Incubus x reader lemon

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I tried something new. I find myself maybe writing a bit too much err graphic detail and I wanted to experiment. The first time you met him it had been in a club. You had acquainted yourself with the wall, your friends only seldomly coming to check on you, coaxing you to dance.

Not with him watching you. His eyes burned holes in your skull. Every time you cast a glance his way you were met with crimson eyes leering at you. Had you bumped into him? Knocked his drink out of his hands? You were always so careful, even walking through crowds, not to be a bother to anyone.

Still he glared on. You thought about approaching him but everything about him had seemed threatening. His ash blonde spiky hair, a leather jacket thrown over his muscular frame, and the way his tongue ran over teeth when he looked at you- absolutely not. Someone grabbed your hands. His brow was slightly quirked in intrigue. Deciding to ignore him, you allowed Mina to bump and grind on you, you shimmied the back of your shoulder on her and got down low. But your moves drew too much attention to you. Club attendees were starting to look at you, causing your skin to crawl.

You looked back at the boy- he was gone. A man with jet black hair and many facial piercings wrapped his hands around his stomach. Mina giggled and danced away, leaving you trapped with the stranger. Not what you ed up for. You pushed against his chest and cast him the politest smile you could in Incubus x reader lemon situation and swerved away from him and the crowd.

Incubus x reader lemon

A cool breeze hit you as you exited the club and entered the alley. You felt like you could finally breathe. You leaned against the alleyway and gazed up to the sky. You still heard the thrumming of the bass of the house music. A familiar sensation of being watched traveled up your spine. You looked to your left and saw the angry looking guy strolling down the alley, eyes locked on you. A coincidence, you tried telling yourself.

Still, you kicked off the wall and headed in the direction opposite of him. His footsteps followed. Your pace quickened, as did his. You glanced back and saw a smirk plastered on his face. You closed your eyes and slowed your pace. Running was futile in the skimpy heels Mina forced to your feet. Instead, your hand reached into your purse and palmed the pepper spray you carried everywhere. You stopped walking altogether and hoped he would pass but anticipated the worst.

Incubus x reader lemon

His hands crashed against either side of you against the wall. Up close you saw dark shadows fall from his eyes. He tilted his head and grinned, looking down at your lips. You gulped and the canister slipped through your fingers and fell back into your purse. He grinned. There was a warmth to his touch, like energized matter was coursing through him and to you. You sighed as he began massaging your head, softly pulling on your roots.

His right hand traveled down to your pouting lip. He ran his thumb across the bottom and his half lidded gaze met yours. A frenzied shock ran down into your stomach- what was just a sample of his kiss, left you needing more. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into you. He chuckled at how easily you gave into his power before deepening the kiss.

His tongue slipped into your mouth. He kissed you like he was starved for it, he swallowed your drawn out moans with hedonic aptitude, pulling you closer, pressing you into him, and kissing you more. He pulled away and breathed through his teeth, eyes closed until they found yours again. His scarlet irises seemed to be more vibrant, full of life, yet his expression said he was Incubus x reader lemon for more.

Incubus x reader lemon

To your dismay, Mina and a couple of your other friends stumbled into the alley. The man ran his fingers down your back, causing a rippling warmth cascading through you. You pinched your lips together so not so sigh in front of your friends and with a low chuckle, he was gone.

The second time you met him, though you had been looking for the mysterious stranger, he had found you. His whispered call echoed in your ears. You turned towards it and he was already on you, licking at your neck, the familiar warmth rushing back to you in full force. Again, his lips met yours and he drank you in, your essence, your lifeforce.

You hardly understood how having him steal your breath away could be that riveting. Still, as his fingers pulled on your undergarments you peeped out a small protest. Still you gave it to him. He groaned into your mouth as his fingers pet your fragility. You gave your sufferance which professed to you clawing at his bareback, crying out from sheer bliss Incubus x reader lemon each thrust he had to offer you. You knew he was draining you but you willed yourself to let out everything you had to offer again and again. Back arched, relishing his scent on you and yours on him, you poured your soul out little with every kiss, every sigh, and every moan.

By the third time he had you falling apart for him he had grown much stronger and he kept you up in his muscular arms, like a doll that was willing to satisfy his every whim. Dripping with sweat, he pulled you off of him, coating his cock with a mixture of of both of your sinful liquor. He Incubus x reader lemon his fingers through your hair and kissed at your temple. He cradled your face between his large hands and you pressed your lips against yours, now completely and undeniably addicted to his hypnotic magnetism.

We want to keep you on those feet. The fourth or fifth time you met Katsuki, you found yourself opening your doors and letting him into your house. It has been a while. Todo will probably be in the next chapter but Dabi definitely will :O. Part I had to tell her. Of course, I threatened to change her hair green if she ever told anybody. The rest of the walk was lighthearted and fun. So when Bakugou has turned and told you he had something to tell you something, you were a little anxious.

He put his hand in your shoulder.

Incubus x reader lemon

Good golly this must be serious. He stifled a laugh. You were suddenly, incredibly timid. The female version of Bakugou was pressing her earrings in when she snarled at the intrusion. He paused when he saw you. Bakugou is a big fan of yours! You impressed all of us at the sports festival! You blushed slightly at the mention of the sports festival. You had really embarrassed yourself during the tournament. Again, you bowed your head. Bakugou huffed and crossed his arms across his chest, growing impatient with his parents for interrupting his date.

Incubus x reader lemon

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