Erotic superman stories

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Erotic superman stories

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Erotic superman stories

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Erotic superman stories

The website protects the information using technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration. Some of the safeguards the website uses are firewalls and data encryption, physical access controls to the websites data centers, third party security software and information access authorization controls.

The website is seated in Vienna, Austria. Austrian law is applicable. The place of jurisdiction competend court is in Vienna, Austria. Jimmy and Clark Kent hung by their wrists on a chain that was slowly lowering them to their death a few yards below where molten steel churned and bubbled. Clark was still frantically trying to think of a way out of this heated situation but realized he was quickly running out of options. There was no way he could save he and Jimmy Erotic superman stories revealing he was Superman.

Everything's going to be just fine," Clark assured him. With that, he made a fist and broke the rope securing them to the chain.

Erotic superman stories

They only fell a foot before Clark grabbed Jimmy and flew them to safety on the factory floor. I need to find those smugglers and stop them before they get out of the country," Clark said. Jimmy nodded. Clark took to the air again and disappeared from Jimmy's sight. The evening edition of the Daily Planet ran a front article on Superman's heroics in stopping the smuggling group in Metropolis. Jimmy finished reading this before heading over to Clark's apartment.

Who's figure out that Clark Kent was Superman? Don't worry, big guy. Your secret's safe with me. Before Jimmy's eyes, Clark changed into his Superman outfit in superspeed, appearing as a blur to the human eye. He opened the door to the apartment and grabbed Jimmy around the waist. Then they took off.

The wind riffled through their hair as they flew high above the city, admiring it from a vantage point only people in planes usually got to admire it from. As they flew from one end of Metropolis to the other, Jimmy found himself becoming hard. The exhilaration of flight and the feel of Superman's hard body pressed up behind his was an intoxicating combination. He thought for a while before answering, "How about a deserted island? And with that answer, Superman veered south, speeding over cities and fertile countryside until they were skimming across Erotic superman stories ocean.

Soon a small patch of land appeared before them. Superman set Jimmy down there. He walked Erotic superman stories the edge of the beach, enjoying the beautiful green scenery and the fact that he was there, alone, with the greatest of all men. Superman was the epitomy of manhood with his strength, charisma, and incredible masculine body. I owe you my life, and then I made you fly me around. Really, I owe you a lot. Just let me pay you back," Jimmy continued, getting even closer to Superman. Jimmy brought his hand up between Superman's legs and lightly stroked his full crotch.

Jimmy's own cock was starting to pulse in his pants at the thought of having sex with this legend of Metropolis. Superman thought about it for a while and then gently thrust his hips forward into Jimmy's hand. Then Jimmy looked for a way to get Superman out of his skin-tight outfit, but was failing miserably and this frustration was only adding to his sexual excitement.

In a red and blue blur, he stripped out of his outfit and then stood naked in the warm tropical sun. Jimmy's eyes traveled down the meaty, hard pectorals and over the rippled belly with its little navel to find the cropped black bush of pubic hair where Superman's heroic cock nestled.

Erotic superman stories

It was starting to lengthen as Jimmy watched. He dropped to his knees immediately and sucked in the head. It continued to grow as Jimmy took more of its length into him. He pulled back and swirled his tongue around the head. He lifted Jimmy to his feet and started to slowly peel away his clothes, revealing his thin, smooth body. Then he started kissing Jimmy all over, running his hand over the thick curly pubic hair and Jimmy's six inch erection while it leaked precum. Clark's tongue lapped at Jimmy's nipples, teasing the sensitive nubs and causing Jimmy to pant in delight.

As Clark's own excitement grew, he increased the speed of his motions until he was moving in a blur all over Jimmy's body. Jimmy felt Superman's tongue lick him all over and felt his teeth nip lightly at his nipples. At one point he could have sworn Clark was biting on them both at the same time; he was going so fast. Jimmy felt him lick and blow on his ears and stroke his erection. Every once in a while he'd feel a finger prod his anus and then a hand stroke his ass. Clark was pulling out all the stops in this, his first sexual encounter with someone who knew Erotic superman stories was Superman.

He was getting caught up in the excitement of pleasuring Jimmy in only how Superman could. Then they were taking to the air, Superman pulling Jimmy's naked form close to his own. Their cocks rubbed up against each other as the hot air caressed their bodies in a streamlined kiss.

Clark placed his lips over Jimmy's and opened his mouth. Jimmy hungrily returned the openmouthed kiss, slipping his tongue into Clark's mouth.

Erotic superman stories

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