Lesbian enema stories

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Live sex. Lesbian Enema. I had never had any lesbian relationships before that night. Not anything that could even been considered that sort of experience. Well, maybe when I was very young and another girl my age compared chests to see if our tits were growing yet. They weren't but she rubbed my chest and I rubbed hers in the hope that might get things started. About all I remember was the funny feeling it gave me when she did it.

I had been out with Marty and we got a little drunk. Nothing serious but we both had the giggles when we left the club and went back to her apartment. I hadn't seen Marty in a couple years and had finally accepted her invitation for a visit. We'd been the best of friends when she left to take a new job. It seemed that we talked non-stop for hours and in the process I had too much to drink. When we finally got to her apartment we were still giggling like a couple Lesbian enema stories girls.

My jeans were new and tight and my feet hurt so it sounded like a good idea. At her suggestion I got a robe and followed her to her bedroom. I'm a little modest but still didn't hide my eyes when Marty started taking her clothes off. She had a stunning figure like I wish I had.

I remember watching as she stepped out of her jeans and pulled the sweater over her head. Tanned all over and her tits were really straining against her push-up bra. I just sat on her bed Lesbian enema stories at her a minute before I realized I could see her slit through her ultra thin panties and wondered if she shaved all her pubic hair. It wasn't that I was sexually attracted to Marty but more that I admired a woman with a figure like that. While I slowly started to undress I couldn't help but gaze at her tits.

They stuck straight out from her chest without even a hint of a sag. I had my jeans off when she hooked her panties and slid them over her butt and stepped out. I was right. She did shave and her mound was completely bare. When I caught myself looking at her puffy labia it made me blush. I've never done it. Feels a lot better and you can wear anything. I wasn't ashamed of my body but as I slipped on my robe I couldn't help but know Marty was a real knock-out and much sexier looking that I was. Before long we were sitting on her bed laughing and telling Lesbian enema stories while we drank a bottle of wine.

We talked about our love lives. Mine wasn't too exciting compared to hers. We talked about what our big turn-ons were and what had excited us the most. It seemed that the whole conversation was about sex. I'm sure not a prude and recently had a torrid relationship with a man until I found out he was screwing a couple of other women. Since then I hadn't had much activity along those lines.

We were well into the second bottle of Merlot when Marty jumped up. I just sat there, a little wobbly, wondering where she went. A few minutes she returned carrying a basin of hot water. There was a wicked little grin on her face as she set the basin next to the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

A moment later she returned with some towels and other things. It'll be fun! I'm not sure if I was really drunk or the excitement of doing something like this got to me but I didn't resist. My brain was reeling and I know my speech had become slurred. I sat numbly while she untied my robe and opened it fully exposing me completely. Take the robe off. With a little urging I lay back with my knees up and feet on the edge of the bed.

Lesbian enema stories

I felt Marty's hands under my butt, raising me to put some towels under. That was the first time any woman had ever touched me. It was like a dream or maybe a nightmare. I was Lesbian enema stories there naked and letting another woman touch me and the fact that she was, or had been, my Lesbian enema stories friend didn't matter. Still, for some reason I didn't resist. Marty pulled my knees up farther.

You're gonna love this," she cooed as I felt her hands between my knees and spreading my legs. I knew Marty could see everything and I closed my eyes tight. I really didn't want to do this but maybe because of the wine or the thrill of doing something naughty I didn't fight it. Slowly, she spread my legs wide apart.

Her voice seemed far away as I suddenly felt her hand between my legs, spreading something cold on me. I jumped and tried to close my legs for an instant but let them open again. I could feel her hand on my belly, spreading the cream, massaging me. Then the sound of more cream coming out of the can. Another touch, this time between my legs and cupping my labia.

I know I groaned and squirmed as she rubbed it in. More cream and more rubbing. I could feel myself getting warm and even though this was the last thing I wanted to do, I wasn't resisting. In fact, as I kept my eyes closed and try to imagine it was someone else, I found some perverse pleasure in what she was doing. I could also feel heat building in my breasts and a wave of shame swept over me. The massaging continued. I'm laying here letting another woman stroke my pussy and shave me! What if she puts a finger inside me? That should do it," she said matter of factly.

My whole crotch was covered in a thick lather. Then I realized I was breathing hard. A quick look at my boobs Marty was right, my nipples were jutting out, stiff and hard as a rock. Marty giggled again as she squirted some more cream on her hand. The touch of her finger sent another shiver through me and I felt my tits getting hot. Marty held the razor up and told me to lay perfectly still. I felt her touch me again, then the sound of the razor as she deftly started shaving me. Her fingers worked over my most sensitive parts as she pulled the skin tight so the razor wouldn't nick me.

I know I shuddered when I felt her working around my lips. Her fingers went inside me, just a little, as the razor worked around between my slit and my legs. Nothing in my life had felt like this. It started as a girlish stunt but her movements had taken on a erotic character and, try as hard as I could to avoid it, I was slowly responding. I hated that too, but I could feel myself getting aroused. My breathing was becoming ragged and I moaned softly as she fondled me under the pretense of shaving all my hair off. Her fingers would lightly brush my clit, then briefly slip just inside me making me moan Lesbian enema stories sending a shock wave through my body.

If I moved I thought she might cut me and I struggled to hold as still as I could. I knew I was getting wet and I couldn't help it. My hands pressed flat on my belly then slipped slowly up over my breasts, smearing the shaving cream on my nipples. God, but my tits felt hot and my nipples were sticking up like little fingers. Without realizing what I was doing I began rubbing my tits while I made little mewling sounds. Then it was over. Marty stood back to view her handy work.

Here, feel for yourself. Yes, smooth. There was a tingling sensation when I touched myself. My lips were puffy and felt swollen. I was ashamed to admit it to myself but I knew it was from the way Marty had worked on me.

I lay there panting, not knowing what to do. Marty switched off the lights leaving only a small night light that dimly lit the room. Gathering up the basin, towels and razor, she was but a shadowy figure as she quietly went into the bathroom. I lay there on my back with my eyes closed trying to regain some measure of control and didn't see her return. The next thing I knew she was sitting on the bed next to me. I felt a warm wet cloth on my chest as she began wiping the cream off my breasts.

Now she was stroking my tits with her bare hand, lightly touching the nipples. Jesus, but I hated my body responding to what she was doing.

Lesbian enema stories

Her fingers traced down my belly and stopped just above my mound. We don't want it to dry on you. The warm cloth felt good as she wiped the remaining cream from between my legs but it made my breath start coming in little gasps when she spread my lips with her fingers to wipe inside my slit. An instant later I felt her gently massaging something oily on my tits. Her palms just brushed my nipples at first but then she applied more pressure and started rolling them between her fingers.

Lesbian enema stories

The heat I had felt returned immediately and I knew my nipples were getting hard. I moaned softly as she continued to roll my nipples and pull at them. I don't know how long she did it but my tits were really getting hot from something in the oil and the only thing that made them feel good was her rubbing them. A whiff of the scented oil reached my nostrils.

It has some cinnamon and clove. That why it feels hot to you. Nice isn't it? What was happening terrified me and I couldn't stop Lesbian enema stories. Marty's fingers worked their way down my belly then she spread the oil over my cleanly shaved mound. I felt her hands between my knees, spreading my legs and I started whimpering. It felt like a shock when she tenderly spread the oil into my slit, letting it run into the opening of my pussy.

Lesbian enema stories

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Lesbian Enema Stories