Incubus x male reader

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Let me be a little selfish, sometimes. The sun never seemed to set or rise, but the sky grew dark and brightened accordingly, the landscape around you doing its best to accommodate the change. The scratching was enough to tell you that.

But, it was replaced with another instantly. You barely let yourself inhale, steeling yourself and—. The growling stopped as soon as he spoke, or… quietedat least, giving him room to fill the silence. You just glanced over your shoulder, spotting your captor, your torturer, Alastor sprawled out over your bare mattress, staring up at the ceiling as he addressed you.

Laughing at you. The gap was barely wide enough for an arm to fit through, but you made due, stabbing at fleshless limbs recklessly, solely focused on keeping them out. You caught on quickly, letting yourself relax as he put a momentary end to the attack, Alastor allowing you to shift your focus onto him.

And you are being taken care of. He slotted himself against your back, nuzzling into the crook of your neck when you failed to shove him away, a thin, leathery tail wrapping around your leg, further pinning you in place. You opened your mouth, your spite quickly find its way to the surface, but Alastor sighed before you could, always prepared to interrupt. I can take care of you, I want to take care of you, but you have to devote yourself to me, first. Your apartment grew noticeably colder.

You felt him scowl, sharpened teeth brushing against your skin. More than a week. A month, at least, a year. Longer than a week. You felt him stiffen, his hold on you loosening before you realized your mistake. Something dark. In the blink of an eye, Alastor was gone, and your nightmare had returned to its state. The yelling, the clawing, all of it was Incubus x male reader now, and you reflexively reached for your machete, only to come up empty-handed. You looked towards your supply, but your weapons had disappeared, vanished, not a single bullet left.

Claws dug into your wrist, the humanoid figure positioning himself in front of you, his back blocking out most of the steely hall. But, their voices grew more distant as footsteps approached from the other side of your new extraterrestrial companion, the familiar sound of a magazine sliding into its chamber echoing throughout the empty space. It was a soldier, obviously, but not just your average, everyday soldier. An agent. An FBI agent. You took my craft, you kept me in a cage. We will leave this place, or we will die together!

You blinked, glancing between the two. Lightly tugging on your confined hand, you took a step back. He took a step forward, but no more. You could already see Azan growing more… aggressivethe black patches littered across his skin beginning to glow a vibrent blue. An anger, an entitlement. Slowly, you opened your mouth, ignoring the way both men were now staring each other down. Your question was ignored. But, before either could really attack, the building started to shake. The very walls vibrated around you, the floor beginning to quake and crack under your feet. The reality of your situation dawned on you in a moment.

As if by instinct, the agent sprinted around the extraterrestrial and took your hand, tugging you forward gently. His eyes looked panicked … or you guessed they did, you mean. He was still wearing sunglasses. Instead, you turned towards the alien, now stunned and looking around frantically. You offered him your hand, trying to smile despite the army of Incubus x male reader monsters you knew were coming.

Slowly, his eyes drifted to the agent behind you, a grimace soon gracing his inhuman features. You watched with bated breath as the two were brought face-to-face, their attention completely divorced from you.

Even if they still take advantage of it. Even now, he made a point of staring you down before speaking, standing at the top of the old, wooden staircase and glaring down into the darkness, the door behind him still hanging open. Each step sent Incubus x male reader creak through the small space, but if he noticed, he was content not to show it, his lips pursed as he scanned over the new array of thin, white indentations in the wall next to you, They were pitiful, dull little things, but they were symbolic of your rebellion, your will to do anything but follow his rules.

You curled into yourself, and Orion sighed, coming to a stop in front of your crumpled form. Do I need to bring a scratching post down here before you stop trying to scrape your way out of this? He chuckled, crouching down to your height. Even then, he towered over you, a mountain of a man in a uniform of flannel and denim. You did your best not to look at him, but it was impossible not to, especially when you had so few sources of stimulation. You were still unused to depending on words, having lived with those who relied on body language for so long, before you were thrown into the arms of a man who delighted in misinterpretations.

You shifted uncomfortably beneath your blanket, and Orion seemed to notice, a fist soon clamped around one corner and jerking your last defense away, if only so he could better evaluate your pathetic state. You continued, if only out of spite, attempting to fight away the cold as you went on.

Incubus x male reader

I want to go outside, Orion, I want to leave. Another laugh, this one throaty, obvious. He squared his shoulders, a wide, careless grin spreading across his lips as he watched you glower and glare. Remember how I found you? All bloody and helpless, stuck in one of my snares without an ounce of strength left.

Incubus x male reader

This is for the best. You growled, baring your teeth. You struggled, bucking and fighting as best you could, but Orion just held you tighter, closer, as if suffocating you would help to establish his dominance. If anything, they should be thanking me for getting rid of such a little nuisance.

Of all things, that was your breaking point, the pride in his voice and how badly you wanted to tear his arrogant tongue out. Without thinking, you threw your weight against him, knocking the man off balance as you scrambled to maintain your own. Without moonlight, you were trapped as a graceless mess of odd angles and vulnerable flesh, but you made the best of what you were given to work with, forcing your elbow into his diaphragm and slashing at his face with your sharpened nails. You broke through Incubus x male reader skin of his cheek easily, and the feeling of hot, thick blood running over your fingertips filled you with confidence.

Foolish, impulsive confidence. He caught your shoulder, using your propulsion to redirect your path, slamming you into the floor and pinning you on your chest, knocking the air out of your lungs. You panted breathlessly, attempting to recover, and Orion took the opportunity to pin your arms to your back, restraining you with a practiced ease.

All I fucking do is spoil you, and you still go and get it into your dumb little head to bite the hand that feeds you. Instead, it grew stronger, more firm. Why am I continuing this Cinderella Story, Yandere! Prince Drabble? It was the first time your step-sisters had looked at you with sympathy, rather than envy, or hatred, or any of the other vile emotions they often directed towards you. After that, you went on like nothing had happened, ignoring the rumors of a royal combing over the village, the girls suddenly limbing through the market place, gossip of a traitor hiding among loyal citizens.

You never spoke about the ball, keeping your head down and going out of your way to avoid Incubus x male reader palace. As far as you were concerned, that party never happened. But, your avoidance could only buy you so much time.

Before you could hide yourself away, or even wipe the ash and grime off your face from your earlier chores, your step-mother was inviting in royaltyletting him and his armed guards call down your sisters before leaving you alone, wishing your siblings on the best of luck. And then, he was taking a step towards you, his mouth open and lips curled into that tight, toothy, predatory smile. She was lying through grit teeth, to a noblemanno less, but you were more stunned that she was lying for you. You kept your eyes trained on the ground as she spoke, willing her not to go on.

Your younger sister nodded along. Nikolai stopped, his smile quickly dropping, a light frown taking its place. With a wave of his hand, a guard stepped forward, presenting a poorly reconstructed, fractured glass slipper to the elder sister, his movements emotionless, bordering on rehersesred. Hesitantly, your sister reached out, stopping short of the hazardous item, only chuckling as she glanced down at her own feet.

Like she was about to cry. The guard raised an eyebrow, and her face paled. Nikolai interrupted her, sighing loudly, dramatically. The glass was already cutting into your palms, all jagged edges and razor-sharp corners, but you swallowed down the pain, smiling towards the increasingly excited prince. Without looking away, you rolled the object over in your hands, letting it fall out of your grip unceremoniously. You could hear the glass shatterbreaking as soon as it made contact with wooden floor-boards, and you shrugged, catching still semi-solid piece under your heel and pressing down until something sharp dug into your skin.

The kiss that was hastily pressed against your lips, though sweet and soft, stung worse than any whips or bullet you could ever imagine. You tried to pull away, Nikolai barely stronger than yourself, but instantly, the muzzle of a rifle was pressed against the small of your back, silencing both your protests and the sobs soon forming in your throat. You tried again without thinking, pushing at his shoulders. Execute me! Have my head chopped off and leave my family alone!

Nikolai laughed, running a hand through your hair, ignoring the way you struggled against him. The thought was more painful than thoughts should be, tears forming in the corners of your eyes. You opened your mouth to respond, but the words died in your throat as he hummed, bringing a Incubus x male reader up to wipe at the ash on your cheek, his white gloves shortly stained grey. His intentions were more than clear, pleas and apologies flowing from your lips as you begged him not to do this, not to kill anyone. If only for the sake of protecting your pride.

Despite this, your attention dropped to the grail as a familiar figure started to approach, heavy footsteps muffled by the soft glass of the clearing. Who bothered to speak to you, really. You only looked up when a long, lean hand came to rest on your shoulder, pressing down for a moment before you gave in, tilting your head back and letting your eyes meet the swirls of green and gold just beginning to pry into you.

Incubus x male reader

Durin, although that was more of a title than a name. The warden to your prison of trees and mushrooms and enchanting, unnerving smiles. He spoke first. He always did. You were an object to be addressed, here, rather than one expected to speak out of turn. You wondered if anyone even noticed you were gone. Your response was delayed.

Incubus x male reader

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