Little sister anal stories

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Comments are very welcome. We had shared our passion, committing the most wonderful incest I could imagine.

Little sister anal stories

I had no idea my little sister was so hot. So sexy. So wanton. She had been an eager and active participant, falling to her knees, sucking my cock, begging me to pop her cherry, to cum in and breed her. It had been so wild hearing my uptight, little sister say those words. I never thought she was interested in sex. Not really.

Little sister anal stories

She dressed so conservatively, baggy clothing, long skirts, high necklines. Not like the other fourteen-year-olds at our high school. Mom was a doctor, and she hated smoking. Jenny was always tattling on me, following me around, being annoying.

Little sister anal stories

What I did not expect to happen after she caught me was for Clint and his little sister, Alicia, to have sex where we could watch. Clint was a legend at our high school. Last year, when I was a freshman, he was the junior who had knocked up Pam Hiragawa and his cousin Melody Samuels. He strutted school with both girls on his arms, his own private harem. Little sister anal stories persisted he even fucked his other cousin, Lee; his two sisters, Zoey and Alicia; and his aunt, Ms. Samuels, who taught me History this semester.

It had been so hot hearing Clint fuck his little sister. He took her hard. She begged him to cum in her, to breed her. Jenny and I had listened, growing hotter and hotter. And then we were masturbating. I was stroking my dick, my sister fingering her twat. I made her cum. I fucked her.

Came in her. And that, I think, was why she was so nervous when the school bus dropped us off. She was silent as we walked home. Jenny was a cute girl, her light-brown hair held back from her face by a pink headband, her cheeks delicate, her lips pink and kissable. Beneath her dress and tights, she had a sexy body with round breasts and pink nipples and sleek thighs. She definitely could dress better. Mom was at her practice and Dad was long gone. Jenny shook her head. And it can take only once. Our mother was a gynecologist and an obstetrician.

If anyone would know, it was her. I swallowed, my stomach tensing. She walked to the couch, dropped her purse and bookbag, and slumped down onto it, Little sister anal stories face pale. I closed the front door and followed her. I sat down beside her, closer than I would have. Things were different between us. What happened today was special.

She was my little sister. I wanted to protect her, love her, make her feel better. I put my arm around her shoulders, pulling her to me. Whatever you decide. Not her. My heart clenched. Panic boiled through my stomach. What we did was illegal. Panic swirled through my stomach. You were consenting. You were the one who fell to her knees and sucked my cock. I was. I just…wanted your attention. I told Mom that when I was five or six, and she laughed.

When I hit puberty and…things changed. Your lover.

Little sister anal stories

I…wanted what happened today so badly. I just wanted you to notice me. Her hand stroked higher up my thigh. Her hand reached my cock, rubbing it through my jeans.

Little sister anal stories

I ached and throbbed, groaning as she squeezed and relaxed. The pleasure rushed through my body. My toes curled in my shoes as I let out a groan of delight. It was so amazing. I came so hard on your lips. Let me see that sexy bod. Those tits. Show me how much better they are than Ms.

Her grin grew and she let out an excited squeal before throwing her arms about my neck and kissing me hard. Her lips melted against mine, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. I held her, kissing her back, savoring how naughty this was. Her body pressed against mine, feeling the shape of her breasts as she tried to devour my mouth. Her arms tightened, clinging to me with a hungry need.

I felt how much she wanted me, how much it meant to her that I was paying attention to her. My dick throbbed in my jeans, aching to bury into her pussy. But I had to please her first. And it was clear his little sister would do anything for him. And I think I understood why. He gave her what she needed. He devoured her pussy, made her cum, and let her be his little princess. Guys I knew just cared about busting their nut.

None of them had meaningful relationships. They had girls they hooked up with. Some were almost like real girlfriends, but they would cheat on them if they had Little sister anal stories chance. Why would they? Jenny broke the kiss, breaking away from me. Her brown hair fell about her face and shoulders, sweeping around as she shook her head. I squirmed on the couch, my dick throbbing so hard as I watched her fingers work each button of her dress. My heart pounded in my chest as she revealed her snowy flesh. Then the racy red of her bra. She dressed like a frumpy church wife, but her underwear was so hot, so sexy.

It was so shocking to see such a lacy bra, the material transparent in spots, letting her pink areolas and nipples peek through.

Little sister anal stories

She shrugged out of her blouse and wiggled the skirt down her hips, exposing her white tights covering her racy, red panties.

Little sister anal stories

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