Friend zone stories

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Friend zone stories

Me, Myself Mathew is studying in an engineering college. Rohit was one of my best friend, I had known him for past 6 years. Even though i dont know Minu very well, I knew that she was not a bad girl. When i began to think harder 3 different versions of Me began to take form in my head. I began to listen to what they say.

Have you gone nuts??

Friend zone stories

Do you know why Rohit turned out to be just a friend and not bf Because he is acting like a friend, and not a bf. So yes, be friendly, but flirt.

Friend zone stories

Get some sexual tension going. Make a move!

Friend zone stories

Stop being a woosy, and man up. Men set a goal, then do the work to make that goal a reality. So if you want a gf, then act like a bf, and not a friend. What are you saying man? You need to think about this deeply. Where do you learn to handle women?

Where do you learn how to get attractive women? Where do you learn about romance? About dating? They tell you to conquer your woman. They tell you to be friends with her the entire time, to run after a cab to yell: I Friend zone stories you were the one all along!! Mostly when you try to pursue a women. She feels like she is the princess in the tower and you are the shepherd boy standing below.

This is where the problem starts, she thinks we are below her level and we are trying to gain her attention by running around her. Which actually is the reality. .

Friend zone stories Friend zone stories

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