My hot aunt stories

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I tried to write the story with out getting you bored. I stay in Bangalore so aunties and girls can contact me. Rajesh bro called me and asked me to make arrangements for the party as he was busy with his works. My house is 20km away from their location so he insisted me to stay with them till the party gets over.

My hot aunt stories

Sanjana prepared breakfast for me and made her kid ready for the school, we both went to drop her kid in school, we returned home and Sanjana made coffee for us and we had casual talks while having coffee. She went to the kitchen and doing her work, I went to the kitchen and started talking to her about all stuff happening in the My hot aunt stories, she asked me about how my life is going on and she knew everything happened in my life.

She asked me about my girlfriend who broke up with me a few months back and I explained all the things lead to our breakup and she asked about my friends and all. I asked her about her life and she said this is my daily activity and she was sad while saying as she wanted to work but her situations are not helping her. We talked for more than an hour, I went to my room and I wanted to take bath as I was sweaty, I wrapped a towel and got ready for a bath.

I took bath and wore boxer and a sleeveless t-shirt, I sat on the sofa and started watching tv. To tell about her stats, she is 5.

My hot aunt stories

She also does yoga to maintain fitness, she took bath and wore a satin nighty which was soo revealing. I was struck by her beauty, I was carried away by her looks, I complimented her for her beauty, she smiled and sat on the sofa watching tv, I was busy with my mobile playing games.

My hot aunt stories

We discussed the arrangements for the party which we wanted to start shopping in the evening, soon she placed her head on another side of sofa and legs towards me and watching tv, she said she was tired and not in the mood to cook for afternoon lunch. Search for:.

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My hot aunt stories My hot aunt stories

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