Family swinging stories

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As anyone who has grown up in a tightly knit family knows, there are personalities, likes and dislikes, and of course the private secrets about other members of the family. Let me begin. There was a lot of clutter in the attic and I finally spotted the box that I was looking for. It was underneath some other boxes and, as I moved one of them another box fell to the floor and spilled open. I was completely surprised by what I saw. The box was full of homemade porn.

Family swinging stories

For the most part the people were just average men and women performing every imaginable Family swinging stories act. There were a lot of old Polaroid photos in the bottom of the box that looked to be at least twenty or more years old. At the bottom of the box there was another smaller box that was taped-up. When I opened the box I was really surprised — I could hardly believe what I was looking at! There were hundreds of nude pictures of my parents having sex with other people and each other.

Suddenly things that had happened years ago started to make sense to me. Most of the photos were very hard core. There were photos of mother receiving facials and photos of her spreading her pussy lips to reveal cum in her vagina. There were a lot of photos of my father fucking mother as well as other women. In some of the photos mother was even having hardcore sex with other women. I was pretty sure the woman in the photos was mother! I had never been as turned on as I was looking at the photos.

Family swinging stories

Mother had a good figure, a lot better than some of the women in the photos but a lot of the other women had larger breasts than her. I kept looking and I came across a set of pictures that really shocked me. The first photo was of two couples having sex on a bed. Anyway, that afternoon, as I sat on the floor of the warm and quiet attic looking at the photos I heard Jennifer, my sister, as she started to climb up the ladder that led up to the attic. She and I are fraternal twins, not identical twins. I was born first, she second. There are things about twins that are hard for most people to understand.

For as long as I can remember we often share the same thoughts and we feel what the other feels, especially emotions. She sat down next to me and started looking at the pictures that were spread-out on the floor and she was as shocked as I was. I knew that Jen would have the same reaction to the photos and I was right! In moments her hands were trembling slightly and her breathing was a little erratic.

I knew she was getting just as horny as I was. Even though the faces of the women were mostly hidden there was no doubt that it was her in the photo. Look at this one. Jennifer and I sat next to each other looking at the photos together and talking about them. Did you know that they were swingers? Jennifer had a strange look on her face for a moment before she Family swinging stories. One afternoon I came home from work earlier than usual and she and dad were in their room fucking. Their bedroom door was wide open and they were making a lot of noise…I think they actually wanted me to watch them fuck.

Of course I lied and told her no. I was pretty sure that no one knew that Jen and I started having sex with each other right after our eighteenth birthdays. It seemed so natural and it Family swinging stories so easily. One afternoon I was in my room studying and I was really horny — horny enough that it was really hard to concentrate so, I decided to jack-off. I thought no one was home and I took off my gym shorts and sweatshirt and lay naked on my bed and started stroking my cock. My cock got very hard when suddenly Jen came in my room.

Family swinging stories

I remember how she looked at me for a moment before she simply took all of her clothes off and stood naked, at the edge of the bed just looking at me. Her tits were young and perky, her belly tight, and the dark triangle of her pussy hair seemed to me as if it was somehow protecting her fragile womanhood. I watched as her fingers sought out her clitoris and she began to gently roll it under her middle finger.

Her body shuddered gently as it responded to the pleasure that began spreading from her clitoris to the rest of her body. Neither of us said anything as Jen got on my bed and lay down on her back. I moved over between her spread legs so that I was facing her.

Family swinging stories

As I looked at her pussy I remember thinking how erotic the pink flesh looked under her dark pubic hair. Jen was rubbing her clit and I could see the moisture of her anticipation on her pussy lips. Her eyes looked directly into mine and she had a slight smile on her lips as I began stroking my cock. A long strand of clear, pre-fuck lubrication dripped softly out of the end of my hard cock and onto my hand. Neither of us were virgins. I began rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples which got hard almost immediately as Jen played with my cock.

I brought my body up over hers as the head of my hard cock pressed against her clitoris. I felt her delicate fingers take my cock and direct it to the entrance of her vagina. I rolled my hips and gently drove my cock into her tight vagina as deeply as I could before withdrawing it almost completely out — only to plunge it back inside her again. Family swinging stories time my cock rushed into her vagina she let out a soft whimper of pleasure. As we fucked, my mind was a jumble of erotic thoughts mixed with so many, difficult to describe, emotions. I felt as if I never wanted to stop fucking her.

It felt excited and familiar as we fucked. Our bodies pressed together, our heavy breathing simultaneous as our pleasure built. I managed to look down several times to see my hard cock plunging in and out of her wet pussy. It was the moment that we had finally given in to.

I felt no guilt, only excitement and I know Jen felt the same. As we fucked Jen thrust her hips upward to meet my cock as it plunged into her cunt. Jen too, cried-out loudly as her body jolted the moment her orgasm flooded over her. My Family swinging stories pulsed over and over as my cum was ejaculated into the warm depths of her vagina. My softening cock was still held inside her tight vagina and as we lay together.

The vision of a few strands of her damp hair resting on the side of her neck oddly reminded me of her innocence. Jen was first as she slipped off her panties and lay on her bed. I got undressed as fast as I could and when I slipped off my Jockey shorts my cock sprang free and a large drip of clear pre-cum lubrication dripped onto my thigh and Jen played with it with her fingers before licking it off of them.

I moved between her spread legs and she spread her cunt lips with her fingers giving me a beautiful view of her erotic young pussy.

Family swinging stories

I placed my arms under the backs of her knees and slowly inserted my cock into her tight, very wet, vagina and we began to fuck. I sucked on her tits and nibbled gently on her naked shoulder as we fucked. Like always, we both were lost in the powerful emotions that always were created whenever we had sex.

Family swinging stories

Suddenly I looked at the bedroom door and saw our parents standing in the doorway. They were smiling as they watched us fuck. I stopped fucking Jen unsure what to do. I knew Jennifer saw them too but we just continued fucking. I slowed down a little and Jen cried out. I began to fuck Jennifer again and as I glanced back I saw that father was standing behind mother with his Family swinging stories around her and he had lifted the front of her dress and one of his hands was inside her panties and he was fingering her.

I turned my head back to Jen and we began to fuck harder. When we fucked it was if Jen was just a very sexual woman — not my sister anymore and it was easy to get lost in the indescribably intense lust of the moment. I glanced briefly at her and saw that she had a very sensuous look on her face, the same look that I remembered from some of the photographs that were taken when she was getting fucked.

It was obvious that she was very turned on. Jen clawed at my back and wrapped her legs around my hips and she began to cum too. We lay together, holding each other. Nothing needed to be said as our minds shared the intensity if the moment. We both knew that it was purely between us and nothing, or no one, mattered at that moment. As our passion slowed I began to get uncomfortable about the fact that our parents had been watching us and I turned my head towards where our mother had been sitting and she was gone.

They both had left the room without saying a word.

Family swinging stories

I know that we both were feeling awkward and satisfied. I was sure that we both had a jumble of emotions about having been watched by our parents and their puzzling approval at what they saw. That night, and for the next few days, nothing was said about what happened and both Jen and I wondered if anything ever would be said. Jennifer and I had sex two more times when we were home alone. The last time we almost got caught when we both fell asleep after having sex in my bed.

We awoke upon hearing our parent coming home but we got dressed and out of my room just in time. She took my hand and we quietly went down the hall to their open bedroom door. One of the lamps on the bedside table was on and it was easy to see what was happening.

Family swinging stories

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