Impregnating my sister story

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Impregnating my sister story

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My name is Danny. I had just turned 25 when this all started. Amy and I lived together after our parents died in a massive car crash with a semi truck.

At the time of their deaths, I was 21 and Amy was Our parents came to the U. The courts decided to let me take care of my sister, as I had a job. Neither of us wanted to go to China to stay with relatives, we wanted to stay and go to school in America. Though our parents were immigrants, Amy and I are American to the bone. We weren't going anywhere. I took care of my younger sister, sometimes with the advice of my friends who were girls from some of my college classes.

Amy had always been a sweet girl and a great sister. We never fought like other siblings. We genuinely liked to hang out together, go out and do things, cook together, watch TV -you name it. We both took our parent's death hard, obviously, but we supported each other.

I was always so proud of how strong she was for a 14 year-old. My girl friends helped Amy when she first had her period and when she needed to get bras and feminine things men have no idea about. I watched her as she grew up from a girl to an 18 year-old woman.

Though I was rather tall and well built for an Asian man, at 6 feet 2 inches, Amy remained petite. She stayed at her 14 year old 5ft 4 height as she grew up. Only her hips grew, her breasts and lips became fuller, and her legs developed tone and curves. She became the most feminine woman I'd ever met. Boys fawned over her in her high school classes. Guys called at her when she was walking down the street. All of this attention made me pretty angry most of the time. She was my sister, mine to protect. I never had much time for girl friends. I had one or two since our parents died, but mostly I was focused on taking care of Amy, working as a bartender to make good money, and attending school during the day.

Amy and I were comfortable with the money our parents left, but I wanted to give her everything she needed. The summer had just begun and both Amy and I had free time after our exams, hers for high school and mine for my MBA. Amy was completely wiped, tired from a few all-nighters that week.

While she slept in her room I took the opportunity to masturbate in my room. It had been so long since I'd focused on anything sexual in my life, I really needed a release. Suddenly, I heard a slam from Amy's room. I quickly but with difficulty, tucked my big, hard cock into my pants and went to her room to see if she was ok. The slamming was coming from the shutters on her open window. The noise was very loud and annoying but Amy didn't flinch.

This made me chuckle to myself. Typical Amy, she could sleep through anything. Mom used to have to come into Amy's room and shake her to wake her up for school. Even a pillow shaking alarm clock didn't work on Amy. I closed the shutter and looked down at Amy napping, still chuckling at how she hadn't changed.

I was taken by surprise that her white blouse was down low and pulled enough to the side that her small nipple was in plain sight. I instantly averted my gaze. I made to leave the room when I noticed how hard my cock was. Amy was always so beautiful and sexy to me. In fact, that's why I didn't go out often with women because I couldn't find any as shapely, feminine, or sexy as Amy.

I softly called her name. No response. Again but louder I went and sat on her bed. I reached up to cover her nipple with her shirt but my hand paused on her bare, supple breast. It was so perfect. Her breasts were 32C but her nipples were Impregnating my sister story and pert. I gently rolled her breast in my hand and felt her nipple get firmer in my palm. There was no response from Amy, she was dead asleep. My cock instantly sprung to life again at that touch.

I watched as her chest rose and fell Impregnating my sister story her every breath, my gaze traveling lower down her stomach.

Impregnating my sister story

She was covered only in a light sheet. I slowly pulled the sheet off of her body and found what I had suspected; she was wearing a short sleep shirt, with seemingly nothing underneath. Her legs were slightly apart --how she always preferred to sleep. I couldn't believe what I was considering doing. I looked at her soft, full thighs as my cock begged to be free.

I unzipped my pants and released my 9in cock. I went for it.

Impregnating my sister story

I slowly pulled the light shirt up above her navel, revealing her extremely small waist, flat stomach, and her small, shaved pussy. Her legs being open just the slightest bit was like a silent invitation. I pumped my extremely hard cock and its engorged head. The tension was almost unbearable as I hadn't cum in who knows how long. My balls were filled to the brim with cum waiting to come out.

I couldn't believe my feelings. I wanted nothing more than to cum while watching my half naked sister. I lightly tapped her bare stomach, wondering if that would get a response from her. Nothing still. I watched as her eyes rolled with REM sleep. I wanted nothing more than to cum on her flat little stomach.

Impregnating my sister story

I straddled her legs and started pumping. I watched her full breasts giggle as the bed moved with my actions. It wasn't long before lo and lo of hot cum dumped on my little sister's body. I felt so relieved, and so good. I loved my sister more than anyone and no woman I'd ever met made me feel the way she did.

I sat back and relaxed a moment letting what happened sink in, and went to get a cloth to clean Amy up. There was cum all over her stomach and her pussy. I was alarmed I hoped none got down to her vagina. I was sure she was a virgin. She never had a boyfriend and was focused on her studies and helping me take care of the household.

I grabbed a large amount of the cum from the mound of her pussy. I looked at it in my hand and looked at her little pussy. Without thinking I shoved the whole load to her little hole and used my fingers to push as much as I could into her.

Impregnating my sister story

She still showed no of waking, she merely moved her head to the other side. I was startled at what I'd just done. I could be impregnating my sister at this moment. Quickly, I cleaned her up and put her night shirt and sheet where they had been. I left feeling confused but extremely satisfied, as if I had had sex with the love of my life.

What I had done to my sister turned me on and satisfied me beyond anything I'd ever known. I decided to make it a habit to pay her nightly visits.

Impregnating my sister story

The next night I was greeted with the same circumstances, open legs and a welcoming vagina. I was bold now and started cumming with my cock at the opening of her vagina, to spill as much of my seed into her as I could. I didn't exactly know what I wanted to come of this, why I wanted so badly to fill my sister with my seed.

I couldn't help it, I wanted it so badly. One night, I'm not sure how long I had been enjoying my nightly routine with Amy, but I noticed as I pulled her night gown across her breast that it seemed to be wet on her skin. I wondered where it came from when I rubbed against her little nipple and more wetness came. In the near darkness I realized it must be coming from her breasts.

I got up and turned her ensuite bathroom light on so just a small amount of light entered Amy's room, enough to see her form and nipples. The liquid was milk, she was lactating! I was filled with excitement and fear. Did I get Amy pregnant?

I lifted her nightgown up to her breasts and dragged my hand down her abdomen. Her stomach was protruding just slightly below her navel. I was so satisfied, proud, and madly turned on. I slowly sucked at her growing breasts, tasting spurt upon spurt of her hot milk.

I was in rapture. I got Impregnating my sister story little 18 year old virgin sister pregnant, and I never had sex with her! In the weeks to come Amy was jokingly complaining of looking fat. She strangely didn't seem to get morning sickness. She came up to me worried. She told me she wanted to see the doctor.

Impregnating my sister story

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