Indecent proposal stories

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Jimmy clutched the ring in his right hand. Lisa pulled her hoodie back down over her bump. She was out of shape and carrying what seemed like obese triplets. They sat down on a small wall beside the football pitch underneath the black clouds and drizzle. Gonnae just let me get through this. Gonnae just shut your mouth tae ah speak. This is your fuckin spawn am carrying. Ah hidnae noticed, man.

Is that whit the bump is?

Indecent proposal stories

Am no in the mood. Am trying tae dae something nice here and you cannae stoap complaining for two fuckin seconds. Paul walked away from his night in jail with his heart racing and the need to spew and lie doubled over. He tried the two fingers down the throat routine again and achieved nothing but wincing and shouting nonsense at the grass. Fuck it.

Indecent proposal stories

He moved on, climbed a small grass hill and slipped after reaching the top. Jimmy looked up, saw Paul Indecent proposal stories mud off his arse and held back the laughter. He was determined to get this done with a shred of romance. Ah was wasted that night. Noo am fuckin trapped, and cannae run the length ae maself. Just shut up for two seconds. Paul got to the bottom of the hill and felt the sick rise before it came forth like a detonated dam.

Jimmy turned and saw Paul giving birth from his mouth. Paul looked over at a spotty teenager in a Nike tracksuit kneeling in front of a heavily pregnant giant. Jimmy stood up into his short-arse frame, but Lisa pushed Jimmy aside like he was a cardboard cutout and assumed responsibility for killing Paul. Whit the fuck? Paul thought, wiping the vomit from his lips while Lisa rushed towards him. Am being sick. Lisa was spitting venom and ready to take it out on Jimmy until she saw him drop down on one knee again.

Indecent proposal stories

Her tracksuit, baseball hat-wearing boyfriend was transformed into a Disney prince, and she stood there glowing like that big, healing finger attached to E. Jimmy grinned from ear to ear and stumbled to his feet. Here you can read and submit short stories, flash fiction, poetry - in brief, your own legend. We're starting little. But that's how all big stories begin. A Real Life Indecent Proposal. John Tinney Follow. Lit Up. Written by John Tinney Follow.

Indecent proposal stories Indecent proposal stories

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"His Indecent Proposal"