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Part 2 is here. The portal images are here. Three people stood together outside a large, modern complex of buildings. Although it was barely 8am, it was bright and warm, but none of the people were feeling very happy. Max hugged his fathers, and then, overcome with emotion, they moved into a three way hug and he kissed Jonathan on the cheek.

Jonathan had tears in the corner of his eyes. Jonathan looked sheepish, and wiped at the tears. Max looked at them both sadly. This is for the best. Max knew his father was right, but this was the first time in his life that he would be away from them for any length of time, and it pained him to say goodbye. His new room-mate Sam, was standing a respectful distance away, waiting for them to complete their goodbyes. Max forced himself to be strong. Have a safe trip. They hugged one more time, then he turned away from his parents, and walked with Sam through the security gates, towards the main building.

Gay forced milking stories

Just before they entered, Max looked over his shoulder, and gave his still-waiting parents a final wave. They reciprocated, then watched him disappear inside. It would be worse if they were living off-world. Why are your parents working so far away anyway? The school was really nice, and it had a quiet atmosphere of studiousness to it, with scholarship awards, and holos of classical Greek figures.

But the halls were bustling with other teenagers, ranging in age from 14 to 21 just like any other school. The kids were laughing and joking and socialising at the start of another school day. Max noted with interest that every single one of the boys was wearing an identical jump suit. The suits looked as though they were made of a thick leather or rubberised material.

Sam looked at him curiously. What the hell are they? Sam stopped in his tracks, with his hands on his hips, looking at Max with a mixture of incredulity and humour. Oh man, someone sure held out on you! Max was experiencing a sinking feeling.

The sperm is taken from us.

Gay forced milking stories

Max gaped, utterly bewildered. The Expansion Bureau collects it from all the students in the developed cities on Herschel Majoris, and hundreds of other planets, and it goes to a breeding lab on one of the frontier worlds. Sam smiled at him. What can they do about it? All the kids have to do their part. The girls seemed to be dressed in a more usual school uniform. The breeding labs use nucleated stem cells instead of eggs. That way, they can make as many eggs as they want. Max noticed that the suits of all of the boys they passed, had a single light on the front. It piqued his curiosity, but for now, he was more interested in how these artificial eggs were made.

Max furrowed his brow. He had considered himself a fairly modern, well-informed teen. He watched Galaxy News daily, and spent hours each week jacked into the Overnet watching holos, but he suddenly felt like a backwoods hick. Although Earth was the origin of mankind, and would always be shown a special reverence by humanity, the hub of human activity had shifted far closer to the Galactic centre, from where it was far easier to continue the expansion and colonisation program. Gay forced milking stories am so out of touch.

He really felt out of his depth. They arrived at a door. Or more accurately, at the outline of a door on a solid wall. Max nodded, somewhat forlornly. Sam put a hand on his shoulder. Max smiled wanly.

Gay forced milking stories

Sam nodded and disappeared into the throng of students on the their way to their classes. Her face appeared on the video monitor above the button. Max had already stripped most of his clothes off during the exam, and only his underpants remained. He looked at her sceptically, unwilling to be naked in front of her.

You have nothing to feel embarrassed about. The pad turned slowly, making a complete revolution in ten seconds. Max breathed out soundlessly, unconsciously trying to impress the nurse with his breathing control. It was measuring you for your Envirosuit. Each one is made to measure. He said it does something else too. Have you worn one before? Do I have to?

Everyone has to do their part for the expansion. He straightened in shock. I need to make sure your testicles are healthy. Max turned his face to the side and coughed. He coughed again. She took out a small hand scanner and ran it over his pubic region and under his armpits.

Gay forced milking stories

You can get dressed. Max looked at her expectantly, waiting for her diagnosis on his testicles. Every boy wanted to make sure he was normal, especially down there. It was a lie. He was actually a little on the small size for his age, but it was one that she told to all boys as a kindness for their self-esteem. He dressed, feeling a little happier. The stars are moving away from each other so fast, that within 25, years, conventional near-light-speed travel will no longer be fast enough to reach even the nearest solar systems. We need to colonise as far away as possible so that we can install space folding portals that will let us leapfrog out for as long as the human race is likely to exist.

Gay forced milking stories

To do that, we need to place colonies on the furthest worlds. Transporting people is not feasible, but we can use dimension folding to supply gametes directly onto these distant worlds, then grow colonies directly on each one. There are over billion people living on Herschel Majoris. He finished dressing, and Nurse Janeway said. Sam took Max to the lunch room and as they sat eating he said. Max nodded. No problem. Max looked around. Every single suit had a panel about 4 inches square at the front of his crotch. The panel itself appeared to be made of soft satin, but was fixed into place with some sort of flexible metal stripping.

Gay forced milking stories

None of the boys seemed to have much of a bulge. Max looked at Sam closely. Sam grinned. Their junk is on another planet millions of light years away! Look, you know the way that space folding lets you travel almost instantly between two points? Each of us is connected to it through these suits. Crazy as it sounds, all our dicks are literally on another world man! Max was dumbfounded. He was superficially aware of space folding; indeed, it was the technology that his family had used to travel instantly to Herschel Majoris from Earth, but he had no idea that it was so versatile, or could be made so portable.

He pondered what Sam had said. Just the same as walking around nude, except without your dick and balls slapping against your leg all the time! Max had never received a blowjob. Max imagined what it would be like to feel someone licking his glans. It sounded quite enjoyable, and his dick hardened slightly at the thought. Max, every boy here is being publicly jacked off all day long. We all know it. The girls all know it.

Gay forced milking stories

The teachers all know it. How does that make you feel? Max was self-conscious even talking about his masturbation habits but he answered truthfully. Ever had a knee trembler, where you cum so hard that you kind of stagger? His parents were out, and it was in the shower. It had lasted over an hour. He kept stopping right on the edge of ejaculating, until eventually he came so hard he saw spots before his eyes, and almost collapsed to the floor, his legs as weak as jelly. Even the ordinary ones are pretty intense and distracting.

One had his eyes closed, and a gentle smile on his face. The other two were simply staring off into space. He nodded. Max looked around the dining hall. He could see Gay forced milking stories more green lights, and although the boys were sitting at tables with other people, they were not engaged in any kind of conversation. It was blue. Sam laughed. Max pondered for a minute. Well, imagine someone pulling on your balls firmly, and rolling them around between their fingers, just enough to make them ache the tiniest bit, but not enough to really hurt. And also imagine someone yanking on your helmet.

You can decide when you want it to happen. I just let them do it in the morning, and at meal times. Max looked around, and out of the or so boys in the dining room, at least of their lights were blue. Sam stood up. Max stood and followed his new friend back to their room.

He looked at the floor, dismayed, then back up at Sam.

Gay forced milking stories

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