Gay thug sex story

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I stopped the shower water and stepped out to grab my towel. I was fully naked and i loved it. I looked in my bathroom mirror and smiled at myself. My caramel complexion, my perfect smile, my nice body due to working out, and my nice fat round ass. I grabbed my green towel and wrapped it around my waist.

I opened the door to make my way down the hall to my roomwhen i felt a hard hit to my face. I grabbed my nose and felt blood coming from it. I looked up at my 6'3 tall, 21 year older brother.

Gay thug sex story

He shoved me to the wall and snapped, "dont take a long shower no more. Now get dress and go to school, you punk.

Gay thug sex story

Those words hurted me, however, i couldnt defend myself. I had to take it, because our parents kicked me out 3 months ago. All because I decided to tell them i was gay.

Gay thug sex story

Thats right im gay. They was livid. So I moved in with my older brother and his girlfriend. I hurried to my room and closed the door and wiped my nose of the blood. I slid them on and slapped my ass. I loved the firm feeling. I slid them on and pulled my shirt over my head. I stuck my feet into my Black Converse and I sprayed myself with some Polo cologne. I picked out my Fade and grabbed my MCM bookbag. I walked out of my room and my brother was coming out of the bathroom. I stared at him as he was wrapped in his towel with water dripping down his body.

Gay thug sex story

He realized me staring and said, "ka'shon? Get you gay hormones together and go to school. Stop staring at my damn dick. I shook my head and ran downstairs. I cant believe he caught me staring at his dick. I mean it was coveredbut that print was very visible. Our Dad blessed us with huge everythings. I opened the front door and ran out the gate to the school bus stop. You better be lucky the bus isnt on time. I txted you last night. What happened? I have to get a new one today.

My brother said he is going to take mebut lets see. Anyways, where are you going with these little ass shorts on boy. He looked down at the shorts and said, "now these shorts arent little. I just have to show off my cakes. And Besides, i have to steal one of these hoes mans today.

We burst out laughing and a boy on the bus stop, Hameed, snapped, "Shut yall asses up before i beat yall ass. I chuckled at him, because i knew it exactly what he was saying. We loaded on to the bus and the ride was mainly quiet. I put in my headphones and listened to Beyonce. That is my Queen.

We arrived at ParkVille High and i breathed in, because i hate this hell hole. I turned around and saw my girl bestfriend Diamond. She walked up dressed in a dress and converse. I saw him get off the bus. We started walking into the school and right as we walking upstairs to enter the building, it felt like my shoulder just was yanked out of place. I stumbled abit and snapped, "damn you cant see.

Even though ive been called that a thousand times this time it sounded so new. The way his pink lips pronounced it made it more real. He was lightskin like Drake. He had to be like 6'5, dude was mad tall. He had tattoos on his arms and legs. This boy had to be new i never saw him. We was staring at each other. Those hazel brown eyes was so sexy. Matter of fact, his whole face was sexy. She entangled her arm around mine and said, "thank god, you didnt want to fight. That boy look like a Thug. I mean i know you are not scared, but i could see us jumping him and him shooting us. I burst out laughing and looked back at him as he walked into the office.

I hated him with a passion already. He walked like he was the man. He walked with so much confidence and it Gay thug sex story me off. Thomas class. I hope yall studied, because i did. I sucked his dick last night for my 'A'for a Gay thug sex story man its huge. I opened my locker grabbed my book and we walked in class. I took my seat and opened my book and started fast reading over the last chapter we was reviewing. The rang and Mr. Thomas stood up and said, "Pop quiz on Chapter All you need is a pencil. I pulled out a pencil and someone started banging at the classroom door.

My eyes darted at the door, because i had to see who the idiot was. Thomas opened the door and in walked Mr. Confident from earlier. He pushed a paper in the teacher chest and made his way to a seat. I looked around for an empty seat and couldnt spot one. However, this thug must have did because he walked over to me and sat right behind me. I mumbled, "great. Thomas said, "Class we have a new student transferred from our rival school downtown.

Gay thug sex story

His name is De--". The girl in front of me handed me my paper and i gave one to Dre. He snapped, "you might as well keep it, since you wont give me a pencil. He was so loud the whole class stared at us. I hated attention, but i can see he thrives off it. I looked into his cute face and saw the devil. I retorted, "it isnt my fault you didnt come prepared to school.

I was shocked. I never gotten an F. I stood up and pulled my skinny jeans over my plumped ass.

Gay thug sex story

I grabbed my bookbag and twist walked out of the class. Dre was right behind me. I opened the door and right when he walked out i said, "i cannot believe you got me kicked out. He licked those inticing lips and said, "if your little punk ass would have gave me the pencil, maybe you would have took your precious quiz. Now shut the fuck up with all that. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "by sticking my big, fat, long, GUN down your throat and pulling the trigger. My dick was getting hard in my jeans and they was getting tight, up until he said Gun.

He walked off and left me standing there in awe. I swear i thought he was going to say dick. Or is that what i wanted him to say? Damn, You ask a thousand questions. We are going to Dennys. Im hungry. And we will be back before your next class, Mr.

Gay thug sex story

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