I wet myself stories

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This particular morning I had just dropped my kids off with my mum for the night and was about to head over to help a customer with something. I would like to point out that I was trying to flush out my system and had drank 2 litres of water, as well as two coffees, before 9 o clock in the morning.

This was my first mistake. As my mum lives about half an hour away we met half way, by the time we finished chatting I needed a wee pretty bad. Mistake two, instead of using the toilet a 3 min walk away from my car I chose the lazy route of holding it in until I got to my next destination. I actually drove pretty near my house on the way, but mistake three, I decided to keep holding on and drive past. I also realise that I am that desperate for a wee even if I found a toilet or a bush yes I was that desperate I was prepaired to piss in public at 9. I only bought my giant family wagon a few months ago and was not prepaired to ruin the seats just yet.

Every red light was Torture, every car in my way was driven by the devil, I was on the ultimate mission, I HAD to I wet myself stories on my customers driveway with out being caught but I was confidant I could pull this off. I was soooooo fucking wrong, soooo wrong. And the wee kept coming, cars were driving round me, some guy shouted dickhead out the window.

But I was in a world of my own. I genuinely have no idea how long I sat there, in shock, staring at the road. But it was long enough for my customer to come out of her house and knock on my window to ask if I was going to sit there all day or come inside.

So professional I know. When I arrived home before I leapt dripping, out of the car, I had to see if anyone was around. It appeared I had picked the one day half my neibours were out and not one, but two people were having there driveways done and there were builders everywhere! So I made my rain coat into a skirt and waddled inside, yes I got stares but I I wet myself stories fast. It was then I realised how soaked I was, the wee had spread pretty much to the entirety of my leggings, as well as my socks.

After changing and trying to wash the shame away I had to tackle the mess in the car. With my kitchen roll, anti bac spray, bin bags and tea towels in hand I went back out, and to my horror there was not a tiny little wet patch, the whole seat was fucking soaking!!! It in fact was drenched. After trying to clear up as best I could getting weird looks as I do so I drive back to my customers house in a different outfit, one hour late sitting on about 12 tea towels and a black bag with my car stinking of piss.

I then had to lie about where I had been saying I forgot my phone.

I wet myself stories

Probably due to my permanent dehydration and fear of it happening again. I may of had two kids but 30 is too young for this kinda crap!!! Been there, done that. Maybe keep a pair of adult diapers in the glove compartment as I do, but then.

Like Liked by 1 person. Your comment has made my day!!! I will be investing in some thank u for the tip :p nice having something in common lol xx. Your horror story was mine my first year in the military as I was driving to the hospital on base. The horror for me was that I was holding it in but as soon as I stepped out of the car and put my cover on I began pissing myself.

In front of my CO none the less. My uniform went from light blues to dark, patchy blue. Ahh what horror. Omfg that is way more traumatic than my story!!!!!! At least no one was watching me do it lol u poor thing!! Like Like. I laughed out loud!

I wet myself stories

I did something similar in another country on public transport maybe I do need a secret blog. Like Liked by 2 people. Google the app kegel aerobics. It is a game changer. But I now have to strategically plan when I drink because my school run is at least an hour and fifteen minutes start to finish. YES me too! I cannot do jumping jacks. Today after I left my school I decided to hop on uber to make some extra bucks.

I wet myself stories

I had nothing but opportunity to go while I was at school but I hate using public restrooms so I just held it. I got a request from a lady in he suburbs who was going out to meet her husband in the city. The ride was about 30 min. I tried keeping conversation with the lady that I was driving but I wet myself stories kept fidgeting! When we hit 15min from the destination my stupid GPS decided to tell me to get off at the wrong exit, so immediately did a u-turn.

This added 15 more minutes to the ride and that was it for me. I wanted to cry so bad the lady saw me fidgeting and asked if I was okay in a laughing way, I told her that I really had to go and she laughed. The next thing I knew, the flood gates opened up and I pissed all over myself, right there with the lady in the car. It knocked my confidence to drive any great distance for quite a while, and made me decide to look on the internet to see if others had suffered something similar.

I was 15 minutes into my drive home when I realized I had made a mistake and should have used the bathroom before leaving. A silly mistake and not something I would normally fail to do. Well, as I say, after about 15 minutes driving, thoughts of a bathroom visit came to mind as I realized I wanted to pee fairly urgently.

How quickly that urge had come on. I was on a two-way main road with not too much traffic at that time of night, and the road I lived on was directly off this road. Suddenly there were brake lights ahead and the traffic came to a crawl. We were very near to a major concert hall and to my dismay there had been a performance taking place which had just ended, and people were leaving, ing the main road, and everything was slowing down.

The urge to pee came on much more strongly this time; it was there all the time now; it was pretty scary. You idiot, I thought, you should have gone before you left. I was starting to panic a little, willing the traffic to speed up. After about another five to ten minutes the traffic speeded up, thank heavens. But I was desperate now, foot on the accelerator, thighs pressed together tightly. At last I reached my turn-off—and I peed, just for a second; as I turned into my short drive to park in front of the house I peed again. I opened the car door, my legs apart as I climbed out—and peed again.

Oh no, no, I thought, hold on, hold on. I was in a blind panic; I remember fiddling with the door key, running in a slightly, bent-forward position down the hallway to the downstairs bathroom, frantically undoing my newly-purchased deer jeans and, as I was pushing them and my knickers down, I was peeing, wetting the toilet seat as I sat down. I peed long and hard; oh, the relief and joy hearing my stream hitting the water in the toilet basin. The crotch and seat area of my knickers were wet and had soaked through to I wet myself stories jeans.

It was that journey to the bathroom after parking the car that had done it, I guess, when I was badly losing control. Thank God this whole episode had been in the dark, nobody had seen my desperation. I never told anybody known to me about it—too embarrassed. It had been a shattering experience. Traumatising but hilarious!! I thought I was alone when I wrote this but turns out a tonne of people have experienced this!

My fellow friend you are not alone in the OMG I just pissed myself club… I did this today when trying to get my kids out of the car in taking them to the park. This cracked me up!!!! You are commenting using your WordPress.

I wet myself stories

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Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading I will be investing in some thank u for the tip :p nice having something in common lol xx Like Liked by 1 person. Yes I know if was beyond embarrassing. At least I can laugh about it now Like Liked by 1 person.

I wet myself stories

I did something similar in another country on public transport maybe I do need a secret blog Like Liked by 2 people. Oh noooo!!!!!!! That made me laugh out loud!!! You honestly do lol xxx Like Liked by 1 person.

I wet myself stories

You are not alone the struggle is real!!! Xx Like Like. Xxxx Like Like. The Like Liked by 1 person. Xxx Like Like.

I wet myself stories

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I wet myself stories

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