Mother and daughter taboo stories

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Ever since I discovered that women can enjoy love and sexual pleasures with other women, lesbian erotica has been a passion of mine. And once I finally got online and discovered the wealth of Sapphic fiction that lurked within, I was compelled to add to the load and write stories of my own. These are them. I hope that my humble scratchings bring you some measure of happiness. When college student Sarah gets a long-awaited visit from her thirteen-year-old Mother and daughter taboo stories Allie and they end up sharing a bed, their relationship takes an unexpected but very thrilling twist.

A young mother and her little girl find themselves playing sex games together while sitting around the pool… but things get even wilder when Grandmother shows up. Sisters discover sexual intimacy together at a very early age and become lovers — then get caught in the act by their shocked mom, many years later.

A very interesting afternoon of sunbathing will forever change the lives of a mother and her daughter. Bathing with Amy. Becky and Mommy. Struggling with a dangerous desire for little girls — a craving that soon includes her own underage daughter — a mother is tempted in spite of herself when the child wants to be shown how to masturbate.

Being There For Mom. When Lucy gets a sexy casual girlfriend, she notices that her mother Karen seems uneasy about the relationship. Cheri Comes Home. On her first trip home from college, newly-bisexual Cheri sees her mom and younger sister in an intriguing new way.

While taking pictures of a nine-year-old girl model in the presence of her lesbian mother, a female photographer steers the session in a very unexpected, quite thrilling direction. Comforting Polly2 parts. When an eight-year-old girl gets spanked by her prudish mommy for masturbating, teen babysitter Beth knows a fantastic way to make the child feel better.

Coming Home to Mom. When Wendy gets home from her very first date, Mom has a lovely surprise in store for her. Expecting2 parts. Carly is a lesbian clinician who works extensively with pregnant women. When mother-to-be Tammy and her teen daughter Mist come in for a consultation, the therapy gets especially intense… and pleasurable. The Facts of Life. Eva wants to teach her thirteen-year-old daughter the basics about sex, but somehow the lesson becomes more about showing than telling.

Fireflies3 parts. Marcie, home on break from college, discovers a sexual heat in her mother that she never suspected was there… and finds herself wanting to explore that forbidden passion. Go Fish. While idly playing cards on a hot day, Fay is given the opportunity to realize the confusing, exciting feelings she has for her fourteen-year-old daughter.

When Darla, along with daughter Miranda, pays her mother Sarah an unexpected visit, they get a shocking surprise that will change their relationship forever. Her Little Sister Mother and daughter taboo stories2 parts. Home after a painful breakup, teen lesbian Alice finds new love in a way she never expected — with her underage baby sister. Her True Self Discovery2 parts. Darlene, a lesbian single mother struggling with a hidden obsession with young girls, accepts a dinner invitation from her friend Chrissy, who has a preteen daughter of her own. The Hooker2 parts.

Mother and daughter taboo stories

In Pursuit of My Daughter3 parts. After years of forbidden desire for her daughter, Gina decides the time has finally come to make her fantasy real. In the Changing Room. A pair of very daring lesbian sisters pursue sexy fun with two customers who visit their clothing store — an unsuspecting mother and daughter. A Journey to My Sister. Home after a year in Europe, Allie is astonished at how beautifully her fourteen-year-old sister Carly has ripened… and what very un -sisterly ideas that gives her.

Keri, My Love2 parts. Kissing Practice2 parts. When year-old Kelly is fearful about her first date, she asks her preteen sister Kris to help her prepare for the big night… and in the process, both girls will learn that some things are more important than boys. The Latch Key Girl2 parts. Chloe finds herself smitten by the year-old girl who lives next door… and will soon learn that the lovely preteen Mother and daughter taboo stories some special longings of her own. Learning French. When a popular older girl offers to help fourth-grader Cathy with her French, Cathy will learn more about the language of love than she ever could have imagined.

Love in the Sauna. Angelique and her year-old daughter chat about sex while relaxing in the sauna, then get carried away. Love is a Circle2 parts. Loving Lisa11 chapters see Chapter Links for descriptions. When her daughter brings a new friend home for a dip in the pool, Roxanne Johnson discovers just how desirable an eleven-year-old girl can be. Lucky in Love6 chapters see Chapter Links for descriptions. A mother finds herself ensnared in a wild, wonderful web of sex with her little girls. Merry Christmas, Girls. Mom Comes Calling.

Mom Goes Wild3 parts. Lucy Gable is trying her best to be a virtuous, moral mother, but her oldest daughter has other ideas. Little Julie loves to show her naked body off to other women — but her heart will always belong to Mommy. While investigating the possibility of sex with a woman after the collapse of her marriage, Carrie is shocked when she discovers that the true embodiment of her lesbian desire dwells in her own home.

My Angel Ariel. Chandra meets an underage girl at a nude beach and, captured by unexpected desire, is helpless to resist the temptation to entice her into bed. My Curious Daughter Brenda. Eighteen-year-old Teresa is visiting Linda, her aunt, and secret lover, for the first time in a year.

Linda decides to spice up their time together by bringing another woman into their bed — the last woman in the world that Teresa would expect to find there! Freshman college student Kim has had lesbian desires for her mother Sophia for a long while. When Mom pays an impulsive visit, Kim gets an opportunity to Mother and daughter taboo stories her fantasy happen. My Vacation with Cherry.

When dropping by to collect overdue rent from a young single mother, a lesbian landlord gets an unexpected surprise — a very exciting, very pleasurable surprise! On a Rainy Night. A violent thunderstorm brings unexpected joy into the lives of a young lesbian and her adopted daughter.

Mother and daughter taboo stories

Our Children, Our Lovers3 parts. Our Fashion Show. A single mother struggling with a craving for young girls gets carried away when she and her thirteen-year-old daughter model sexy underthings for each other. Fifteen-year-old Marcie and her mom Sally each discover that the other prefers women to men, resulting in a risky game of flirtation between mother and daughter. Will it lead to something more? Quality Time. When Kyra has to put her mother and younger sister up for a few days, she wants to make their visit a special one… but they have a surprise waiting for her that guarantees the weekend will be especially thrilling.

Ripples, 28 chapters so far. Two years after her divorce, single mother Jessica begins to explore love and sex once more. This will lead her into some very wild, very kinky territory, with her family and friends coming along for the ride. Rowing Lesson. When her sister ends up serving a lengthy prison sentence, Marie finds herself taking care of her ten-year-old niece Melody, she is shocked to discover that her feelings for the child are becoming more like sexual attraction.

Sharing With Mom. Shopping With Mom. A seemingly casual trip to the mall turns into much more for a woman and her teenage daughter. Kim comes up with a novel way to improve the obnoxious attitude of her bratty little sister… a scheme that Mother and daughter taboo stories to make her own summer especially pleasurable. Sister on the Rebound. When two lesbian sisters get dumped at more or less the same time, they choose an unorthodox way of relieving their sexual tension. But what will their mother have to say about it? Sit in My Lap. On a taxi ride home after a night out drinking, a mother is startled when her daughter makes an unexpected move on her.

So Soft, So Sweet. A young mother comforts her little girl during a thunderstorm, then shows the child a special kind of love. Spanking Mom. Sarah is utterly inconsolable after the death of her husband, blaming herself for the tragedy, but her daughter Julia has an unorthodox but very thrilling way to help Sarah get past her grief. The Struggle With Desire2 parts.

Mother and daughter taboo stories

Kori, a girl of sixteen, suddenly realizes that she is attracted to her older sister Janice… then, she discovers similar feelings for her mother Sharon. How will she deal with these unexpected desires? My daughter Taffy is nine, soon to be ten, and I adore her more than words can say. Tempting Her Mommy.

Mother and daughter taboo stories

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