Giantess feet worship story

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Dec 18, 1 T Dec 18, 2 T Dec 18, 3 T Dec 18, 4 T Dec 19, 5 T Dec 19, 6 T Dec 20, 7 T Dec 26, 8 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 8 posts. This is a tale loosely based on my relationship with my ex girlfriend, with plenty of fantasy added in.

The main contents included of course feet, stinky sweaty feet that is, also domination, humiliation, slavery and also a lot of giantess gts aspects. So if GTS is not your thing, give the story a chance and see what you think. Trust me I was not into the whole GTS thing when I first got into the foot fetish community but it kind of just came long with time I'm noting right now this has a lot of GTS content so if that is not your thing please don't inform me about it.

It takes time and effort for the authors here to share these stories and I personally appreciate every single one of them. We met right after I graduated college. I stayed in the town my college was in after graduation and she was finishing up her final year.

We met a few times at a bar we both liked to frequent. Long story, short, we met a few times and everytime we talked we hit it off. She actually pursued me though. She texted me one day and said she wanted to see my new place I recently moved to a new Apt in the area. So she came over. That first date turned into many and there we stemmed a relationship.

She had fair skin, was of polish descent mainly. Her feet were a size 8 in womens. So a nice size. She wore sandals, flats, basically anything but without socks which I loved. As the few months of the relationship progressed I was open with her about my foot fetish and she was totally cool about it. She would let me sniff her feet and even go out of her way to get them as stinky as possible, a good girlfriend she was.

As time went by she caught onto how I was into the domination aspect and soon our sexual encounters often times occurred with her talking dirty to me, telling me how I was just her slave, only there to serve her and make her life better, to lick the filth off her feet etc. Yes we had good sex. There was a point in the relationship that while she was dominating meI saw a gleam in her eye, something changed.

She knew when I was under her feet I was absolutely helpless. All those things she would say to me about me being her slave and being nothing more than a worthless slave lucky enough to lick the toejam out between her toes after she had her nasty black flats on all day, well, I realized it was becoming more than a fantasy and were starting to becometrue?? I soon realized that Dee had a special gift as she put it, but almost never used it.

She could shrink people. Not just shrink people but transform them into whatever object she desired. Pretty soon any small fight we had turned into me being shrunken down by or her transformed into some inanimate object to be used at her mercy. At first we would both fantasize about this while having sex but let me tell you being shrunken down to Giantess feet worship story inch or serving as an insole in a stinky, grimy black flat all day, really gets old, quick.

I served many a days serving as her tiny little prisoner. One day I was honestly scared and told her that I love her but I think we should go our separate ways. She of course started bawling crying and had no intention of ending our relationship or whatever the hell it had become. Dee then shrunk me to 1 inch. I looked up at her in her bedroom, barely wading thru her plush blue carpet, right in between her dirty old black flats. She was a true Goddess, prob the first time I really ever appreciated her true power and size. She picked up one of those black flats.

It blotted out any light in the room and I was overcome in a dark shadow of her shoe. She started to lower it on me and I truly thought she would kill me right there, to be nothing more than a squashed red stain of blood and tiny crushed to a pulp bones in her bedroom. Dirt and debris that fell from the solefell on top of me. I was never so scared but erotically Giantess feet worship story on for some strange reason. You are going to be my slave.

You are going to serve me in any sick twisted torturous way I can think of, whether that is the insole of my shoe, my toe ring, my toilet paper, my Giantess feet worship story gum, shrunken in a cage all day. It is best to forget your old life, it is gone. This is no way to treat a human being!!! What about my family??? Dee spoke again.

Giantess feet worship story

And if I sense any hesitation from you I will not only torture you beyond your wildest dreams but I will also shrink your family and they will be my little footslaves as well. I was indeed fucked. Fucked for life. If I even hesitated this all powerful, sadistic woman would not just kill my family but torture and make them her slaves.

I could not let that happen. You will have exactly 1 hour, to drive to your Apt and write a farewell note. A note to your family and friends that says you are leaving and leaving for good and no matter what they will not be able Giantess feet worship story find you.

If you are not back in under 1 hour flat, your first slave duty will be to serve as my toilet paper!!!! Now I do have a foot fetish but the idea of being turned into toilet paper was horrific. I cried the whole way to my apt knowing what my life had become.

I thought about turning the wheel right off the garden state parkway and ending it wall but I thought about my family and knew what she would do to them. I did what Dee said and arrived back at her house. As soon as I got back, I saw Dee had the same black flats on. They made her feet especially foul.

Giantess feet worship story

She shrunk me back down to 1 inch in size instantly. Little did I know this would be the final time I was shrunken down, never to be granted back to my normal size. Dee smiled that sadistic smile she had somehow grown to wear so naturally. I stood in between those nastyscuffed up black flats. She popped them off and instantly that reeking odor of her sweaty feet were all around me, practically choking me. It was much different than when I was normal size, at this size my eyes teared and I thought it would melt the skin off my flesh.

She completed smothered me with them. Her feet felt degrees, and were soaking with vinegry cheesy sweat that burned my eyes. She lifted them off me the placed her feet on her heels so her soles were up and I was looking up at them. One thing about her flats, they produced black specks of toejam. It was truly foul and Giantess feet worship story. She instructed me to take a piece from between her toes. It was the size of a softball, squishy, black, and a spongy consistency.

Hahahahahhaha and lauged and laughed. I bit into toejam. It was by far the most foul tasting substance I had every tasted. After I was done with that piece she instructed me to eat more and more and more. I ate to the point that there was literally no more room in my stomach. She lauged as I layed there looking like a beach whale, my stomach full of her poisonous toejam. Her feet were still covered with the toejam.

Giantess feet worship story

She just put her flats back on and lifted me to her face. Now onto where you will spend most of your life. I saw on her desk was a little garble cage. She opened the little door and placed me inside. It was bare in there besides 2 tiny little bowls. I found, one for food and one for water if you call it that. As soon as I was tucked away in there Dee looked down at me. And said oh let me give you your daily dinner, pulled off her flats and pulled out the biggest wad of toejam she could find and put it in my dinner bowl, then put her flats back on, told me to enjoy my new lifeturned out the light and left the room.

I was left there all alone, laying defeated on a hard steel floor of a gerble cage.

Giantess feet worship story

With my only dinner being the toejam that I had torturously eaten the past 2 hours to the point of exhaustion.

Giantess feet worship story

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