First cum in mouth stories

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for Free! Chrissy first blowjob 79 Votes Score 4. Legendary Story. Published 9 years ago. I was eighteen years and three months, a senior in high school. It was a week or two before graduation and it was a guy in my class. We lived in a pretty rural community at the time. He and I drove way into the woods in his little truck. We took a turn onto a dirt road that clearly hadn't had a vehicle driving on it in long time. He turned off the engine and we necked for a quite some time, rubbing each other's important parts, but with our clothes on. He and I had been joking around about sex for a few month of the school year, but going no further than just some mildly serious kissing.

Being thin with unusually large breasts, many of the boys in school were regularly asking me out — all the while staring at my chest. It was always so obvious that they only wanted to feel my boobs and, except for the possibility of "getting some," they weren't interested in me whatsoever. This guy was different though. He was funny, not really good or bad looking, but he had very kind eyes and a slightly offbeat, but warm smile.

Though I'd never had sex, my hormones were in overdrive senior year. Sometimes just kissing him would almost make me cum.

First cum in mouth stories

Before then if someone had told me that was possible, I would never have believed it. After months of sexual innuendo's and kidding around, especially about various types of insertions, hand jobs, tit fucking, and blow jobs, we were finally alone, in this deserted, woodsy area just as the sun was setting.

I was still a virgin and I think he was too. I'd never even seen a guy's cock live, up close. This was way back before the days before dvds. Excited, extremely curious and wanting to see what it looked like, I tried to open his jeans to pull it out. It was impossible in the cramped front seat of his truck though, so he kindly What a gentleman!

First cum in mouth stories

It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Though I had no way of judging relative to other guys, it was big, hard, and had a huge head that was leaking something. I had heard enough to know that it wasn't anything bad, so I just leaned over and licked it. It was thin, watery and just a little slimy, and salty -- and I enjoyed its taste. The next thing I knew I was slurping up and down his wonderful cock, enjoying the feel of it in my mouth and the sounds of his moans. He was thrusting a little. I instinctively knew that it wouldn't be good to have my teeth scratch his skin, so it just seemed natural to keep my lips securely over my teeth and to keep the lips and his cock well lubricated with saliva.

I had no idea how it was going to shoot out, but I just knew I wanted to see it and to taste it. Though I was always getting asked out because of my boobs, I had actually gone on a few dates and I had felt a few cocks, but never actually looked at one closely. Yet, here I was kneeling on this guy's front seat with my head in his crotch, sucking for all I was worth on his beautiful cock.

From the sounds he was making I knew he was about to have an orgasm. I was frightened, but very excited, and conflicted about wanting to watch it shoot and wanting to taste it. Suddenly, he solved my dilemma by jerking a little too much and as his first shot spewed out he slipped from my mouth. It shot almost a foot in the air, straight up, and landed right down on my hand holding his cock. At that moment I came. He wasn't First cum in mouth stories touching me well, he did have one hand on my shoulderbut I had the largest orgasm I'd ever had since I began masturbating a few years earlier.

Look, ma, no hands! It amazed me: there was so much happening. He was shooting, moaning, thrusting. I thought I was going to pass out from my large orgasm that occurred just by watching his cock shoot cum. I leaned back down to regain his cock and he shot a second gob up into my wide-open mouth. When I finally surrounded his cock, he'd spewed another couple of shots into my mouth. Immobilized by my own body's reaction, there was absolutely nothing I could do.

First cum in mouth stories

My orgasm was still controlling every muscle in my body, I was tingling and very wet between my legs, and my nipples were very erect. Because I was leaning over, the top halves of my boobs were rubbing his thighs while the bottom halves were rubbing my knees. As I slowly rocked back and forth, my hard nipples were getting caressed by both of our legs, enhancing my orgasm.

Eventually, realizing that he'd stopped shooting, I just kept my mouth on his slightly softening cock. I also kept the mouthful of semen he'd deposited there tightly secure between my lips. Eventually, he got soft and I carefully slid my lips off his cock, holding his liquid gift in my mouth. My orgasm was just about through, and I slowly straightened up. I opened my mouth a little. When the air touched the semen and I could really smell the aroma of cum, I had another, smaller orgasm.

What a blast! I loved it. I swallowed, and immediately wanted more. Remembering that there was more on my hand, I brought it up to my mouth and licked every inch of it in the moonlit front seat. After finishing all I could find on my fingers, I leaned back over and licked all around his crotch, his pubic hair tickling my nose, attempting to find every last drop of that wonderful stuff.

First cum in mouth stories

And with each dollop that my tongue located, a little orgasmic spark flowed through my year old body. After lovingly licking up all the cum I could find, I leaned back and we looked at each other, amazed. In the dim light, he looked at me, betraying a host of emotions: affection, gratitude, lust, and friendship, amid others. I could only sit there and feel the warmth of my largest and most emotional orgasm ever. Of course, I was still a virgin, but for the time being I was very satisfied. Then he reached up slowly to my face with his right hand, though I wasn't exactly sure why. A second later I found out: he'd seen a glob of his cum on my cheek in the moonlight.

Needing to taste more, as he pushed it closer to my mouth I turned my head to meet his finger and the additional treat it contained. As he put his fingertip into my mouth I sucked on it and tasted my last taste of semen for the evening. I just savored it for a brief second and swallowed.

It was then that I realized a several things: First, I'd just given my first blow job. Second, I'd swallowed. Double Yay! Third, I absolutely loved the entire experience. Fourth, I'd just had three or four of the most overwhelming orgasms of my young life. Fifth, and the thing that concerned me a tad, during the cock sucking and cum licking I hadn't even been concerned with my friend.

I really didn't worry about his orgasm First cum in mouth stories something that gave him pleasure. It was his orgasm that gave me pleasure. Something I'd need to ruminate upon. For the moment though I was a content kitten. And, from the look on his face, he had no complaints either.

Later, sitting in the parking lot of a soft ice cream shop, eating a couple of cones, he again praised me, "That was great. Let's do it again. Realizing that his orgasm and his juice gave me a bigger orgasm than I'd ever given myself, all I could think about was undoing his pants right there in the parking lot and going back down between his legs. After a few moments of silence I told him I'd like to suck him again and reached over to rub his cock through his jeans.

He immediately became rock hard, but unfortunately it was getting late and I needed to be home. On the way back to my parent's house he said, "I had no idea girls could cum just by giving a blow job. Wells should get some new handouts for Health Class! Then after a brief silence, he leaned over and kissed me, hard. I melted. My panties were suddenly wet again. I may still have been a virgin, but I was not completely inexperienced. Later that week he became the first boy ever to see my large boobs, naked. But that's another story.

First cum in mouth stories

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First cum in mouth stories

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