I fucked my cousin stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I guess when I think about it my cousin Jordan and I always had an openly sexual relationship, even long before we ever got involved in our incest. When Jordan was nine her family moved to Seattle and I lost contact I fucked my cousin stories her. I grew up in California, she in Oregon. Our parents kept in touch but we never saw or though about each other, that was till I was eighteen. Jordan was 20 and had gotten in to some trouble in college, she had been caught smoking and having sex with her boy friend and other such things.

Her family though it would be good for her to get away for the summer, so they arranged for her to spend the summer with us in California. Now remember I had not seen Jordan since she was Nine and my only recollection of her was as a bratty kid I used to play games with when I was 7.

I was upset that I fucked my cousin stories stranger was coming in to my life and disrupting my summer plans and my household life. I was a normal horny fifteen year old and had hoped to get a job that summer so I could afford to date and have some fun. I did not want anything to do with this interloper.

Jordan had grown up in all sorts of wonderful ways. My little cousin had turned in to quite a sex pot. Her breasts had grown out to become a nice set of 36C and the rest of her body was in good shape and looked like an angel to my horny eighteen year old eyes. She seemed happy to see me, but made it clear she was going to be a rebel for the summer and did not want anything to do with us or our rules and babysitting her. Things quickly fell into a pattern. My days were spent working, while Jordan enjoyed the California beach's and my parents worked.

My nights were spent at home keeping an eye on Jordan because my parents usually had to work till like ten or eleven and Jordan spent the nights raiding the wine bottles. Jordan and I would watch TV while she stole wine and bear from the kitchen. Jordan would traipse around the house in her short red robe and black teddy and I would try and catch a glimpse of her Tits and Cunt whenever I could. Jordan had to know I was peeping and must have took some glee in the sexual torture my virgin hormones were going through because as the summer progressed she took to accidentally exposing more and more of her great Tits, Cunt and Ass to me.

Many a summer night was spent with me jacking off in my room thinking about her and what I wanted to do to her. Sure I knew it was wrong but what the Fuck I was eighteen and here was this babe showing off her body to me. Incest be damned I wanted to fuck her! One night we were watching TV, Jordan on the couch sipping wine and me on the floor and she slowly passed out.

I turned to look at her and noticed that her robe had fallen opened and her black teddy was barely holding in her body. I could clearly see up her legs to her black Panties and her left breast was all but falling out of the teddy. I could not believe my eye's. This was better then any Porno or Penthouse magazine!

I fucked my cousin stories

I stared at her body and she shifted in her sleep, her left breast fell completely out and I got my first view of a real woman Tit's and Nipples. My Dick was hard in a second! I stared at her for a few seconds while she slept and shifted and then I unzipped my pants and started playing with myself.

I came in seconds shooting a huge glob of Spunk all I fucked my cousin stories the floor. If Jordan knew what had happened she never said anything though she did smile at me funny the next morning. The next week was hard on everyone, due to a minor emergency in I fucked my cousin stories household so I did not get another chance to Peep and Jack, but Jordan continued in her ways and I often caught her putting on her bathing suit or bending over.

I spent several evenings in the bathroom with a towels and a Penthouse. That weekend things calmed down and my parents went out to dinner. I found my self alone again with Jordan, watching TV. Jordan began drinking around Seven and by Nine was passed out again. I turned to look at her. Her robe had fallen open again and the teddy had ridden up to her thighs exposing her panties to me, her right breast had completely fallen out of her teddy and her left breast was only half in. I gulped and unzipped my pants and moved closer. I was on my knees looking at her on the couch and she shifted in her sleep, her other breast came free and her teddy road higher up her thighs.

Exposing more of her Cunt and Ass to my greedy eye's. I could now see both of her great Tits and her whole Ass and Cunt. I bravely and quietly As brave and quiet as a horny 18 year old could be reached down and pulled her panties to the side. I saw the hair of her Pussy for the first time. I touched it gently, feeling the smooth soft hair and openings of her Cunt.

She shifted but nothing else, just stayed asleep. I began to touch and explore her Cunt. Rubbing her lips and even touching her Clit. I sat their frozen, holding open her panties. Touching her Clit. My hard Dick twitching in the air. My naked cousin laying there, moaning at my touch. Her perfect Tits and Cunt open to my gave. Guilt, Sin, Pressure. This was Incest for god's sake. I got between her legs and started rubbing the tip of my Dick up and down the outside of her Cunt. I could feel her heat on the tip of my Dick, I found her hole and slowly slid into her. I slid further and further inside her till I was all the way in.

I started pumping in to her, I was fucking my cousin. I could feel my Cum building, my first orgasm with a woman. I did not know what to do. If I pulled out and came all over her she would know for sure, so I did the next best thing.

Jordan said nothing to me the next day, just smiled at me whenever I saw her and made sure I got a glimpse of her Tits and Ass whenever I could. We did not get to be alone together till the next weekend and I went at it again. I was able to last about two minutes this time and she just lay there and moaned and gasped as I Fucked her. Her eye's never opened and the next day she never said a thing.

I fucked my cousin stories

Summer quickly came to an end and Jordan was going to be leaving in a few days. I did not get a chance to Fuck her again, but I took my free views whenever I could. Jordan never made any mention of our Insect and I figured she never knew. The night before she left I found myself alone with her as my parents had to run out to a last minute party. Jordan was wearing a white slip and no robe this time, and I quickly learned she had on no panties underneath. We spent the night quiet, we never said a word to each other while we ate dinner.

Never said a word when she started drinking or while watching TV. Before I knew it Jordan was asleep again and this was my last chance to Fuck her. Incest and her knowing about it be damned I wanted this one to be good.

Her breast had fallen out of her slip again and as I crawled between her legs I began to play with Her nipples. Pinching them as my other hand began to finger her Cunt. I stuck my thumb up inside her, while I played with her Clit and even rubbed a finger on her Anus. She was getting we and began to GASP.

I took my Dick out and slowly rubbed it up and down the outsider of her Cunt lips, while I pinched her nipples. Then I rammed my Dick as hard in to her as I could. Her eyes sprang I fucked my cousin stories and I looked right in to her as I began to pump. She looked back and smiled and spread her legs, her hand moved between us and she began to finger her Clit. Our eyes never left each other, she moaned and gasped Fuck me good this time.

Fuck your cousin. I pumped into her faster. She had known. And this Incest was turning her on as much as it was me. I Fucked her good and hard and she began to have her Orgasm. I was giving my cousin an Orgasm. She gasped and humped her hips up to meet my thrusts, I could feel her Cunt muscles trying to milk my Dick. Suddenly she Whimpered and Bit her lip and her legs locked around me. She came. I had made her Cum. I shot my load deep inside her, the thrill or giving my cousin an orgasm was that great. I was a proud as a Rooster in a hen house and as cocky as James bond. But nothing compared to Fucking Jordan.

It sucked that I could not brag about the fact, but I am sure the powers that be would not have taken to kindly to knowing that I had had incest with my Cousin. I did not hear from Jordan again for until I was 21 and in college, I would get I fucked my cousin stories reports from my parents that she was doing well and getting her life back on line and was going to college and stuff.

My sex life did not pick up again till I entered college at the age of Sure I managed to get some Tit and an occasional hand job off the high school girls but as for actual fucking, that was forbidden by those dam Cock teases I went to school with. I went to college in a small school in Northern California. I wanted to get as far away as I could from my family and I wanted to go to school somewhere where there was seasons.

Also the fact that I was only four hours away from Jordan had a part to play in my decision because not a day went by that I did not Jack Off thinking about her and I knew some way, some how I wanted to be with her again. So my college years began. I learned the pleasures of Blow Jobs, going down on a woman and Tit fucking from a 30 year old woman named Zee who was my lover for about half a year. Christmas vacation came and I found out my parents were going to the Islands for Christmas and I was to spend Christmas with my family in Oregon.

Which meant I would be seeing Jordan again.

I fucked my cousin stories

My Dick got rock hard the second I was told this.

I fucked my cousin stories

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