Forced female haircut story

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This site is for Male Haircut Stories and Comments only. Jake gets a forced haircut my his mom by Lalo Jake was invited to a party at his best friend's house on a Friday night.

Forced female haircut story

He asked him mom "Can I go to the party, please? He excitedly got ready for the party. He went and brushed his all pride, which was his beautiful long red hair that reached pasted his tailbone it's at classic length. It was also extremely thick! Everyone would see him in public, would praise his hair, saying that they never seen such beautiful thick long red hair in their lives. He brushed all hair, which made it even thicker, and gathered it all put it into a massive high thick ponytail.

It would swing even time he moved his head. Jake also loved to cross dress on weekends. So he put on a mini black lace dress, it was very short, a pair of black pump heels and some makeup.

Forced female haircut story

After he was done getting ready, he left to the party. When he got there, he got attention right away. Everyone wondered who the hot looking girl at the party was. Jakes best friend only knew who it was because she knew about his cross dressing. He was having a great time at party. Jake would hang out with the girls, dance, etc. He time there was going great until he reached for is phone to check what time it was and Forced female haircut story was !!

Jakes heart sank, he did not realize how fast the time went by! He told the girls that he had to leave already and took off to his house. Then when Jake got home, he took off his heels so that his feet would not make noise and quietly entered the house, hopefully his mom was asleep and didn't realize he got home late. But the light turned on in the living room and it was his mom who was still awake. You supposedly forget to check your phone and now I don't believe you! I've gave you so many chances and tomorrow you serve your discipline!

Jake didn't even change into pajamas, he just went to bed still wearing his beautiful black lace dress and undid his beautiful thick red ponytail that covered is entire back. The next early morning, his mom knocked on the door very loudly and yelled "Jake wake up!! I have to be at this place at 7am, get ready!

Forced female haircut story

And he put on the same black pump heels he wore yesterday because he was lazy to put on pants, a shirt and shoes. Jake got on the car while his mom was going to drive. He closed his eyes because he was very sleepy so he did not know where his mom was heading.

Then his mom pulled over and stopped. He woke and realized they were on Main Street. Jake then looks towards his right notices his mom stopped in front of a barber shop!! He nearly fainted in shock!! He was clearly shaken up and wanted to run but it would make everything worse. Then Jake and his mom both walk into the barbershop. The barbershop was empty and there was only one barber. How are you?! It's beautiful Saturday summer morning! It's time for him to start listening to me!

Forced female haircut story

Jake go sit on the barber chair! His mom didn't have to tell him what was going to happen, he already knew he was going to get a very short haircut. His mom ignored him. Marcus got a neck strip and putted on Jakes neck. He then grabbed a black and white striped cotton hair cape and putted on poor Jake.

It covered him up from the neck down and was put on very tightly. All you could see was his head, face and bare white smooth shaved legs. Marcus then undoes Jakes huge sock bun.

Forced female haircut story

His long thick red hair falls down and covers the entire barber chair from behind. Marcus then starts brushing is beautiful thick red hair that reached 4 inches past his tailbone!! The barber would brush his long hair very strongly that with every stroke, Jakes head kept pulling back.

Forced female haircut story

This made Jake tear up, he tried not to cry but could not take it anymore. Marcus then stops and grabs the scissors! He then sections Jakes hair. Jake cries out to the barber to please not cut his beautiful long red hair but Marcus the barber ignores him.

Marcus grabs one section and starts cutting. Jake could feel the snips and hear the scissors cut his beautiful long hair. Marcus then starts cutting the other sections. Jake couldn't see how much hair was coming off because he was not facing towards the mirror. The barber then brushes all his long hair back and starts cutting off much more. Then Marcus puts the scissors away and tells Jake and his mom "All done!

Jakes looks in shock! His beautiful long red hair was all gone!! His hair was cut to his shoulders!! Jake looked in hatred at his new look because his hair was only 3 inches past his shoulders! He started crying even more!!

Forced female haircut story

Marcus took off his cape and Jake got up looking even closer in the mirror. His hair was still long but only reaching about 3 inches his shoulders. He lost about 15 inches of hair! Poor Jake, his hair that once covered his entire back, even longer than his dress was on the floor, covering that instead. Now you could see Jakes back and the back of his black lace mini dress with his hair only covering his half of his armpits and shoulders, not his hips anymore.

He felted humiliated. His mom than said "You better be happy that I didn't buzz your head! And you should be happy that your hair is still long, even though it only covers your shoulders! Next time you come late, you will get your head buzzed! He and his mom left the barbershop. Jake cried to sleep all that day, and didn't eat for days. From that day on, Jake wears his hair in a sock bun until his hair reaches to hip length again and doesn't want people to notice that his hair got cut short to his shoulders. His very happy someone invent the sock bun. Stupid story! You don't discipline Forced female haircut story 20 year old in this way: you can no longer tell him "be home before 11pm".

And if you do, since he is a working guy, he could find a place where he could live alone and do whatever he wants. If the author wanted to write a serious story, he should have told us that the mother took Jake to a barber who would leave him with a shorn head. She would then bring him to the nearest recruitment center and force her son to enlist in the USMC. This would be another unbelievable story, but at least it would fun! If Jake got a A-line bobcut and became a shampoo girl, i'll want him to wash my hair all the time. It would be very cool if he was forced to work at a s all female hair salon, wearing a women's uniform and be a shampoo girl but get a forced A-line bob haircut,kinda like Victora Beckhams or the redhead for Jurassic World.

But no hehave! It would be cool if a mom who told her long haired son to cut his hair so he could get a summer job got mad when he refused and got him a job with an all-female hair salon where he has to wear a woman's uniform to be a shampoo girl and ends up being given a very girly "wedge" ala Dorothy Hamill. When summer is over, he has to shave it off because he can't make it look male.

It would have been funnier if she'd have taken him to a female barber who gave him a girl's short "pixie" cut. I personally love these recent stories on guys who cross dressing and the issue with long hair but if people don't like these stories, then don't read them. And if no one has nothing nice to say about Lalo's story, then keep Forced female haircut story opinion to yourself.

Forced female haircut story

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