeting room in the other building on the site so I had to go. I was really nervous as Alison always dealt with Mr Ashcombe and if she was on holiday then the more experienced David would deputise.

So I went into his office.

Naked birthday story

Mr Ashcombe has a reputation for being rather remote and traditional as bosses go. He had inherited the company from his father and had never had to work his way up. I walked over to his office trying to keep calm. To be honest, it was quite simple for anyone in s to understand and I must have explained it fairly well as he was pleased with me. He sat back are asked me how long I had been in the company. I replied that I had been there for about a year as I had ed just after I turned 18 and I was 19 that day. And how will you be celebrating this momentous day? He sat there for a few seconds before replying.

She said that she hoped so and I returned to my desk. Alison and David came back from their meeting half an hour later and I told her about me having to help Mr Ashcombe with the s report. I explained that there had been no time but she was clearly annoyed that I had covered for her so easily. She sat there with a scowl on her face and ignored me for the rest of the afternoon. God I needed a drink or Naked birthday story I closed down my PC, looked out of the window at the blazing late afternoon sun, decided to leave my jacket and headed off with David and Becky.

Naked birthday story

With that, the three of us set Naked birthday story telling the others that we would meet them there. Five minutes later we were in The Red Lion. It was fairly busy but someone had reserved the best tables for us, right in the middle of the bar, so as David got the first round of drinks Becky and I settled down and waited. David was served by the good-looking barman — the one I fancied, but other than ordering drinks off him dozens of time I had been too shy to ever talk to him. As it was my birthday David got me a double Southern Comfort and lemonade which I polished off in a couple of minutes.

Becky got the next round — another double — and that was almost gone by the time the rest of the office turned up. The alcohol began to relax me and it was really good fun with everyone except Alison buying me drinks. In fact after an hour I was feeling a bit drunk already when two of the sales guys I was chatting with looked at something over my shoulder and grinned. I turned to see what they were grinning at. Standing behind me was a policeman.

Then it clicked. He was a strippergram! My mind raced. Someone had organised a strippergram for Mark, one of the factory apprentices, for his leaving do at Christmas. Everyone had given a fiver to his workmates who were organising his leaving party here in the Red Lion. It has been quite funny and Mark had taken it well laughing and playing along with the occasion.

But he had ended up standing in his boxer shorts with his trousers around his ankles while a woman dressed as Santa Claus stripped in front of him. OK so she ended up naked while he had just stood there and watched. But he was Naked birthday story bloke and it was normal for them to end up scantily dressed while the female strippergram did her thing. I felt nervous — I was wearing stockings and was not planning on letting everyone in the pub see me dressed-up like that!

I saw Alison standing with a Mr Ashcombe and a group of my office colleagues. She smiled at me — a malicious smile that showed that she had been very involved in organising my birthday entertainment. I tried to smile despite my predicament. My work colleagues formed a wide circle around us but leaving space for everyone else in the pub to watch the entertainment if they wanted. He spoke loudly so the whole pub could hear. I need to check so can I just have a look at your blouse. Well I had a tube top underneath so that was OK.

I unbuttoned my blouse and passed it over, with a forced smile. In return I received a loud cheer from all my colleagues Naked birthday story seemingly every male in the pub. I suddenly needed another Southern Comfort. The policeman passed my blouse behind him — Alison took it from him and waved it at me with a grin. This produced a loud cheer from the audience and a weak smile from me.

He moved me against the bar and told me to place my hands behind my back. He placed a cuff on one hand, it was tight but not painful. Then putting the chain over the brass rail that ran along the edge of the top of the bar he expertly slipped the other cuff over my free hand securing me against the bar. Most worrying of all though was that I was defenceless. With a smile he started patting me down pretending to search me. He gave my breasts a big squeeze which brought more cheers from around the pub. I was still watching her with barely concealed contempt when the policeman held both sides of my tube top and pulled it down over my bra.

He kept pulling it down over my waist, over my skirt and down to my ankles. In a state of shock I lifted each foot up and watched as my top flew over his shoulder to be neatly caught by Alison. Wolf whistles broke out around the pub.

Naked birthday story

I could feel my face burning red with embarrassment. I looked down and saw my cleavage, looking impressive as it was pushed up by my strapless bra.

Naked birthday story

I looked up and saw Becky by the bar. She gave me a commiserating smile. There was nothing anyone could do — I just had to smile and endure. I was going to end up standing in the pub to see in a sexy bra and knickers set with pull up stockings and heels on. I was going to look a right tart and all my colleagues, and even complete strangers in the pub, would see!

I felt light —headed and thought that I might faint. Suddenly I was aware that the policeman Naked birthday story down on his knees Naked birthday story front of me with his hands on my arse, then his hands were on my skirt zipper and then it was being unzipped. I looked down at him trying to catch his eye so that I could plead with him to stop. But he just looked directly at my crotch area as my skirt was slowly tugged downwards. It was a tight fitting skirt and he gave a hard tug to get it going. I felt my knickers catch and start to be pulled down but thankfully the skirt slipped over them and headed slowly down my legs.

I had to step out of my skirt and watch as it was passed to the grateful hands of my boss. Judging by the whistles and shouts from around the pub they were clearly impressed. All around me my colleagues were clicking their mobile phone cameras to record my embarrassment. Bloody Alison, I hated her, and anyone else who helped arrange this. All around the pub everyone was watching me. Even couples on tables on the far side had stopped talking to enjoy my shame. The pub door opened and two men walked in. The younger one was my old English teacher Mr Bennett, and the older one — he must have been 60 and approaching retirement — was the Head of English Mr Pards.

Naked birthday story

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