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Copyright Story codes: Mg 9anal, ped. Ever since she was little, Heidi loved playing in the leaves. Shortly after her mom moved into the first floor apartment in the brownstone I owned down the street, the girl was out in the yard while I was raking, jumping in the big pile of leaves and squealing with delight while she scattered them all about.

You're interfering with John's raking! I chuckled. Heidi's mom was a fine-looking woman, trim and athletic and pleasantly womanly in the right places. From the first moment I'd met her I'd been interested in more than just a landlord-tenant relationship and she was not entirely averse to the idea herself. But the few dates we'd Erotic stories mg on over the years had been unproductive, at least in the sense of a long-term sexual relationship. But, a friendship of a sort had blossomed and this allowed me to be quite close with her daughter as well. After the first time Heidi trashed my leaf pile I went to the hardware store and got her a little kid's rake of her own and she loved working in the yard with me.

As the years went by, Heidi never stopped loving to play in the leaves. By the time she was nine, she'd grown into quite an adorable young lady.

Erotic stories mg

Her finest feature was her smile, which lit up Erotic stories mg soft face so sweetly. She always seemed to have a big smile whenever she saw me, her dark eyes twinkling with merriment. She was not a particularly tall girl, and she still retained a bit of her "baby fat," but she carried it well--particularly on her backside.

The girl had a wonderfully full bottom that stood out provocatively above her sturdy legs and I could swear she loved to show it off to me, wearing tight little shorts that revealed an unladylike amount of skin, or sometimes, if I was really lucky, she'd wear her favorite miniskirt, tiny and pink and held aloft by her girlish ass, providing the occasional little peek at her panties underneath.

That sweet little ass was the subject of many late-night fantasies of mine. It was a fine autumn day, warm and sunny, when I suggested to her mother that we should have a picnic at a little park I knew out in the country. I'd just been there to do a bit of carpentry, and I'd noticed that the whole place was covered in fallen leaves. Heidi and I packed our lunch and saw her mom off to work, and then Heidi ran upstairs to change. I was quite pleased to see that she put on her sweet little pink miniskirt.

I'd have plenty of opportunity to look at her little panty-clad bottom while we were playing in the leaves!

Erotic stories mg

The park was deserted when we got there. I had the impression that very few people ever went to this little place. She and I lugged our picnic gear and a couple of rakes to a spot as far away from the parking lot as possible, off through the woods and into a nice little clearing that was completely covered in leaves.

Erotic stories mg

Heidi wasn't interested in lunch at all, she just wanted to start playing in the leaves, so we raked a bunch up into a big huge pile and she started jumping into it, and then I ed in the fun. Like I said, it was a warm and sunny day and pretty soon I was getting sweaty and feeling quite hot, and I pulled my shirt off. Nobody else is going to be coming around here, if that's what worries you. I hadn't seen little Heidi topless since she was five years old, and the sight of her adorable nine year old nipples caused a stirring in my loins.

She was still flat and undeveloped, but I could tell that her nipples were standing up a bit from her chest, the light-pink flesh puffing out and a tiny, pale button of a stiff little nub in the center of each. We frolicked together for quite Erotic stories mg while, throwing leaves in the air, burying each other, and wrestling in the pile. I got plenty of wonderful looks at her little white cotton panties as her miniskirt lifted above her ass and I had a raging hard-on pretty much the whole time.

And she knew it; she was obviously making a point of brushing up against my cock whenever she had a chance. At one point she wrestled me over onto my back and climbed on top of me, her miniskirt pulled up, and she sat back, pressing her pussy through her panties hard against my cock. She gave me a little smile and then slid up, dragging her sex up my cock until she reached my head. I got the impression that the girl really didn't know or realize what she was doing. It was just a bit of unintentional sexual play, and she slid back down again.

She had a big smile on her face as she slid up and down again, and again. Then she slid up until my head was pushing against her sex, and she lay down on me, resting the side of her face on my chest, and she ground her little pussy into my head. I reached down and put my hands on her bottom, guiding her movements a bit, and then I slipped my fingers under the elastic of her panties and onto the bare flesh of her ass. As she continued gently rubbing her pussy against my cockhead, I moved my fingers down, one hand holding her open, the other hand finding her anus, my fingers passing softly over it.

She made a sweet little moaning sound as my fingers gently caressed her little hole. Still holding her open with one hand, I started circling my index finger over her anus, gradually pressing against it. As I massaged her, she increased the intensity of her motions, Erotic stories mg her pussy faster and harder over my head. I could feel her breath getting short. And then I pushed my finger into her anus, just a little, not even up to the first knuckle. It was warm inside her, and her muscle was clamping tight around my finger. She lifted her head and put her chin on my sternum, looking up at me.

I started moving the finger in a little circle, trying to loosen and stretch the tight muscle. She put the side of her face on my chest again and let out a little moan. After stretching her for a little while, I whispered, "I'm going to try to put another finger in, OK?

And then I started moving my fingers up and down, just a little, very gently fucking her anus with my fingers. She moaned softly. I let go of her cheek with my other hand and slipped it down, delicately petting her soft, smooth pussy lips. She let out the most adorable sound, louder now, a sweet, high-pitched moan. She looked at me with her mouth open, a look of Erotic stories mg, but with a little hint of a smile as well.

I lifted my head and gave her a little peck on the lips, then climbed out from underneath her. She seemed to know that she should just stay on her hands and knees, right in the pile of leaves, and I took my position behind her. I lifted the little pink miniskirt over her ass and pulled her white cotton panties down. I could see her chubby little pussy lips, the cleft between them leading upward toward her little pink anus. I lifted my fingers to my mouth and spit on them, then rubbed them over my cockhead, lifted them and spit on them again and rubbed them on her little hole.

And then, using one hand to hold her cheeks open, I directed my cock down with the other.

Erotic stories mg

I rubbed it over her anus a couple of times, then gripped it tight and pushed it in. She made a painful grunt and buried her face in the leaves, and I pushed in even further. I could tell that the little trooper was trying to keep her asshole as loose as she could and I was able to push my entire head into her. It was wonderfully warm inside her, and l could feel her tighten her sphincter, clamping down hard on my solid erection. I pulled back, easing my head out of her anus, then pushed in again.

Erotic stories mg

She grunted as I pushed in, but I could feel her trying to loosen as the crown of my head stretched her little anus open. I grabbed the little girl's beautiful ass, one cheek in each hand, and then just let her tight, wonderful anus give me head, slowly at first, just pulling and pushing my head in and out of her. The first few times, she continued grunting painfully when I pushed in, but after a while she loosened somewhat and her grunts turned into adorable little moans and I could tell, for the first time, that the little girl was beginning to enjoy having a cock in her ass.

As I fucked her anus, I reached Erotic stories mg hand down between her legs and found her little clitoris and started flicking it between my Erotic stories mg. Her little moans grew breathy, and I started fucking her harder, my cockhead now burrowing deeper into her hot rectum, her asshole clamping half-way down my shaft.

I lifted my other hand above her cheek. And I slapped her bottom again, driving my cock hard into her, even deeper, my head forcing his way inside her, her tight hole three-quarters of the way down my cock. The next afternoon I heard my doorbell ring.

I opened the door and saw beautiful little Heidi. You first paragraph repeated some lines three times. Anonymous That was a fun little story, slightly marred by pasting errors in the 1st, 2nd, and last paragraphs. Sorry, Bob and Anon and other readers when I first posted it ; I was posting it late at night from my iPhone, and iPhones have the most annoying habit of accidentally copy and pasting without the user even realizing it. And, once I posted, I fell immediately asleep so didn't have a chance to look it over until morning.

Erotic stories mg

Anyway, all is fixed now.

Erotic stories mg

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