Gay dog sex stories

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I have three dogs that I take down a park near where I live, nearly everyday at about the same time of the day. I always go down with the car as it is too far to walk. I'd never encountered anything particularly exciting in there until the day this tale is about. It was my usual time in early afternoon on a week day, and the warmth of spring was finally reaching our parts with the second hottest day of the year. Uncharacteristically for me I was in shorts and T-shirt, with only a waist pouch containing my fags, car keys and equipment, just in case I was at the bottom end of the park, which is always quiet, when I saw the jogger in the far distance.

He was only wearing shorts and trainers with ankle socks. I didn't pay Gay dog sex stories much attention, as the few joggers I'd encountered before always stayed well away in of the dogs. As he got nearer, I took a good look at him. He was very well defined and glistening with sweat, his shorts semi tight fitting, showing a bulge that bounced with every step.

They were clinging to halfway down his legs, enhancing the shape of his cock and balls, which were a nice size. I called several men in the yellow s and settled on Matt. He came over to the hotel and as I let him in I noticed the hugh cock mound.

Gay dog sex stories

He asked me to strip and lay face down on the bed. Then he asked if he could get comfortable and do it nude. He stood there looking like Mr. And so boyish in his hair cut and face. I'd seen him several times before but he never gave me a tumble. I don't usually jack with the door open but I must have been extra horny and did this time and I loved jacking in front of him. I seldom get hard in front of guys but I had a good hard with him watching. He acted as if he didn't watch at all.

I grabbed a beach towel and took off in my car. When I got there, I found his secluded little road and followed it to this huge sand dune near the ocean. No one was around but me, and Gay dog sex stories lay on my back and decided to take a nap. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew I was staring at the biggest cock I'd ever seen. I looked up further and I was now looking at a young-looking dude. I couldn't see his eyes as he was wearing dark glasses, and as he got nearer, I noticed the light downing of hair covering his chest and trailing down to his shorts.

Gay dog sex stories

His hair was dark and cut short. I called my dogs over as Gay dog sex stories got to within 20 feet, as they have the tendency to be over friendly and go to strangers. As he passed he gave me a "hi" and a smile, which made my heart beat a little bit faster and my dick twitch in my shorts.

I waited until he passed to release the dogs and turned to watch him go along and get a good view of his back and arse. I didn't think he was wearing underwear as I couldn't see any line underneath his shorts, and then to my surprised he turned to look back and gave me another smile, but carried on. I carried on with the dogs, and came to a set of exercisers for the abs, which is a long plank of wood set at a downward angle, with a metal frame at the top with two horizontal bars, one for supporting the plank and the other to slide your feet under to be able to do sit ups.

I took my T-shirt off and started to do sit ups. The dogs always stay close, so I don't have to worry about them straying. I was doing my tenth when I heard a voice say "you're doing it wrong". I looked around in surprise and found the jogger standing 5 feet away from me, surrounded by my dogs and petting them. With that he came up to me and put his strong hands on my thighs, pushing them down.

Gay dog sex stories

I did, and as I was rising he pushed down on my legs, preventing them from lifting. By then I was sweating profusely, and not just from the physical exertion. My dick was also on the uplift and starting to show itself through my shorts which got me embarrassed. But I kept doing my sit-ups, I was getting to look more closely at my jogger's package which I could swear was growing. When I got to thirty, my abs were killing me and I reluctantly said "I'm done for today, or I won't be able to move tomorrow.

He just simply smiled and said "great". He took position and started to do the lifts. I was holding his muscular thighs with my hands and they felt wonderful, especially after the jogging he'd done, they felt like concrete slabs, or the legs of a statue. I could see his abs muscle contracting into a six pack every time he was coming up. I took a much closer look to his dick, which was very clearly defined beneath the flimsy cloth of the shorts.

Gay dog sex stories

Mine was very visible under my shorts as my raging hard-on was showing no s of abetting. That's when I realized that his cock was growing by the second into a nice piece of man meat. He took me by surprise and placed his hand on my dick, massaging it. I quickly looked around, but nobody was in sight, and we were well shielded from the road.

My dogs were laid in the shade, seemingly content. I placed my hand on his now hard dick and started to feel it's strength. I estimated it to be about Gay dog sex stories inches, nicely thick and cut. He then moved me closer to his head and with one quick movement lowered my shorts and swallowed my dick, which was at the right height, with him still lying on the plank.

The situation definitely called for a 69 and I quickly tucked his shorts under his balls and admired his dick. A tear of precum was starting to form and I lapped it up with delight. I then took his meat in my mouth and it was fat indeed.

I swallowed as much as I could but due to the akward angle, couldn't manage it all. As he was sucking me his hand wandered to my arse and felt it's smoothness, then went further in, feeling my puckered hole, at which I moaned, indicating that I liked it.

He took his hand away and when it came back his fingers were slick with spit. He played with my hole and then inserted a finger, sending waves of pleasure through my body, and encouraging me to suck harder. I discovered that he had long fingers, as he started massaging my prostate, making me wild. I interrupted him before he could make me cum, which could have been any second with the treatment his mouth was giving my cock and his fingers my arse. Looking around I noticed a large rhododendron bush, offering protection from onlookers and a soft covering of grass underneath.

We got up and went underneath, the dogs following us, but laying down at a good distance. We removed our shorts and he turned me round, opening my arse crack with both hands and sticking his tongue in my hole, pushing it deeper and deeper as my muscles relaxed under the wet Gay dog sex stories. While he was rimming me, I grabbed my pouch and opened it, taking out the condom and lube I always kept there.

When he came up for air I turned round and swallowed his dick, which was now leaking precum like a faulty tap. The sent of his body made me wild, the smell of fresh sweat and man musk mixed into a intoxicating fragrance. I made sure his cock was well lubricated and slid the condom over it. I lathered it with lube, and handed him the other packet which I'd opened.

He turned me around and covered my hole with lube, slipping one finger in, then two, loosening me for his cock. Then I felt the tip at my lips and a gentle push. Soon his head was in me, making me moan with delight Gay dog sex stories lust. He then pushed his dick all the way in, sending me in orbit. He went in and out at a leisurely pace, taking his time. He buried himself deep inside me then with one swift movement turned me over on my back, resting my legs on his shoulders. With a arm on either side of my head he then lifted himself off the ground, with only his hands and feet for support and then started to fuck me.

The sensation was incredible, all I could feel was his dick coming in and out of my arse, and my legs against his shoulders. I moaned and gasped out, "Fuck me. He didn't need encouragement as he started to pick up the pace, plowing into me like a jack hammer. With each thrust he was sending me closer to the edge, until I no longer could resist and said "I'm gonna cum!

I took my dick in my hand and pulled on it once, which was enough to make me shoot. The cum went flying everywhere, over his chest, over my legs and face. I don't think I'd ever cum that hard in my life. Before I could get over my orgasm, he slipped out of my, whipped the condom off, and shot his load all over me, covering my chest with it. It took us a while to recover and eventually I took my T-shirt and wiped us clean. We got dressed and with a quick kiss, a smile and a "bye", he was gone. I walked back to my car with the dogs and drove away, well satisfied.

Unfortunately, I've never seen him again. Want to listen to Gay Audio Sex Stories? Try a few stories for free and browse the shop and buy just the files you love. No subscription or recurring charges! He and his lover are into 3-ways and group sex, and I'd been to a couple of their wilder parties, so I had some idea what to expect.

It turned out to be even better than that. When I arrived, they had everything all set up, and there were already a couple of people there. They had the living room set up with pillows all over the place and they had the VCR on with some hot tape going on. I exercise daily with weights, and walk 2 miles daily.

Gay dog sex stories

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