Lingam massage stories

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Being divorced for about 2 years, I did have fun with a couple of guys but definitely not a slut as you think. Him: Hello, Manya. In a Tantric Massage you would get a full body massage in a sacred way, Tantric Massage is a very sensual massage, but not sexual, which a female should really try it Lingam massage stories. He is definitely not a stranger who is interested in casual sex.

Still, Bhanu is a stranger whom I felt. I can trust him, ensuring that things would be kept a secret too. I wanted to try out Tantric Massage, every genuine female would want to try. Since I already had the oil which was needed, I was ok with the charges he quoted.

We decided to meet the next day at a mall. Once we reached my place, we set up a mattress, towels in the guest room. I had a portable stove to heat warm the oil. We carried a few aromatic candles on the way and set them up. I was very much eager to start the session. Soft music was being played too. I was in the robe with a bra and silky thongs, near the bathroom. Yeah, I have a huge bathroom. Bhanu was in his undies and a towel wrapped around him.

He was looking cute in that. He removed my robe, put it on the hanger. He removed his towel, put it on the hanger. He started the shower, ensuring water at the right temperature.

Lingam massage stories

We Lingam massage stories completely drenched under the shower. Bhanu started massaging my shoulders initially before reaching the temples. I have never ever experienced this. I was feeling so blessed. I tried my best, not to touch him down, he had an erection. A few minutes later, post getting ourselves refreshed and making me feel relaxed, I turned off the shower. Bhanu helped me to dry my body and his body. In a sexy manner, he removed my panty, made me wear the robe, guided me to the mattress, where I was about to have the Tantric Massage.

Him: Manya, as per tantric ritual, it is always recommended, both the massager and the receiver should remain nude, to ensure the level of sensuality does not become down. The soft music, the aroma of the candles in the room, was wonderful. I already felt soothing and relaxing.

He removed my robe, and we both were stark naked. I felt the hands on my back, the oil was just perfectly warm for the massage. He worked on my back and made sure there were no tension knots. The long strokes up and down, up and down on my back, made me further relaxed, comfortable, a feeling as I was in heaven. He went down further and started massaging my legs and thighs. Steadily, I felt further better.

With every stroke of his strong and gentle hand, with adequate pressure, he steadily came down to the foot for reflexology. He pressed his fingers tightly on the pressure points of the sole and did the same with the other foot too.

Lingam massage stories

At any point in time, you feel uncomfortable, let me know. I was getting aroused now since his fingers were touching my inner thighs. Thankfully, I had got myself a waxed couple of days back. I had a couple of jerks when his fingers just brushed my vaginal region. I so wanted those fingers to go inside my vagina, but I controlled.

I started widening my legs due to his touches. Bhanu asked me to turn over.

Lingam massage stories

I was enjoying the way the massage was going and was wondering, was it done. His penis was hard, and it was asking me to take care of it. I then realized I am completely naked, as well. My nipples had become stiff. Without touching my breasts and the vaginal region, Bhanu massaged my stomach and hips and the legs.

His touches are really soothing. He positioned himself to massage my breasts. His penis was on my face. I so wanted to suck it. Bhanu started caressing my breasts and circled the nipple region, pinched them a couple of times. Whenever I jerked, I kissed his penis. The sexual excitement within me was growing fast. I so badly wanted my breasts to be sucked, but nothing as such happened. A Lingam massage stories minutes later, Bhanu got up and widened my legs, positioned himself to massage my yoni. I felt I was already wet inside. Take deep breaths, which would help you to feel controlled.

Inhale from the nose, exhale through your mouth. His hands moved close and finally touched my pussy. Very slowly, using his thumb and finger, he massaged the vaginal lips.

Lingam massage stories

I was so feeling good. Steadily, he kept doing this for a while. Bhanu went for some more time by caressing the pussy, using his finger, moving up and down, up and down on my clitoris. I started moaning, I was unable to hold on for any longer. I never had such arousal before.

Lingam massage stories

Steadily he put his fingers inside my pussy, and my breaths further increased. I could see his hard penis. Without thinking much, I held and cupped his balls. I wanted him to be aroused as well. He took out fingers post working on the interior of my pussy and brought it on the clitoris again. While his finger was working on my clitoris, I started masturbating him. In between, I did let out the moans, which were uncontrollable any further. We both together had orgasms. I could not control any further.

I dragged Bhanu, and there we were kissing madly. Our lips were playing with each other, tongues explored. He kissed my ear lobes, bit them. I did the same with him too. I asked him to suck me more. Use his tongue and lick my clitoris. Before that, he sucked my breasts for some time and went down.

Lingam massage stories

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