Fertile valley sex story

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The friction that was developing between Cindy and Alexi did neither of them any good. They had a problem and needed to work together. Both women had been under a lot of strain recently. A population explosion! Alexi Carpenter had been sent to Cutters Creek by the state Health Department to set up a clinic on an emergency basis. She could not understand what was happening. The change in the women themselves was equally amazing. Alexi remembered a typical case of not long ago. Well, she had thought it strange then. They may be breeding like minxes, but ignorant they are not. For a social worker, Cindy was surprisingly uptight.

No man was going to get me pregnant and turn me into his little housewife! The bastard dumped you just because of that? But after that first night, I realized I could never marry him. I fucked him as hard as I could, Fertile valley sex story nothing happened. I had forgotten what an inadequate prick he has, barely seven inches.

And he could only come for me three times, four if you count the farewell ride the next morning. After what I had gotten used to here, I knew it would be unfair to both of us to go on. He begged and cried, but I told him it was better this way. Otherwise he would end up like those men on the Dark Wanderer site, constantly watching his horny wife get fucked and bearing children of better endowed men.

Zebulin Deeks?

Fertile valley sex story

High and one of the teachers! Women can only get pregnant on a few days during each month. I just. Apparently the boy could detect the subtle pheromones that women emit when they are fertile. Since I moved to Cutters Creek I had noticed that my contraceptive pills did not seem to be working.

Fertile valley sex story

I took them on the 28 day cycle as I had been taught, but after the first month here, my periods started to come and go on their own quick-time schedule. I was about two weeks into this one. Gosh, his bashfulness was making me want to give him a big hug! I gasped as my gaze fell into his lap. Clearly evident between his legs under his loose shorts was the biggest bulge I had ever seen. I like men with big cocks and my boyfriends have never been pikers, but this was a phenomenon. I was transfixed. Her eyes was as big as yours. Cuz when they sees my thang, their titties get real hard, just like yours are, Miz Carpenter.

What I feared and what I wanted. Putting work to his words, he stood up and came over up to me. For a minute he just looked down at my boobs that seemed to be getting bigger and harder by the second. Then he reached down and unbuttoned my blouse and popped my tits out of the bra. He did more than tweak; he began feeling me up like a pro.

All the girls do. The boy had me so horny, I would have let him do anything. I had closed my eyes as he played with my pussy but opened them enough to see him drop his shorts and display a cock longer and thicker than I have ever dreamed of. I shucked my dress in a flash. You can fuck me on the examination table! I should tell you that it was too big, that it hurt, but that would be a lie.

I was so horny, that monster cock Fertile valley sex story right in with no trouble at all.

Fertile valley sex story

Then he took me by the hips and began to fuck the shit out of me. I was just coming down from my second or third orgasm, but I heard a request for my professional opinion. You want me to fuck you and come in you and to make you pregnant? Just fuck me. Come in me! I passed out. How unlucky. Who was I to make a boy to disobey his mamma? The boy might be uneducated, but he was surely polite and well bred. He looked at me funny when I giggled, reflecting that it was I who was being well bred.

Time he found out that women are mysterious creatures. Fortunately he took my giggles as consent and promptly stuffed his face in my muff. Oh mamma! Or somebody had taught the boy how to eat a pussy. He immediately fell into a delightful rhythm of long slow licks of my sensitive labia punctuated by unpredictable little attacks on my clit.

Fertile valley sex story

Make me come, honey. Let me come. All the fireworks of the Fourth Fertile valley sex story July exploded in my pussy and the shockwave rolled up my spine and out to the tips of my fingers. When it reached my eyelids, I went out like a light. I was going to have to meet this mamma some time, I reflected just as Zeb put a stop to all higher brain functions by filling me with enough sperm to float a small freighter. You got any food back at your trailer? It was dark, so no one saw a partly dressed and obviously just-fucked State Health Department nurse of 35 leading a grinning boy of twelve from the clinic.

I knew letting a twelve year old drive was illegal, but so too, was letting a twelve year old fuck your brains out. That should do the trick. Zeb had just given me two, thousand-calorie fucks I reckoned and he needed the energy. And he had also lost quite a bit of protein, a lot of which was even then soaking into the upholstery of my car where it had leaked out of me on the ride over.

I never have been able to get that stain out, Dammit! And I could use the energy too. If so, I had been on a Stairmaster for three hours. We chug-a-lugged two cans each and I led Zeb by the hand to my bed to teach the boy some of the fine points of foreplay. If Fertile valley sex story had a complaint, it was that he revived too soon and had me roaring to go before I got properly eaten again.

Zeb kept me on my back and full of his fuck all weekend. He kept him promise and came again on Tuesday night, too, but not after that. I was disappointed, but I understood. Three weeks later I bought a home pregnancy test kit and got the news. Alexi Carpenter, professional nurse, had been seduced and knocked up during that wild weekend fling a boy more than twenty years younger than I.

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Fertile valley sex story

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